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Chapter 1: No Turning Back

I hate everything about me. I always have. My voice. My hair. My eyes. My butt. My waist. My eyes. My fingers. My feet. My teeth. My eyes. My laugh. My eyes. The way I act. Oh, and did I mention my eyes? Yeah. I hate them the most of all. Ever since I was born, I have been able to see things. Weird things. Things no one else could see. Not even psychics.

I sighed and walked through the mall. There was a huge sale at Forever 21 that my friends just couldn't miss. But I hate that store so I wandered off.

"Hello~ there~ child~."

I looked up and saw a strange man in a black v-neck and black pants with black boots and black nails standing before me. I'm amazed his hair wasn't black. On the contrary. It was silver, and his bangs were so long, they hid his eyes, but didn't hide the stitches that ran diagonally across his face.

"I'm not suppose to talk to strangers," I murmured.

He chuckled sickly. "my my~. You are quite~ cruel~."

Freak. I wanted to walk around him, but he kept getting in my way, blocking me.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"I have a gift for you~."

"I'm good. No thanks."

"But you must listen~ to the fortune~."

"Fortune?" I raised one brown eyebrow and looked at this guy from head to toe again. His hair is pretty long, and I hear many fortune tellers have long hair. But, then again, they're all girls. "Like I said, I'll pass."

"You see strange things. Yes~?"

My eyes widened and I stared up at this man. "How do you know that?"

"I know many things about you~ Emilie Roze~."

I glared at the man. "Fine. I'll listen to your stupid fortune."

"Oh goody~" he laughed like a mad man (which I bet he is) and hugged himself, wiggling like a worm the whole time. "Come, come~. Into my store."

"Store?" I looked up and saw we were both standing in front of Hot Topic. Of course he would run this place. Then again, it is my favorite store in the mall, so I should give him some points.

We walked over to the back and he opened a door, leading to a small room. I looked around and saw no one was watching, so I took my phone out of my pocket, prepared to call for help if he tried anything funny.

"Come, come~ Miss Emilie~"

He sat down on a . . . COFFIN? In fact, this whole room was littered with coffins! "Who are you?" I asked.

He chuckled, smiling from ear to ear. "Everyone calls me Undertaker."

"Undertaker?" a shiver ran down my spine and I bit my lip as he motioned for me to sit on the coffin across from him. "Nothing is going to pop out at me, right?"

He shook his head and chuckled. "But don't you wish~ something would~?"

I shook my head and sat down. "Now, talk."

"You my dear~ see many weird things~, correct~?"

I nodded.

"Tell me what~ exactly do you~ see~."

I cocked my head to the side. "You should know. Apparently you know all about me."

"Ah~, but what you see~ is the only thing~ I don't know~."

I sighed. "I see golden butterflies. Weird white sparkles. Black feathers. White feathers. Sometimes I see a black apple or a dark purple, almost black, rose."

"Is that all~?"

I nodded. "So far, yes."

"Interesting~ just what I expected."

We were silent, well, I was silent, but Undertaker just laughed and laughed. He even fell off the coffin and began rolling around on the floor laughing.

"Can I go now?" I asked.

Undertaker looked up at me, some drool coming out his mouth. He chuckled a bit more, twitching as he did so. "You may~ but please~ take this."

He stood up and handed me a pair of black gloves.

"What are these for?"

"You'll need them soon~."


"Let me ask you something~." Undertaker bent down in front of my face, smiling widely like the Cheshire cat. Our faces mere inches apart, it made me feel uncomfortable, but I couldn't move or else I would fall off the coffin.

"Go ahead," I said.

"If you die, say~ tomorrow, what will be your biggest~ regret~?"

I frowned. What a strange question to ask, but if he must know, "I would only have one regret, actually."

Undertaker cocked his head to the side, still smiling stupidly. "What is it~?" He grabbed my face with his long nails as if I were an amusing toy.

"That I couldn't unite my family."

He suddenly stopped smiling and pulled back. "That is all~? How boring~ I expected more from a girl~ like you~."

"What? You asked, so I answered."

Undertaker's smile returned. "Well, if you~ were given the chance~ to have someone help you~ with that request~ would you take their help~?"

"Yes. It is the only thing I truly wish for in the world. Blood is thicker than water. Without family, a person is nothing. They are the fort that protects you. The blanket that keeps you safe from your fears. The light that illuminates your darkness. Without them . . . You are nothing."

"My~ how poetic~. Well, I have heard enough~. You may go now Miss~ Emilie~."

I sighed and nodded, leaving the dark place and returning back to the brightly lit mall. I kept staring at the black gloves in my hand, so I wasn't watching where I was going. My head banged hard against someone's chest and I fell back.

"Crap," I muttered, rubbing my forehead. I winced and looked up to see someone I really didn't want to see here. "Jonathan?" I asked, staring up at my older half-brother. We share different mothers.

I stood up and he just looked down at me with the usual bored expression. After all, I was nothing to him. He didn't care about my well-being or my little brother's. Only about himself, his little sister, and his mother. Maybe other people, but I didn't care, I wasn't on that list.

"Hey," he murmured and walked past me with his group of friends.

You're nothing but dirt, remember Emilie? Nothing but dirt to your family. I thought to myself and sighed.


I came out the shower, still in a towel as I dried my hair with another towel. I got into a fight with my mom as soon as I got home, when my dad called from prison, I got into an argument with him, and I almost slapped my little sister (which is also Jonathan's little sister. Same mother and father, but different mother from me. My mother just baby-sits her.)

"What a day," I murmured, staring to the side at the crucifix that hung on my wall. I sighed and got on my knees in front of it.

Someone chuckled behind me and I gasped, my face burning. I didn't want anyone to know I prayed. I was suppose to be the mean girl who didn't care about anything. But when I turned around, I didn't see anyone.

I just shrugged and turned back to the cross, only to see it was upside down. I gasped and went to fix it when a purple pentagram began to glow around me. I wanted to scream but I couldn't find my voice.

You pray and pray, but you yourself know you are starting to lose faith. How long have you asked for a united family? How long will you continue to ask for something you shall not receive?

I shut my eyes and when I opened them, I was consumed in darkness. The only light coming from underneath me as I floated in the air, a simple black and red kimono lay over me like a blanket. I couldn't move, then again, I didn't want to move.

You have thought about asking Satan, but have stopped yourself. For you are afraid of spending eternity in hell. After your horrid life, you wish to be rewarded with a happy Heaven.

The male voice chuckled and I suddenly noticed a black crow sitting patiently on a branch next to me. The voice was coming from this bird.

"Who are you?" I asked.

I can help you retrieve what you want so that you do not die with regrets. Just say the word and we shall have a deal.

"You are a demon," I concluded. "if I sell my soul to you, I will still die with regret."

He chuckled again. Will you accept, or no? Think about it. Let your family be happy for a few generations, or die with them all fighting one another and never let them be happy. Your choice.

Putting it like that . . . I did want a close family. I really do. But wait. There is one more thing.

"I also wish to find and destroy some women who have taunted my mother. May I add that to our deal?"

The bird nodded. Anything you wish.

I smiled. "Fine. I wish to make a contract with you."

And what will you name me?

I never was good at picking names. "Whatever your last owner called you. That will be good enough."

As you wish, milady.

The feathers on the ground began to rise up and wrap around the crow and I. My eyelids grew heavy and I fell asleep. But not before feeling someone give me a warm embrace.

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