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Chapter 35: Tears To Smiles

"Then, when you square root this, and then multiply . . ."

I zoned out and glanced out the window as the math teacher wrote away on the electronic board. After coming back home last night, Sebastian passed out. Everyone was so shocked, even Ciel, and that's never a good sign.

Just let him rest. Ciel had said, but even he looked a bit unsure. I mean, are demons suppose to pass out? I've never seen my demons do it before. It really worried me, but what could I do? Drew said I could heal, but how? Was it really as simple as just having me around? Just giving a kiss? I tried that, but Sebastian was still unconscious. What if my healing powers only work on angels?

I sighed and gnawed at my bottom lip.

"Miss Roze? Miss Roze, answer the question!"

I gasped and glanced up at the teacher. She glared back at me as I quickly grabbed my book and tried to figure out where the heck we were. Oh, I'm so screwed.



"Still?" I whispered into my cellphone during detention. Not like the teacher cared. He was upset that he had to spend another hour at work watching over a bunch of 'delinquents' as he called us.

"Yes," Ciel said on the other end.

"But, Ciel . . . That's not normal. Right?"

"He was weakened the most, Emilie. Just let him rest."

"But your kind don't rest! You guys are always fine, no matter what."

"True, but we were weakened by the holiest of items. Even I still feel a bit queer."

"And Sebastian was weakened more than you, so he must feel worse."


I sighed sadly. "Alright. I'll be home soon, detention's almost over."

"Can you not be good for one day, Emilie?" Ciel asked and hung up the phone before I could argue.

Stupid brat.

I put my cellphone into my backpack and listened to my I-pod for the remainder of my time, but not even the music could take my mind off of Sebastian. What if he wasn't alright? No. I shouldn't think like that. Stupid me.

I rested my head on my arms and closed my eyes. When I opened them, there was a minute left to my detention. I quickly got up and put my backpack on my back. Once the time came, I practically ran out the classroom with the other students and headed out to the parking lot.

Lulu was sitting by the fence, earplugs in her ears too. As I approached she glanced up at me curiously and smiled.

"Ready to go?" she giggled.

I smiled and nodded. "I need to get home fast."

"Yeah, about that," she said and stood up, dusting off her plaid skirt. "what's going on? You've seemed depressed all day Emmy."

"Emmy?" I chuckled as we began walking away from the school. "I haven't heard that name in a while."

"Since sixth grade. But I decided to bring it back, don't really know why," Lulu said with a shrug and began fixing her ponytail.

"Well, someone is really sick," I said.

"Who? Well, I mean, can you tell me?"

My cheeks started to burn as I thought about it. To me it was Sebastian, to Lulu it was my 'boyfriend'. Now that I think about it, I never really associate that word with the demon, even though it's the right fit. It just seems weird. Mainly because I'm not really the dating type of girl.

"Emmy?" Lulu asked.

"M-my . . . My boyfriend," I stuttered.

Lulu gasped-slash-shouted and jumped back. At stared at her questionably. That was a very dramatic reaction to what I said.

"Boyfriend?" she asked.

I nodded.

"Y-you? But I thought . . . I thought you didn't like dating."

"I-I don't!" I said. "But it wasn't really dating. We just were around each other a lot"-every second of the day pretty much-"and next thing you know, we're together."

"Well, good for you! Finally found someone to be with!" Lulu laughed triumphantly as if she were the one who helped me get a boyfriend. She's so weird. Sometimes I can't help wondering why I have such a weird friend.

"Well, see you tomorrow, Lulu," I said as we approached the bustop. Lulu waved goodbye and went on her way as I stayed behind.

I sat down on the bench and waited for the bus. Usually I walked home, but that's when I lived with my grandparents. When I came back, Jonathan said we would all be living at the house Sarah gave us. Meaning I now lived in a mansion. Not that I cared. I needed the extra space anyways. What with the two demons, then there was Romeo who wanted to live with us, and Hannah. The extra space was great.

