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Chapter 61: Final Stage

As Sebastian carried me through the halls, I sensed someone coming to us. I glanced up at Sebastian, and he nodded.

"Put me down," I muttered.

Sebastian paused for a moment, before finally crouching down so I could get out of his arms. I stood up and faced the direction the person was coming from. But, instead of that person appearing, the ground underneath Sebastian and my feet suddenly cracked between us. As the ground began to open up, I moved to one side, and Sebastian the other. We had been separated.

"Stay away from her!" the person I had sensed a moment ago shouted angrily at the top of his lungs.

I stared down at the trench in front of me, the up at Sebastian who stood on the other side. The gap between us was too large for me to jump, but it looked like Sebastian was going to be the one jumping instead. He took a few steps back, but before Sebastian could jump, sharp rocks appeared from within the trench. They shot up quickly, and pierced the ceiling above so that now, there was really no way for Sebastian and I to get to one another.

"Emilie!" I heard Sebastian shout as I looked around for a way to get to his side, but there was no way in sight.

As I stepped to the side, someone's arms suddenly wrapped around me from behind.

"You're safe now, Emilie," Drew murmured.

"Drew! Wait, no!" I shouted as he teleported the two of us away from Sebastian and into another room.

I glanced around me, and noticed I was in the castle's second ballroom. It was completely empty, the whole wedding ceremony was to be placed in the first ballroom, not this one, so that's why it was empty.

Drew sighed and pulled me into a tight embrace, his hand on the back of my head smoothed down my hair. "Thank goodness he didn't hurt you," he whispered.

"Drew, I—"

"Have fully awoken, I know, I can sense it," Drew interrupted. That wasn't what I was going to tell him.

"No, Drew," I said and opened my mouth again to speak, when someone barged into the ballroom.

I stared back at Jade who was in her true form. Her short red hair was now snow white, her eyes remained blue, and her nails were now long and a light baby blue color that was almost white.

"The portal is being opened as we speak," she said to Drew. "It will be ready for you two shortly."

"Portal?" I asked and stared back at Drew.

He nodded. "We must escape this realm quickly. We can't allow that vile demon to kill you, Emilie."


"Jade!" Drew said, interrupting me again. "The demon is in the forbidden part of the castle at the moment. Send as many of our men there as possible. And what about the others who came?"

I gasped. Others? Sebastian hadn't come alone?

"I am not sure about the others," Jade said.

"What others?" I asked frantically. "Who else came?"

"Ciel Phantomhive, the shape shifter, Yoru, Nana, and your brother," Drew answered.

"I will send some of the weaker men to get them," Jade said.

"No!" I snapped. "Don't you dare hurt them!"

"Emilie, they have sided with that demon," Drew muttered. "They are the enemy now."

"No they're not!" I shouted as Jade left the ballroom. "Hey! Wait!" I snapped at Jade and ran after her.

"Emilie!" Drew shouted, but that didn't stop me from running.

I followed Jade, but as I turned the same corner she had, she was no longer in the hallway. Damn. Where had she gone? I can't let her hurt my friends.

"Emilie, think about what you are doing!" Drew said as he caught up to me and grabbed my wrist before I could run off again. "They are the enemy. If they have sided with the demon, it means they want you dead too. They are no longer your friends!"

"Drew, you don't get it!" I shouted and yanked my wrist out of his grip. "They aren't the enemy!"

"How can you say that?!"

"Because, Drew, I—" for the millionth time, before I could tell Drew the truth, that I was in love with Sebastian and wanted to be with only Sebastian, something interrupted me.

The windows by Drew and I shattered, but I couldn't see anything but a swarm of black feathers.

"Emilie, go," a deep, alluring, demonic voice spoke. I instantly recognized it as Sebastian, but I couldn't see him at all. All I saw was the swarm of black feathers.

"Where are you?" I asked in a low tone, just as a cold hand was placed over my eyes from behind.

"Go. I do not want you to see my true form," Sebastian said.

I nodded. "Right. Just . . . No killing. Please."

I seemed to shock Sebastian with my words, because he remained silent for a moment.

"Don't kill Drew," I continued. "Make him leave me alone, but please don't kill him."

"As you wish," Sebastian murmured.

"You aren't my butler anymore, remember," I said. He didn't have to speak so formally to me now.

"Yes, but I will still do whatever you want to make you happy." Sebastian turned me around, his hand still over my eyes, before pushing me softly in the direction I should run off too.

