It was the first day of highschool and every one was meeting up with old friends and deciding wether the new kids were friend material. Zim sat under a tree not caring about anything. No one wanted to hang out with a green freak, except Dib. A black car pulled up and out of it stepped a girl with long black jair pulled into a low ponytail, Deep brown eyes, and pale skin. She wore what lookd like to zim. A white shirt with sleeves whos bottoms extended to her hips, making the sleeves look square, Tyhe had red ribbions weaving in and out of end of the sleeve, they came together at the bottom and tied into a wore a long red pleated skirt, socks and sandals, and around her neck was a red yarn like cord tied into a bow. She looked very different from the other humans, and somewhat scared.

Imediately the students began to talk about her. It descusted him how judgemental they could be twards someone who looks different. He felt kind of sorry for her. A group of girls approached her. For a brief second she seemed hopeful to have made a friend, but as quik as it came it dissapeared. The girls began tearing down what little confidense she had. He sat there watching as the scene unfolded. When the girls left she walked over to a tree not that far away from him and began to cry. Zim, knew what it was like to have your only world crushed in an instant. That was how he felt when his leaders told him his mission was a lie.

He stood up and walked over to her. He then sat down beside her and didn't say anything until she aknowleged him. She turned her tear stained face to look up at him.

"Hey, just ignore those girls. Not everyone is that mean." He comforted in a soft tone. She simply nodded. "Mu name's Zim." He held out his hand. The girl yook it.

" Konata." she replied with a small smile on her face.

"I take it your not from here. Are you?" He asked. She shook her head.

"I'm from Kyoto Japan." She quietly replied.

"Can I see your schedual?" He asked holding out his hand. She looked through her bag and handed him a peice of paper. "Well, you have all of your classes with me except for two. But I know someone who can help you out in those classes." He handed her back the paper. He looked around and saw Dib and Gaz approching.

"Hey, Zim." said Dib.

"Dib, this is Konata." He introduced. Dib smiled and held out his hand. She shook it.

"Dib, nice to meet you." he looked at her outfit, " You a miko aren'tyou?" She nodded. "That's cool, I've always wanted to meet one."

"She has a couple of classes with you." Replied Zim. Dib looked at her and smiled.

"Cool. We can all eat lunch together too." He happily suggested. Konata smiled. She had made two friends.

"So, can you really banish demons and evil spirits?" asked Gaz, pausing her game to look at the preistess.

"Yes." The young miko replied a little hesitanly.

"Cool. We'll have to go demon hunting sometime." Suggested Gaz. Then the bell rang. Konata, Zim and Dib had first hour together. It was art, one of Konata's favorite subjects.

~skip to lunch~

The gang sat down at an empty table and pulled out their lunches. Zim looked at konata's.

"What is that?" He asked curiously.

"A bento box. It is how we carry our lunches in Japan." She explained. As they ate a large boy walked over and stole Zim's lunch. Zim glared. Konata stood up and walked over to the boy. They talked for a little bit and the boy gave Konata Zim's lunch. She bowed to him and walked back to the table. She handed Zim his lunch and began to eat her own.

The day went by slowly and when the bell rang they all gathered on in front of the school.

"Hey, Kona chan." said Dib. She looked at him. "Me, Gaz and Zim are going to see a movie. Want to come?" He asked. She nodded as a black car pulled up and honked. She ran up to the front window. It rolled down revealing a man with long, black hair pulled into a high pony tail. She spoke to him for a little bit and he smiled. He handed her some money and waved for her new friends to approch them. He seemed nice so they did. He wore a black kimono with a purple sash and he had dark blue eyes.

"What time will the movie be over?" He asked in a very friendly voice.

"Well, the movie starts at four thirty and it's two hours long, so about six thirty to seven." He replied. The man nodded.

"Alright, I'll be waiting in the parking lot to drive you home. It's dangerous to be walking around at night." He informed laughing slightly.

"Are you a monk?" asked dib. The man nodded.

"Hiroma Izumi." he said shaking their hands. "Get in I'll give you all a ride to the mall." THey complied and climbed into the back seat. In the front passengers side was a woman who looked exactly like Konata, and wore the same clothing.

"You come from a spiritual family don't you?" Asked Dib, looking at Konata. She nodded.

"I am adopted though. A preistess can not have children or they will lose their spiritual abilities."She replied. They arrived at the mall and got out.

"Thanks Mr. Izumi." the group called out. He just waved and drove off.

"So, who's ready to see The Truth Behind Hallowed Eyes?" Asked Dib excitedly. Everyone nodded. (I don't know if thats a real movie it just sounded cool.)

After the movie, Mr. Izumi picked up the group and took them to dinner. Then he dropped them off. Konata waved bye to everyone, but regretted letting Zim leave.