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Chapter 55: Agony

(Emilie P. O. V)

Hey, Sis! Hurry up and help me catch this bee!

No way, Marcus! I'm not going near that thing!


I came out of the past and into the present by the voice who had called me. I glanced towards me left at Drew, the both of us sitting under a tree. He was leaning against the trunk of the tree, his hand outstretched towards me as it held my cheek.

Drew smiled. "You've been spacing out a lot lately," he chuckled.

"Oh," I muttered and glanced up at the sky. "I just . . . A memory of Marcus just came to mind."

"Marcus? Oh. You mean your little brother the small demon killed."

I pressed my lips together into a tight line and nodded.

"And yet, you forgave the demon," Drew murmured and came closer to me, our arms now touching. "You truly are a sweet person, Emilie."

I didn't respond. I continued to stare up at the blue sky as another bee passed by before landing on a daffodil in the distance.

"Do you miss Marcus a lot?" Drew asked.

I nodded before resting my head on Drew's shoulder. "Of course. But, I'm glad at the same time that he's gone."

"You are?"

"Yeah. Because, if Marcus were still alive, he would have been involved in all the violence, and I don't want that. Also, my fake mother would have also been involved because then she would have never gone crazy."

"So you're happy that he was spared from having to deal with demons and such."

I nodded and wrapped both my arms around Drew's. My heart was still unsure about whether or not I had made the right choice, even though a week had already passed, but I was calm here and I did enjoy being around Drew.

Drew placed a warm hand on top of my head and let it slide down to my cheek before his fingers trailed over my lips. I glanced up at the angel as he leaned down and kissed me softly at first, then hungrily as we continued.

"Master Drew!" a voice shouted in the distance.

Our lips pulled apart and Drew sucked his teeth, glancing over his shoulder at who had called him.

It was an unknown person to me. A man around forty years of age.

"What is it, Jefferson?" Drew asked in a serious and strong tone, the tone he always used when talking to other members of the cult besides Jade.

"Pardon the intrusion, Master, but there is a slight riot occurring in the east wing."

"Over what exactly?"

"It seems a few of the supernatural beings are growing rowdy over the Golden Flower's long presence here."

"Me?" I asked.

"I will be right there," Drew said. "You may go now."

Jefferson nodded and went back.

"Me?" I asked again and glanced up at Drew.

He didn't look at me, instead he stared off towards where Jefferson had come from. His handsome face taking on the appearance of a strong leader. I stared in awe, but as Drew looked down at me, I quickly looked away and pretended as if I had not been staring.

"Remember, Emilie, your soul is a delicacy to demons, your blood a feast to vampires, and then there are the many benefits you give to other supernatural beings and even humans. Your healing abilities and such."

I nodded, knowing all of that. The Golden Flower is a goddess who benefits all.

"And it is hard to control one's self when they are around you, which is why I was always extremely worried when you were with the demons and shape shifter."

I knew that too.

"Drew, what exactly do you benefit from me?" I asked, not knowing that. "Besides having the curse healed, what else do you get?"

Drew smiled. "Your love."

"Besides that too. What do angels get from the Golden Flower?"

There was silence among the two of us for a moment before Drew sighed and answered. "Power," he said.

"How much power?"

"Enough to make an angel almost on the same level as God himself. But that is not why I am with you, Emilie. I could care less about my power, as long as I have you by my side." Drew kissed me briefly before pulling away and standing up. He glanced back at the mansion before looking down at me.

"I'll be fine," I assured. "Hurry and calm down the riot, kay?"

"Right," Drew said before leaving me in the garden.

As silence fell upon me, I began to think of my little brother again. Marcus, I wonder how Heaven is to him. I doubt I will ever see Marcus again. Even if he reincarnates, I doubt our paths will meet. He was just a normal boy, living a normal life. I am the one who goes beyond all things common and typical.


I glanced over at who had called me and saw Jade in her black cloak with Myth standing beside her. She smiled down at me, and I was shocked at the true sincerity in it.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Can you come with me for a moment?"


(Ciel P. O. V)

"Still no luck, Nana?" I asked the doll.

She shook her head. "Drew has closed off his realm completely. No one is allowed to come or go unless a very specific spell is used."

"So we will not be able to get in until we found out that spell," I grumbled. "Bloody hell."

"I am guessing you don't know any witches?" she asked.

I shook my head. "None except that Lulu girl, but she is long dead now."

"I see. Then we have to find one."

(Emilie P. O. V)

I followed Jade and Myth into the mansion, curious as to what she was bringing me to. I wasn't cautious since Jade and I shouldn't be fighting. I came here willingly, so there is no reason for me to want to escape, meaning we don't need to fight.

"There is someone who really wants to see you," Jade said as we turned into another hallway.

"Someone who wants to see me?" I asked. "Who?"

"You'll see," she said happily.

My father, sitting on my shoulder like usual, patted my cheek and sent me a confused glance. I sent him one back as we continued to walk.

All of a sudden, as we entered another hallway, a strong pain pierced my heart. I quickly fell to my knees as my heart slammed in my chest painfully. I gasped and clutched my chest with both my hands.

"Emilie?!" Jade and Myth gasped and came over to me.

My chibi father moved to my hands and glanced up at me, extremely worried and frightened.

"It hurts," I gasped out as the pain in my heart continued. It was as if someone were slamming my heart against a sharp rock over and over again. Then it felt like my heart was being dipped in acid before being flattened.