I nodded, not looking back, and ran off.

(Jade P. O. V)

A smirk appeared on my lips. Portal? Yeah, like I would really let Emilie escape this realm so easily. I will, however, get the guards to go after the demon. I don't want him to get into my way either. Now, I wonder how the artificial Golden Flower is doing.

(Emilie P. O. V)

I ran through the halls and glanced outside as smoke rose from other parts of the castle. The sky was turning black with it, and my whole insides began to fill with fear as I went on running.

Please, o please let nothing bad happen. Please, don't let anyone die.

I ran towards the castle's entrance, just as a loud crashing came from it. I gasped and took a step back as I stared at the shattered cobblestone everywhere and the drops of blood here and there. I sensed the people fighting, and felt my body freeze.

As the smoke cleared, I saw Ciel, his body had crashed into the wall. Near by Ciel was Romeo in his wolf floor, struggling to get to his feet. Nana and Yoru were both lunging for the enemy, along with Hannah. The enemy had gripped Jonathan's collar and slammed him into the stone wall, causing him to gasp out in pain with some blood trickling down his mouth.

I stared at the enemy in completely disbelief. No. How could it be? Why was it this person? Why?

My body was frozen in its place as I watched Marcus throw Jonathan towards Nana, Yoru, and Hannah. Nana and Yoru dodged Jonathan, and Hannah grabbed him just in time. Marcus smirked, his golden eyes full of amusement and evil. He lunged for Nana next, his hands suddenly glowing gold before pressing against Nana's abdomen and shocking her. Nana cried out in pain as she fell to the ground. Yoru growled angrily and continued to lung for Marcus, but Marcus merely did the same thing he had done to Nana to Yoru.

I shook my head slowly. No. No way. Why is this happening? Marcus . . . What is Marcus doing?

Marcus walked over to Nana again, his hands starting to glow for a second time. He had his hands clasped together as he brought them over his head, prepared to slam them down on Nana.

"No!" I finally screamed out and ran forward.

Everyone struggled to glance over at me in shock as I slammed into Marcus, pushing him away from everyone and slamming him to the ground.

I hovered over my little brother and glared into his eyes. "What are you doing?!" I shouted. "You're hurting my friends! Stop it, Marcus!"

"Marcus?!" Romeo, Jonathan, and Ciel all said in shock and disbelief.

I glanced at them and nodded. "This is my little brother, Marcus!" I declared. "He was changed into an artificial Golden Flower, but he isn't the enemy!"

As I stared at everyone, Marcus began to laugh darkly under me. I glanced down at him curiously. Marcus' blonde bangs hid his eyes from view, but not his creepy grin. A grin that was just as large as Undertaker's, but full of nothing but malice.

Marcus grabbed me around my neck, throwing me off of him. He pinned me to the ground, our positions switched with me on bottom and him on top. He began to choke me with both his hands. I grabbed his wrists, struggling to get Marcus off of me.

"Marcus," I choked out. "Stop. . . this! Why are you fighting . . . everyone?"

"Because it's fun," was Marcus' amused answer.

"Fun?" I struggled to say. I was able to lift his hands an inch away from my neck, but Marcus was stronger and tightened his grip.

Marcus nodded. "Yup, fun. See?" his hands were gold again, and I felt a sharp pain run through my whole body as he began to shock me.

I screamed at the top of my lungs, and heard everyone shout out my name frantically. Marcus laughed like a mad man and continued his attack.

"Look at how you squirm! It's so funny!" he laughed.

"Stop!" I choked out and managed to bring my knee up, hitting Marcus in the gut.

Marcus groaned and rolled off of me, his arms wrapped around his abdomen. I jumped to my feet a bit wobbly and glared down at my little brother.

Just then, Marcus looked up at me, his eyes completely innocent and in shock. His mouth hung open and flapped like a fish's as he tried to say something.

"W-what did I just d-do?" Marcus stuttered.

"You just attacked us!" I snapped. "Why, Marcus? Why are you fighting us?"

Marcus' eyes grew watery and he stared down at his hands in shame. "Jade . . . J-Jade did something to me."

"Jade?" I asked. "What do you mean?"

"Jade put a spell on me!" Marcus exclaimed. "I-I . . . I don't want to attack you. I didn't mean to! It's the spell. I couldn't control myself! I went mad!"

The sincerity in Marcus' eyes told me he was telling the truth. I let my guard down and sucked my teeth. Damn it, Jade. I knew her being nice to me was too good to be true.