When the bus arrived I quickly paid and went all the way to the back. I stared out the window and started thinking about Sebastian again. I wonder if he'll be awake once I get home. I hope so. I had the urge to call right now and found out before I got home, but I didn't want to know just yet.

(Jade P. O. V)

"She's gone! She's gone!" Master shouted over and over again, his head resting on his arm as it was pressed against the wall.

He's been like this since yesterday. He cries, then he shouts, then he goes silent, then cries again.

"Jade, I need her!" He was back to shouting at the moment. "We need to get her before he kills her like he always does! I don't want to lose her forever this time!"

"Understood," I said, but couldn't fight the smirk on my lips. Good thing he was facing away and didn't see.

Myth and I left the room. My creation stared down at me, his lilac eyes confused. "Mama, I'm confused. You brought her here, then let her leave. Now we have to bring her back again?"

I placed a finger to my lips and shushed him. "Master must not know. And I know it must be confusing to you, but you'll understand soon enough why I'm doing all of this. Just trust me," I said and gently stroked Myth's left cheek. "Mama knows best, correct?"

He nodded and held my hand in his. "Mama is always right, that's why I always listen to Mama."


(Emilie P. O. V)

"Sebastian," I sighed as he slept soundly. I rested my head on his chest and closed my eyes. "How long do I have to wait?"

Now I'm really scared. What if Sebastian never wakes up? What then?

I looked up at Sebastian's calm face. I suddenly got the urge to touch his face, just like I had before I was taken into Drew's dimension. I got over Sebastian and sat on his chest. I slowly leaned down, my lips close to his as I cupped Sebastian's face in my hands. I know I kissed him before and nothing happened, but I just wanted to feel his lips again. Cheesy, I know, but it's true.

I kissed Sebastian softly, then pressed my lips harder to his. I pulled away after about a minute and stared sadly at the demon.

"Why won't you wake up?" I whimpered, tears welling up in my eyes. "Sebastian."

Most people would scold me and tell me to wait, it's too soon, but I don't want to wait anymore! It's been a whole day! How is that too soon? He should be awake by now! He should be calling me 'Milady' and chastising me for my unladylike behavior! He should be embarrassing me like he always does whenever he treats me like a princess. He should be making sweets for Ciel and I, and then complaining about how childish we can be when we fight over the last slice of cake.

"S-Sebastian," I whimpered and hid my face between his neck and shoulder blade. I hugged him around his neck tightly. "Wake up. That's an order!" I sobbed, but the demon didn't budge. Not even my demand could wake him up.

Idiot! Stupid, stupid Sebastian! Making me cry like this! A gentlemen should never make a girl cry! Stupid!

( ? P. O. V)

"She is crying again," I muttered and stared up at the sky. The stars were shining so brightly, like little diamonds stuck in a black blanket.

I sighed and reached up towards the sky as if I could grab one of the diamonds. I bet she would like to have a star. She's a simple girl, but an amazing gift would really make her glad. But, what if she doesn't remember me? She remembered the shape shifter, but what about me?

"Hey, if we do meet her, do you think she'd have candy?"

I glanced over at Nana as she sat beside me, swinging her legs back in forth. She was in her usual red and black Lolita dress, knee-high white socks, and black pumps. She kept her hair up in the usual fashion too. Two high ponytails held with red ribbons. Her gray eyes glanced over at me.

"Oh," I said and smiled up at the sky. "Yeah. I bet she has candy."

"Good," Nana said and crossed her arms. "If not, I'd be very upset."

I chuckled. "I know you would be. But hey."


I stared up at the sky sadly, my eyes distant. "Why do you think she's crying?"

Nana shrugged. "Beats me. You know her best, not me."

"Yeah. I guess that's true."

But if I know her so well, why do I have so many questions?

(Emilie P. O. V)

I turned off the shower and grabbed the two towels; one for my hair and one to wrap around me. I climbed out the shower and glanced into the mirror. My eyes were red, a huge indication that I was crying.

