Alice: Question time! Question time!

Emilie: You're very hyper today, Alice.

Alice: I'm just really happy is all. Bitter Sweet Eyes has been my most popular story, getting even more followers and reviews than Sweet Dreams. And I thought that story was popular.

Emilie: You're right about that.

Alice & Emilie: Thank you for all your support! Now it's time for the Q & A to begin!

Alice: Alright. -scrolls through reviews- First question is from quincyhetaliabutler28, for me. The question is "Will you make a story about Selena and Emmett?" Hmm . . . -looks at babies- They are pretty cute. And it would be an interesting story. So . . . Maybe. There's a big possibility there.

Emilie: Next question. Well, more of a request. Lightwithinthedark wants you to talk more about my past lives.

Alice: -looks at Emilie with an expressionless face-

Emilie: What?

Alice: I have to talk about them? Aren't they your past lives?

Emilie: Sheesh. Don't have to be so rude about it.

Alice: I'm just saying.

Emilie: Yeah b—

Ciel: Just answer already!

Emilie & Alice: . . . Okay.

Emilie: Alright. Well, when I was Alina I was born January 26. My father was a blacksmith who took in Sebastian, Zachery at the time, as his mentor. Even though at the time, girls weren't suppose to do anything but stay home and do chores, my father let me work with him. I learned how to make swords, shields, and the such.

Alice: So when Sebastian appeared, you were already way more experienced than him, weren't you?

Emilie: -nods- And I was really impatient, so I scolded him a lot at first and even called him an idiot from time to time.

Alice: -muttering to myself- And they say I'm the mean one.

Sebastian: It was actually those insults that made me fall in love with her.

Alice: Really?

Sebastian: -nod- She was different from other girls. She was not afraid to speak her mind, and I enjoyed that.

Alice: Ah~. I see. What else do you have to tell us about when you were Alina, Emilie?

Emilie: I was also an older sibling, just like now. I used to have a little sister named, coincidentally, Emilia. She was a year younger than me and had a crush on Sebastian, so when he proposed to me, she was pretty upset and we didn't really get to make up after that.

Alice: That sucks. How about when you were Segumi?

Emilie: Well, as Segumi, I was the youngest child, born May 28th. I was really shy and didn't like to talk much. I had three older brothers, so they got all the attention. Their names were, in order of oldest to youngest, Riku, Ikuto, and Kaito. All were really good swordsmen. But I didn't get to know them for long since I was kidnapped at such a young age. I was traded from person to person, no one wanting me because they thought my golden eyes were cursed. But then one man bought me, a man who wasn't afraid of my eyes. He was about to turn me into his sex slave -shiver- But then Sebastian came and took me away from my kidnapper. He brought me back home. Then after that, we would meet by the river I was kidnapped from in the beginning, but the place was a safe place now. No one could harm me there.

Alice: The village.

Emilie: -sigh- Yeah. When Jade came to kill me, she burned down my whole village trying to find me. My mother and Riku were killed in the village fire. The rest of my family was saved only because Jade found me before she could reach them. That sad thing was, my mother was pregnant at the time when she was killed.

Alice: -looks away sadly- . . . Let's go to Rayne.

Emilie: Right. Hmm. As Rayne, I was . . . Very unique. I was born July 5th. I was very loud and just as outspoken as I was when I was Alina. I didn't have any siblings, and I didn't know my parents because I was bought as a slave when I was only a year old. That's what the other slaves had told me. Of course I hated being a slave, and I didn't hide that fact like the others. I complained every time I worked, resulting in me getting beat pretty badly, but I didn't care. I didn't let the torture scare me into silence. I had a pet squirrel named Squeaky.

Alice: A squirrel . . . Named Squeaky?

Emilie: -sweat drop- leave me alone. Anyways, I had a pet squirrel, but I wasn't suppose to have any pets. The people who owned me found out and beat me pretty bad for that. I almost died after that beating. Luckily, that was a few days before Sebastian came and got me.

Sebastian: As Rayne, Emilie was very hard to teach. She hated wearing heels and dresses.

Alice: Sort of like now.

Emilie: I like dresses; hate heels.

Sebastian: She did not want to learn proper English. She preferred the slang she grew up with.