Marcus groaned and gripped his head in his hands.

"Marcus?!" I asked and got on my knees beside my little brother. "Marcus, what's wrong?"

"The spell . . . The spell is coming back!"

"What can I do to stop it?" I asked.

Tears fell down Marcus' cheeks as he looked at me. He smiled sadly and grabbed both my hands in his. "Kill me," he said in a begging tone.

My heart crashed. "What? No. No, I can't!" I said and shook my head quickly. "I won't."

"Please, Emilie, before I hurt you again. I don't want to hurt my sister, or my brother," he said and looked over at Jonathan who was still sitting on the ground with a thin strip of blood coming out his mouth. Hannah was helping Jonathan sit up.

"There has to . . . be . . . another way," Jonathan struggled to say and came over to Marcus and I.

Marcus groaned and gritted his teeth together, trying to keep his madness at bay. He shook his head quickly. "No, there isn't."

"But I'm the Golden Flower! I can heal you!" I pointed out.

"No! I want to die!" Marcus shouted. "I . . . I wasn't suppose to come back," he added softly as he continued to cry. "I wasn't suppose to be brought back to life. I have to die. I have . . . I have to go back."

"No you don't!" Jonathan and I shouted in unison.

Marcus nodded. "I have to go. I . . . I don't want to be a part . . . of this scary world anymore." He groaned again and pulled his hands away from mine to grip his head. Marcus shook his head crazily, before shouting up to the sky in an agonizing cry.

"Emilie," I heard Ciel said behind me.

I glanced back at him, tears now running out of my eyes.

Ciel nodded. "You must."

"I can't!" I snapped.

"Please, Big sister!" Marcus begged. "I don't . . . I can't control myself . . . For much longer."

"But," I whimpered.

"Please. Please," Marcus kept begging. "Kill me."

I gritted my teeth together. I didn't want to do this. I didn't want to hurt Marcus. I didn't want to kill him. I didn't want to lose him again! But . . . It's his wish to die.

I squeezed my eyes shut and pulled Marcus into a tight hug, my arms around his neck. Marcus hugged me back, crying just as much as me, which was a lot. I felt Jonathan wrapped one arm around me, and then the other was around Marcus.

I moved one of my arms away from Marcus' neck, and brought it to his abdomen. I placed my hand flatly on it, and hesitated.

"Please," Marcus went on begging. "Do it."

"Forgive me," I whimpered. "Aurea testa explosione."

Marcus gasped softly in pain as the golden shards pierced his body. "Thank you," he said in a hoarse tone. "Bye bye, Big sister Emilie, Big brother Jonathan."

"Marcus," I cried and hugged him around his neck again as his arms around me went limp.

Jonathan was now crying too, and there sat the three Roze siblings. One dead, two crying like there was no tomorrow, which there may not even be for us.

I rested Marcus' now dead body on the ground, before slamming into Jonathan's chest and crying loudly at the top of my lungs. Jonathan continued to cry with me as he hugged me tightly.

I knew bad things were going to happen, but why Marcus? Why did Marcus have to die again? Why did I have to lose my little brother for a second time? And . . . And . . . Why did I have to deliver the final blow the second time. None of this was fair. None of this was right. All of us should have left unharmed. No one should have died! Marcus should have come back home with us, and then we'd all be together again. So why did he have to die again?!

Ciel placed a hand on my arm softly. I glanced down at him and sniffed.

"Come, we must keep going," he said.

I sniffed again and wiped away my tears. "Okay," I said in a low voice. I nodded once and glanced around at all my friends. "I don't want to lose anyone else," I told them. "So don't die on me, got it?"

Everyone smiled. "Right," they said in a chorus.

"My, how cute!" the voice of the cruelest person in the world giggled from behind all of us.

I glared behind me as Jade approached with Myth by her side.

"You bitch," Jonathan growled. "You fucking bitch! What you did to Marcus . . ."

"Yes. He was a weak puppet. I should have never brought him back," Jade responded.

"Shut up!" I screamed. "Don't you dare talk about him like that!"

She just shrugged and stopped a few feet away from all of us. "Emilie, since you've already lost one brother, mind if I just get rid of the other one?"

"If you harm anyone one else, I'll kill you in the most painful way unimaginable," I said through gritted teeth.

"Fine. Then I won't do it. But, dear Hannah will."