"No big deal," I told myself as I began drying myself off. "I can hide from the others. They'll never know."

I quickly changed into a tank top and shorts before heading back to the room Sebastian was in. I climbed into the bed and snuggled up close to Sebastian. I'll just have to be patient and wait. That's all. I know he'll wake up soon, I just have to wait.

I yawned as my eyelids began to droop. I quickly fell asleep.

"Emilie, darling. Emilie."

Huh? That voice. Where is it coming from?

"Emilie, come here. Please? I miss you so much."

A female voice. My real mother, maybe? It has to be! Who else could it be if it wasn't her?

I went down the long hallway I was in, my bare feet pressing against the cold marble floor as I ran. The hall seemed endless, the light at the end of the tunnel not appearing.

My lungs were beginning to hurt as my legs went numb. I stopped running and stood where I was, panting and angry that this damn tunnel didn't want to end.

"Emilie. Emilie, don't you want to see Mama?"

"I do!" I shouted.


I began running again, but still, the end of the tunnel wouldn't come.


"Wait! I'm coming! Wait! Wait!"

"Wait!" I shouted and jolted upright in bed. The curtains were suddenly opened, allowing the morning sun to come in. I winced and glanced at who had opened them. "S-Sebastian?" I whispered, too shocked to bring my voice up higher.

My demon looked over at me and smiled his trademark grin. "Good morning, Milady."

I smiled and jumped out of bed, quickly running over to him and jumping into his arms. "You're awake!" I said happily.

"Of course," Sebastian said as if what I said was dumb. "Milady, I was only asleep for two days. Honestly, you can be quite impatient sometimes."

I huffed and glared up at my demon. "You'd react the same way if the positions were switched."

"Maybe. But I wouldn't climb on top of you and kiss you repeatedly."

My face instantly turned crimson. "H-how do you-"

"You and I are linked," Sebastian answered. "In a very special way. No matter where you are, I will be drawn to you like a magnet. No matter how much time passes, we will always meet. I am your loyal butler who always keeps a close eye on you. Whether I be sleeping or not."

"No matter how much time passes," I whispered. Was he hinting at the fact of my reincarnation? No. Sebastian doesn't know I know. It's just a coincidence. Should I tell him though? No. I won't do that.

But the damn demon kept getting in the way and killing you before I could have you. That sentence Drew spoke kept echoing in my head. I had told myself it must be a lie, but still . . . What if it wasn't? Sebastian wouldn't kill me now because of the contract, but what if he did kill me before?


"Huh? Oh," I said and took a step away from Sebastian.

"You space out so much. Is that truly healthy?"

I shrugged and smiled to hide my thoughts. "I think it is. Otherwise it would mean I didn't think much about things."

"But what do you have to think about at a simple time like this?" my handsome demon asked as he passed by me, his gloved fingers gliding across my cheek as he moved.

"A lot of things," I said. "Finals are coming up, and then I have like five projects to do, then there's Drew, finding out more about myself, and so many other things!"

Sebastian chuckled. "You think a little too much, Milady."

I shrugged again and hugged Sebastian around his waist. I smiled up at him. "Sebastian, don't ever scare me like that again. Understand?"

He nodded and brought his lips close to mine. "As you wish, my queen." Our lips pressed together and I quickly wrapped my arms around Sebastian's neck, pulling him closer to me. His arms wrapped around me as we continued to kiss.

"If we continue, you will be late for school, Milady."

I huffed and kissed Sebastian again briefly. "Then I just won't go."

Sebastian smiled and held me tight. "As much as I would love to keep you all to myself, education comes first."

I sighed. "You sound like a parent. It's pretty creepy." I smiled smugly and pulled away from Sebastian. "If I get good grades, do I get a present?"

Sebastian placed a hand on my head and kissed my forehead. "Of course. But if not, I will have to punish you."

I giggled, my lips burning as I did. Not from embarrassment, for once, but from pure happiness. Sebastian was back, and that's all I really cared about.

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