Emilie: -nod, nod-

Sebastian: But she adored learning how to dance and play the piano. Even though she was not very good at either of them.

Emilie: Hey! I tried my best.

Alice: I see. Anything else?

Emilie: For Rayne? No. That was pretty much it.

Alice: Alright then. Valerie.

Emilie: But the readers already know a lot about her.

Alice: Not exactly everything.

Emilie: -shrugs- Fine. As Valerie, I was the youngest child and the one most scolded. I was born February 26 and Vincent was my favorite sibling because he didn't order me around like Frances or our parents. I always got sick, starting when I was four. Because I was always sick, I didn't get to do much. But when I did, I enjoyed to practice using Vincent's bow and arrow.

Alice: So you were an archer?

Emilie: -nods- Yeah. But I sucked at aiming and usually ended up accidentally hitting a bird. But then I would play it off by saying I did it on purpose. Ciel was my favorite nephew, I always found Edward to be too loud and his sister complex freaked me out a bit. I adored Elizabeth, especially when we would have tea or when she would let me do her hair. She was so adorable. And Ciel I adored because he was always smiling. Well . . . He was before the accident. I remember not being able to eat or sleep because I was so worried about him after he was kidnapped. That's when I told Sebastian to find Ciel, because something inside me told me my nephew was still alive. I told Sebastian to find him, and bring him back to me. But . . . I was killed before I could see Ciel again.

Alice: Yeah. But at least you're together now.

Emilie: Yeah, I am happy about that.

Alice: Shall we move on to the next question?

Everyone: -nod-

Alice: Alright. We have a bunch from Kitana Lunara. This will be fun. First question is to Sebastian. It says: "Dear Sebastian, were you remembering Claude when you flicked away that spider? I don't blame you. I'd be upset as well." -looks at Sebastian- Well?

Sebastian: . . . I was getting rid of a pest that needed to be taken care of.

Emilie: Uh . . . Who's Claude?

Alice: That doesn't really answer the question, Sebastian. And no one really important, Emilie. -shiver- I have a sudden feeling I made Claude fans angry.

Emilie: 0.o Okay~

Sebastian: That is my answer.

Alice: -sighs- Whatever. There's another question for you. "Now that you have two beautiful children, how do you plan to raise them?"

Emilie: I want to know that too. -looks at Sebastian-

Sebastian: Is it not obvious? They will receive the best education from me. They will be taught how to waltz. Emmett will be taught the violin, and Selena shall learn the piano. I will teach both of them the best table manners, and they will learn to only speak when spoken to. They will be raised to be obedient, calm, and wise. They will learn not only English, but Latin, French, and Chinese.

Emilie: E-eh?! They're children, not robots!

Sebastian: My way is the best way for a child to be raised.

Emilie: I don't agree with your ways at all! The children should be allowed to be children! Yeah, you can teach them some of that stuff, but let them be kids.

Sebastian: My decision is final.

Emilie: -muttering to herself- We'll see about that.

Alice: -clears throat- Okay. Moving on to Kitana Lunara's other questions. This one is to you, Emilie.

Emilie: Yay!

Alice: -smiles- "Dear Emilie, Congrats on the little ones. Are you going to be staying in the nice house that was left to you?"

Emilie: Thanks for the congrats. And yeah, we'll be living in the mansion from now on.

Alice: The other question to you is: "How are you going to break it to your children that you and Sebastian aren't exactly normal and they may not be either?"

Emilie: Well, I'm pretty sure they'll figure it out by themselves. I mean, their demon wings have already popped out a few times. They're so adorable! They're super tiny. And also, Emmett has already broken the side of his crib and Selena has made a hole in the wall by throwing her bottle at it. They're only a few days old and they can already do that, so I'm pretty sure they'll know they aren't normal right away. But I will have to explain about myself since they aren't Golden Flowers. I guess I'll just tell them truthfully what I am.

Alice: Good answer. And that also answered Kitana Lunara's question about whether or not the babies were human or not. Now, here's a question for Ciel.

Ciel: Bloody hell.

Alice: Just answer it. The question is: "Dear Ciel, what was it like learning your aunt played such a massive role in your life even after her death?"

Ciel: Well, I must admit, I was very shocked. I always did wonder why Sebastian never tried to find a way to kill me after I became a demon. I am thankful to Emilie. If it were not for her, I would have never gotten so much information from Undertaker, and I would have been killed by that disgusting cult without getting my revenge. So I am very thankful to her.