"What?" Jonathan and I gasped in unison. At that moment, Hannah wrapped one arm around Jonathan's neck and yanked him back.

"Hannah," Jonathan choked out. "What . . . what are you doing? We have . . . a contract."

"Actually, we don't," Hannah said and threw Jonathan over her, slamming him against the ground.

"Jonathan!" I shouted out. I was going to go over to him, but we were separated by the sudden appearance of ice shards.

"Ah, ah, ah," Jade said as she wagged her finger to each ah. "That's there battle. Yours is right here."

"Damn it, Jade!" I snapped.

"What does Hannah mean by there is no contract?" Ciel asked.

"That's simple," Jade began to explain as I tried to get over to Jonathan and Hannah. I could hear my brother shouting out in pain, and I had to save him before he died too! "You see, I brought Hannah back from the dead and made her a member of the cult."

"Brought her back? Hannah was dead?" I asked and glanced at Ciel.

He nodded and let Jade continue.

"I brought her back, for the soul purpose of getting close to you, Emilie. Hannah was originally going to be the demon you made a contract with, that was my plan, but Sebastian got in my way. So, I decided to make her form a contract with your brother. It was actually very simple to have him make the deal with her. All I had to do for that part was have a few cult members kill his mother and sister. Then, out of weakness and fear, he made the contract with Hannah."

"You're behind their deaths?" I asked. "You're the reason Cruella and her mother are dead?"

Jade giggled and nodded. "Yup. And with Hannah as your brother's demon, I knew she would get close to you eventually, which she did. I had her keep a close eye on you."

"But Hannah said there was no contract," Ciel said.

"There isn't. Jonathan only thinks there is."

"But I saw the sign of the contract!" I exclaimed. "It's on his shoulder! I saw it!"

"Yes, that's a mock seal. I helped Hannah with that."

"Damn it," I whispered frantically as Jonathan shouted out in pain again. "Jonathan!" I screamed and tried again to get around the ice, but more appeared around me.

"Emilie, you should really focus on me. After all, I am the one holding your father captive."

I glanced over at Jade as she held up a velvet pouch. She opened it, an amused smile on her face as she pulled out a block of ice with my chibi father trapped inside.

"Dad!" I screamed. "No!" My family. My family is being picked at one by one. First Marcus, then Jonathan, now my dad. No!

"Now, fight me. If you beat me, you get Blood back. Okay?" Jade asked.

"You," I said, my body trembling in anger.

At that moment, a loud bark erupted from behind me and Romeo shot forward. That idiot! What does he think he's doing?!

"Myth, take care of her friends. I want to battle Emilie alone."

"R-right," Myth said, his eyes unsure, but he still went forward and tackled Romeo to the ground at the same moment he changed into his true form. Myth had now become a large white fox-slash-dog. He had the face of a dog and the body and tail of a fox.

"I will not allow you to harm Emilie," Ciel said and stood before me.

"Same here," Yoru said as he and Nana joined Ciel.

"No, stop," I said. "This is my battle!"

"Go and help Jonathan first," Ciel said. "Hannah is much weaker than Jade, so you will be able to handle that."

I remained silent. Ciel was right. Jonathan was human, he needed my help the most at the moment. I would save my dad as soon as I saved Jonathan.

"Alright," I told Ciel.

"Oh no you don't!" Jade shouted.

I dodged her ice attacks and pointed my hand at the ice shards blocking me from Hannah and Jonathan. At that moment, a new attack appeared in my head.

"Ira deae!" I attacked and watched as the ice shards turned gold themselves before dispersing into golden dust.

I saw Hannah approach Jonathan as he lay on the ground, covering in cuts and blood. She reached down and grabbed his chin firmly in her hand, her lips going closer to his as something began to leave Jonathan's lips. It quickly dawned on me that it was his soul!

"Get away from him! Ira deae!"

Hannah stopped what she was doing and jumped away from my attack in time.

"Well, taking your soul will be much more delicious," Hannah said and ran towards me.

I jumped out of the way and glanced back at Jonathan briefly. I was relieved to see he was still breathing, so his soul hadn't been taken fully. Good.

"Aurea testa explosione!" I exclaimed, but Hannah dodged that too.

"You know, even if your powers are fully awakened, you're still a weak girl."

"That's what you think," I muttered, another new attack appearing in my head. "Clama angustiae!" This attack was an ear splitting shriek that caused Hannah to cover hear ears. As I went on screaming, Hannah fell to her knees.