My whole body collapsed onto the floor, and I curled into a fetus position, the pain become worse than ever before.

What was this pain? I never did find out what it meant. It hurts so much. What's causing this? Was I cursed somehow like Drew? Am I dying?

"Myth, carry her!" I heard Jade order.

"Right, Mama," Myth quickly said and I felt myself being scooped up into the half kitsune, half demon hound's grip.

"Hurry, we need to bring her to her room and get some help!" Jade said quickly.

I gritted my teeth tightly together as the pain continued. The pain didn't stop until we were almost to my room. That's when my heart was suddenly fine again.

I opened my eyes and unclenched my chest. I was still panting, but that was to be expected.

"Emilie?" Jade asked.

"It stopped," I said in shock.

Jade and Myth both exchanged a worried glance before looking back at me.

"Still, you should rest," Jade said and brought me to my room, which was also Drew's.

Myth placed me onto the bed and I pulled the blanket over myself.

"I'll go tell Master Drew," Jade said.

I shook my head. "No. It will only worry him and he's busy right now," I said. "Don't tell him."

"But, Emilie!"

I shook my head again before pulling the blanket over my head. "Please."

The room was silent and I listened to Jade and Myth's footsteps as they both left the room. A small weight was put onto the blanket by my head, and I moved the blanket aside to let my chibi father in. He walked over to me and laid next to my head.

"I don't know what that was," I whispered to him. "What's happening to me?"

My father didn't answer, but it was clear by the emotions in his eyes that he always wanted to know what had happened.

This wasn't the first time I had felt the pain, but it was the worst so far. Where does this pain come from?

I closed my eyes, deciding to take a quick nap. The pain had left me feeling tired.

"Emilie?! Emilie!" a frantic voice called that woke me from my dreamless sleep.

I peaked out from under the blanket and sat up, just as Drew wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into his arms for a tight embrace.

"Are you alright?" he asked in a frightened tone. "Jade told me what happened when I came back from the riot."

"Jade?" I asked and glanced over Drew's shoulder at the petite redhead standing by the door. "I told you not to tell him," I mouthed to her.

"I had to," she mouthed back. "Sorry."

I sighed and Drew held me tighter.

"I can't lose you again," he whispered. "I can't keep losing you anymore."

I remained silent, unable to think of anything to say to that. Drew just continued to hold me, and I saw Jade leave the room, a bitter look on her face.

She still hates me inside. I thought to myself.

Drew moved away from my, but kept his hands on my shoulders. "Do you know what caused the pain?" he asked.

I shook my head.

"Does it happen a lot?" there was no disguising the fear in Drew's voice as he asked me questions.

"To be honest, not really, but it has happened a bit. I would say about three times. Give or take."

"That's a lot, Emilie!" Drew shouted frantically.

I smiled. "No it isn't. You're being too paranoid, Drew."

"I'm afraid to lose you," he said softly, his cerulean eyes filling with sorrow.

"I'm not going anywhere, Drew," I said, but not even I was sure about that.

Drew continued to stare at me sadly before finally leaning forward and kissing me desperately. He rested his head on my chest after our kiss and pushed me back so that we were both lying on the bed with Drew's head still resting on my chest.

I glanced around for my chibi father, knowing he would be angry if he saw this, but I couldn't find him anywhere. He must have left while I was asleep.

I shrugged it off and wrapped my arms around Drew, my fingers tangling into his white hair as he rested.

(No one's P. O. V)

Unbeknownst to Jade, she was being followed as she walked through the halls by a very small grim reaper.

Blood followed Jade at a great distance, but made sure never to lose her. He wanted to know a bit more about the ice nymph because lately, he was getting a very bad feeling from her. It didn't seem like his daughter noticed it, so he would have to take action on his own.

"What now, Mama?" Blood heard the hybrid, Myth, ask to Jade as he approached her.

Both of them stopped in the hallway, and Blood quickly went to hide behind a nearby by vase. He watched as Jade glared up at Myth angrily before a smirk appeared on her lips.

"Don't worry. We'll show her soon enough."

"But . . . That pain she just felt . . . What was that?" Myth asked curiously.

Jade shrugged. "Who knows? I am just as confused by it as you. But who cares? If it means Emilie dying, I will gladly accept it. Now come, we need to think of how we will bring the two together, and how we will get rid of Emilie later on."

"You are truly planning on killing her, Mama?" Myth asked.

Jade nodded. "Of course. Things would just not be the same if I let her live."

Blood knew it! He was right about the ice nymph.

Blood was about to go back to Emilie to warn her, when his legs were suddenly turned into ice and he slammed down onto the ground, unable to fly.

"Well, well, well," Jade chuckled darkly and approached the shinigami. "If it isn't the Golden Flower's father. Spying on us, I see."

Blood struggled to move, but it was useless.

"So you must have heard us just now," Jade continues. "I can't have Emilie finding out. Nope, that can't happen."

"What will we do with him?" Myth asked, his tone growing dark.

Jade chuckled and picked up Blood by his cape with her thumb and index finger. Then, with her free hand, she placed her index finger on his forehead and turned the whole man into ice.

"We'll hide him for now," Jade said, her smirk returning. "He could be useful later on. After all, Emilie will surely come to save him if she see he's in trouble."

Myth nodded. "Right."