Alice: -nod, nod- Alright, this question is to me from xXChaoticOrderXx, and I'm very excited to answer it. The question is: "How did you get the idea for The Golden Flower and what inspired you?" . . .

Emilie: Well?

Alice: To be honest, the name The Golden Flower came out of nowhere. I merely wanted to give Emilie a feminine name for what she is, and I wanted to make her something that didn't already exist because I like different. The Golden part obviously came from her eyes, and the Flower part I just added because it sounded feminine and cool. That's how I got the name. However, the idea for the Golden Flower came from many things. The Golden Flower was originally just going to be a meal for demons, but then I kept adding and adding until she became wanted by all beings. There really . . . Wasn't a source for all the abilities I gave Emilie. They just sort of popped into my mind at random times. Well, except her ability to lure ghosts. I got that idea from XXHolic. What inspired me would have to be one of the stories here on fan fiction, and the "Evermore" series by Alyson Noel. "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyers also inspired me, I won't lie. There were many other books that inspired me, but I can't recall them all at the moment. Sorry about that. With the "Evermore" series, all I really got from there was the reincarnation part. The girl in that book reincarnates, and I thought that would be a good idea for Emilie to do so also. Then from Twilight, well for starters there is Romeo. Then we also have the appearance of a few vampires in Bitter Sweet Eyes. However, the really big thing that inspired me was music. A lot of the music on my I-Pod tells a story (instead of just being a catchy song about pretty much nothing). So with those stories, I was able to make this one. Major singers and styles that inspire me are: Vocaloid, Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, Emilie Autumn, Kanon Wakeshima, Nana Mizuki, Kalafini, Icon For Hire, Nightcore, Trance, Cristina Vee, Rockleetist, Miku-tan, Ash, Victim Effect, Kerli, and lastly Eminem. Yes, Eminem. Be shocked, I know.

Emilie: Is that all? That was a long list.

Alice: Umm . . . Yeah. That's pretty much it. I hope I answered your question well enough, xXChaoticOrderXx. Next question. This is from Angel Protectress, to Emilie. The question is: "When you first contracted with Sebastian, did you ever think you would end up together with him like this?"

Emilie: No. Actually, I didn't. I mean, from the beginning I always thought Sebastian was very attractive, but I never thought I would actually end up with him and have two beautiful children with him either. I was kind of just expecting to get my soul eaten and that would be it. But I'm happy about how things turned out.

Alice: Yup. Emmett and Selena are so cute! -hugs babies-

Emmett: -pulls my hair-

Alice: Okay, ow. -puts babies back in their crib-

Emilie: On to the next question.

Alice: Yes. It is the most asked question.

Romeo: Really? What is it?

Alice & Emilie: Will Bitter Sweet Eyes have a sequel?


Jonathan: Well? Will it?

Alice: -smirks-

Ciel: Now, to your fans that would mean yes. But since we know you well and how cruel you can be, Alice, that can also be a big no.

Alice: I'm not that evil!

Jonathan: You super glued Shadow's hand to a bottle once, remember?

Alice: -snickers- Supernatural inspired me. Gotta love Sam and Dean Winchester. Anyways! Back to the question because I'm pretty sure I'm killing my fans right now. So -takes in deep breathe-

Everyone: -leans in towards Alice-

Alice: No way would I just let Bitter Sweet Eyes end when everyone is begging for more. Of course there will be a sequel!

Emilie: Yay! -Looks at the babies- Do you hear that my precious babies? That means you guys get to show up.

Alice: Yup. And I have been planning on doing a sequel this whole time. Just reread the last few paragraphs of the last chapter. There's a hint right there of what to expect.

Sebastian: . . . -looking angry-

Emilie: Huh? -completely clueless-

Alice: Oh nothing. Anyways, I just have one more question for all of you. And this is very important because I'm not sure. Do you guys want a sequel with Emmett and Selena as babies? Or have them as kids so we can hear their own thoughts and stuff? I'm leaning more on having them be kids, but I kind of like the baby idea. Just let me know what you all think. And I will post one more chapter here when the sequel is ready so you all will know.

Everyone: See you later!