"Stop it, you wench!" she shouted and lunged towards me.

Hannah managed to slash at my arm, causing blood to spill onto my white dress. I sucked my teeth and winced at the pain, but it was a manageable pain.

"Aurea testa explosione!"

"Ha! That again?" Hannah asked and dodged, just like I knew she would.

While Hannah was in the air and had nowhere else to go, I smirked and attacked.

"Ira deae!"

Hannah gasped, unable to avoid this attack. She shrieked out in pain, her body now a golden silhouette, before she burst into golden dust like the ice shards before.

" I did it," I sighed and gripped my wounded arm as I walked over to Jonathan and sat on my knees beside him. I sat him up and held him in my arms as his breathing remained shallow and weak.

I frowned. Jonathan had lost too much blood. I need to work quickly before he dies.

I hugged Jonathan tightly, his neck resting in the crook of my neck as I hugged him and hoped I was healing him. I mean, the only way I knew how to heal was to kiss or sexually embrace the person, and neither of which I would do to Jonathan. We may not actually be related by blood, but I still look at him as my brother.

After a few moments, I noticed Jonathan's hand twitch slightly and his breathing became stronger. The cuts on his arms were beginning to vanish, and when I pulled away from Jonathan, I saw the rest of the cuts were gone now too.

Jonathan stared up at me, dazed. "Emilie, what happened to Hannah?"

"Dead," I answered and released Jonathan since he was strong enough to sit on his own now.

I stood up and glanced over my shoulder. Now I need to fight Jade and get my father back.

"Jonathan, stay here," I murmured.

"Where are you going?" he asked, now sounding stern.

"I have to get my father back."

"No! Let the others handle that, Emilie."

I shook my head.

"What if you get hurt? Or worse? I can't lose another sibling! I've already lost two!"

"I know that," I said. "But I can't just sit back and let this fighting go on! I don't want anyone to die, I really don't, but at this point I have no choice but to kill the people who are hurting my friends and family. I need to kill Jade, Jonathan."

Jonathan stared at me sternly, then finally nodded. "Fine," he said. "But please, be careful."

I smiled as best I could. "I will. Don't worry about me."

"That just makes me worry more," he sighed and I ran off to the others.

The battle had been taken outside by a large gaping hole in the castle wall. As I stepped outside, I stared at the war before me. Romeo was now greatly wounded, his white fur stained red with blood here and there. He was limping, and I ran over to him and told him to rest for now, but he shook his head and went forward to help Ciel. Ciel was dodging a bunch of ice shards at the moment, while Nana and Yoru were struggling to free themselves as their bodies began to turn into ice.

"Nana! Yoru!" I shouted and ran to them first.

"Idiot, why are you here?" Yoru asked. "We have everything under control. Head back inside!"

I shook my head. "Shut up and let me help!"

My hands hovered over the pieces of Nana and Yoru's bodies that were encased in ice. "Ira deae," I whispered and the ice quickly vanished.

"Thank you, Emilie. But Yoru is right, go back inside," Nana said.

I shook my head again. "I hate being a damsel in distress. I'm going to fight as much as possible, just like you guys."

Yoru sighed. "So stubborn. Fine. Let's go!"

We went to Ciel and Romeo as Myth and Jade attacked them together.

"Ah, you finally came back," Jade said and focused her attention on me as Myth took care of the boys.

"I'm going to get my father back," I told her.

"Just try it."

"Aurea testa explosione!"

"Not gonna work!" Jade exclaimed and turned my attack into ice. She sent a wave of ice hurdling towards Nana, Yoru, and I. We all dodged it in time, but when the second wave of ice came, we weren't all so lucky.

Nana and I were hit from behind and sent skidding across the ground. I winced in pain and looked over at my friend.

"You okay?"

She nodded. "Yeah."

We both struggled to our feet, and Jade took that as an advantage. She attacked again, this time with millions of ice shards that came too quickly for Nana and I to dodge.

"WATCH OUT!" was all I heard, before I lost another person.

"YORU!" Nana and I screamed as he blocked us from Jade's attack with himself.

I watched in horror as his body was pierced by the shards. Yoru fell to the ground in a second, a pool of blood beginning to form around him.

"Yoru, no!" Nana cried and crawled over to Yoru's body as she began to cry.

I went over to him too. "I'll heal him. Don't worry, Yoru. You'll be fine, I promise."

Nana looked up at me in relief, but her silver eyes instantly went wide with shock. Nana suddenly pushed me away from Yoru. At first, I was confused and taken aback by her action, but then I realized why she had done it soon after.

Jade had attacked again without me knowing, and Nana had used herself as a shield this time. She was pierced just like Yoru, and fell beside him.

"NANA!" I cried. No more. No more bloodshed, please! Why is everyone dying?!

I jumped to my feet to return to Nana and Yoru, but Jade encased them in a dome of ice. The last thing I saw of the two of them was how they both smiled at one another and intertwined their fingers together like any couple would do.

"Let them die!" Jade laughed. "I'll make you suffer so much emotional pain before I kill you physically."

"No," I whimpered and placed my hands against the glass dome. "No! Yoru! Nana! Don't die! No!" I shouted and pounded my fists against the ice at the same time. "Don't die! You promised! Don't die! Don't die!"

"You're so childish. Promises don't mean anything," Jade laughed as she walked over to me.

I glared at her through my tears. "Really? Because I just made a promise to kill you, and I'm pretty sure that's going to come true."

"We'll see."

Jade ran towards me, but I moved before she could attack me. She expected this and snapped her fingers. My legs were grabbed by ice, and I was stuck in my place. Damn.

"You know, Emilie, I really think you look hideous in that dress. I mean, it would look so much better on me. But Master had to choose you! Ugh! Why you? Such an idiotic girl."

I brought my hands towards the ice to unfreeze myself, and Jade froze my hands before I could do anything.

"Emilie, you want to know what bothers me most of all?" Jade asked.

"Not really," I answered and unfroze my hands, but Jade froze them again. "Damn."

"I'll tell you anyways. What really irritates me is that you keep coming back. No matter how many times I kill you, you keep coming back."

"Wait. You kill me?" I asked.

Jade smiled and nodded as she snapped her fingers and my whole lower body was encased with ice. "Yup. I drowned you when you were Alina. I bludgeoned you to death as Segumi. I stabbed you through the heart with my ice shard when you were Rayne. Then, as Valerie, oh, well that was easy. All I had to do was send you a letter saying I was the demon. I made it seem like he wanting nothing to do with you, and because of that, you went looking for him to seek answers. Once you were away from Master and your family, I kidnapped you and threw you off a cliff to your death. Your body was never found."

"You insane bitch," I whispered. "So this whole time, you've been the real murderer."

Jade nodded. "Yup. Master thinks it was the demon, the demon thinks it was Master." Jade laughed. "I didn't think things would turn out like that, but it really does help me out a lot, don't you think?"

I unfroze my body, and before Jade could freeze me again, I attacked her. "Aurea testa explosione!"

"How many times will you use that ineffective attack?"

"That was just a decoy," I chuckled.

"What?" Jade gasped.

"Goddess' Light!"

As Jade became blinded by my light, I appeared behind her and wrapped one of my arms around her neck, chocking her.

"Someone like you, really doesn't deserve to live," I muttered darkly. "A person with no heart, should rot in the ground."

Instead of being frightened, Jade chuckled. "You fool."

There was a sudden sharp pain in my stomach, and I quickly released Jade. I gasped and stumbled back, my hands hovering over the spot where Jade had stabbed me with an ice shard.

"I really hate killing the same way I did in the past, but I just might have to this time," Jade commented.

"Like hell I'll let myself die," I said and grabbed onto the piece of ice. I yanked it out and yelped out in pain, falling to my knees. I wonder if I can heal myself. I placed my hand over my wound, and sure enough, I could. My wound was now gone.

"See? This is why I always killed you using the element of surprise!" Jade said angrily. "Otherwise you just heal yourself. Ugh!"

Jade tried attacking me again, and managed to ripped off a piece of my dress' skirt and cut my leg. I ignored the new amount of pain I had and focused on Jade.

"Ira deae!"

Jade dodged it.

"Aurea testa explosione!"

Jade froze it.

"Clama angustiae!"

Now that attack did some damage. Jade fell to her knees, her hands covering her ears, just like Hannah had done earlier.

"Goddess' Light!"

Now, I had Jade both blind and deaf for the moment.

"Aurea testa explosione!"

Jade screamed out in pain as my golden shards pinned her to the ground. Two shards were plunged into each of her arms, and one shard was plunged into each of her upper legs. Jade gritted her teeth together and stared at me angrily as she tried to free herself.

"See? Promises do mean something sometimes," I said. "Ira deae."

Jade screamed out at the top of her lungs as I hit her with the final blow. The same thing that happened to Hannah, happened to Jade. She was consumed in a golden light before turning into golden dust.

I sighed with relief and fell to my knees, my whole body weak and aching in pain. No one else had to die, right? I really hope so.

I felt so dizzy and light headed, but I had to stay focused. I rose to my feet and ran over to where Ciel and Romeo were fighting with Myth. As I approached, Myth had stopped fighting. He was now staring up at the sky that was now red and full of black smoke. A smile appeared on his face, and grew bigger when he looked at me.

"Thank you, Lady Emilie," Myth said.

"For what?" I asked as Ciel and Romeo got in front of me as shields.

"I don't have to kill anymore. You got rid of Mama for me, now I can do as I please. I'm sorry for hurting your friends. She forced me to, but now I'm free."

"Myth," I murmured.

Myth walked over to me, and Ciel and Romeo tensed up.

"Guys, it's okay," I said to them. "He means what he says."

"How can you be so sure?" Ciel asked.

I walked past Romeo and Ciel and went up to Myth. "I'm sure."

Myth reached into his pocket and pulled out the velvet pouch my father was being held in. He placed the pouch in my hand and kissed my forehead.

"Thank you," Myth repeated. "Thank you, and I'm so sorry."

I opened the pouch and was full of relief when my father poked his chibi head out and looked up at me. His orange eye was also full of relief and he flew out of the bag and towards me.

My dear daughter. Thank goodness she is alright. I don't know what I would have done if I lost her.

I gasped and put my father onto my hand so I could look at him. "I-I heard you," I told him. "I understand you."

You can? Ah, I see. I can sense your powers have awakened, so the time has finally come where you and I can talk to one another.

I nodded.

Are you alright, my child? You look tired and your dress is all torn.

"I'm fine," I assured. "Just . . . heartbroken is all."

You've had to witness bloodshed, I presume.


I am sorry. I wished for such a thing to never happen to you, but that did not come true.

"It's fine. Jade is gone now, so hopefully no one else must die." As I said this, Myth turned his back on me and began walking away. I looked up at him quickly. "Myth, where are you going?" I asked.

He shrugged. "I am leaving this realm. I want to live freely and peacefully, so that is what I will do. Once again Lady Emilie, I am so very sorry for all the people you have lost today. I know my words will not bring them back, but I just want you to know."

"I understand," I said.

Myth glanced back at me and smiled sadly. "Will it be selfish of me to wish to see you again in the future?"

I shook my head. "I hope I'll see you again too, Myth."

Myth nodded and walked off.

Ciel and Romeo walked over to both my sides.

"Unfortunately, this battle is not over yet," Ciel said.

I nodded and stared into the blood red sky. "Sebastian," I said as I filled with anxiety. My heart ached at the thought of me losing him. I really hope he's okay.

I stared down at Ciel who was still staring off in the direction Myth had gone. I got to my knees beside him, and when Ciel looked down at me in confusion, I pulled him into my arms for a tight hug.

"Ciel, you're a real jerk, you know that?" I whispered. "Why didn't you tell me I was your aunt?"

Ciel gasped. "You know?"

I nodded. "Now I do. And I'm so sorry for what I did to you."

"Don't be foolish. The angel used your calling as an excuse to do evil. You did nothing wrong," Ciel muttered and hid his face in my chest. "Aunt Va—no. Aunt Emilie."

Romeo sat beside me and poked my shoulder with his nose.

We should get out of here, Romeo said.

"What about Sebastian?" Ciel asked.

He'll come back. Our first priority is to bring Emilie back safely.

I shook my head and Ciel and I stood up. "I'm not leaving without Sebastian."

But, Emilie.

"Romeo, I won't," I said. "You guys can go back, no one else should die, but I'm staying."

"There you go again being foolish," Ciel argued. "We are not leaving without you. We will stay as well, and all go back together. Alright?"

Romeo and I nodded.

"Okay," I said. "Then come on. We need to go to Sebastian. I need to make sure he's okay."

"Right," Ciel said and Romeo nodded again.

"Romeo, go get Jonathan," I said. "Ciel, my dad, and I will go find Sebastian. Meet up with us later."

Yeah, he agreed and went back to the castle to get my brother.

I stared up at the sky again, my heart continuing to ache. "Sebastian, please be okay," I whispered.

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