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Summary: "Someone should put a bell on you." Silly one-shot, post-"Lightspeed".

A/N: I literally wrote this in 10-15 mins. Inspired by my favourite quote from the aformentioned episode.

I know this is the second "Lightspeed"-related one-shot I've posted within an hour. I really couldn't resist writing this, though. As always, opinions and crit appreciated! This may only be funny to me, but oh well.

If anyone can think of a more creative title, I'll gladly rename this. Really, I should be able to do better than "Bell".

EDIT: Okay, that was embarrasing. I accidentally put a copy of "The In-Between" (my other "Lightspeed" fic) here. =_= Thanks to BlackCoat and Destanaa for alerting me, I fixed it.


Though you couldn't tell by looking, Kyd Wykkyd was enjoying himself.

Things had been tense ever since their leader, Jinx, had...disappeared. The rest of them had dealt with it quickly and returned to normal. However, See-More still single-handedly managed to pollute the atmosphere back at the H.I.V.E. Five headquarters with his foul mood, and none of them could stand to be in the same room as the guy.

They got it. He had a crush. Just scope out another bimbo and get over it.

Out in the open air, Wykkyd could easily forget that without a strong leader, the Five were crumbling from the inside; he could forget that the guy who was supposed to be their leader was currently wallowing in his depression and eating all of the ice cream the day they bought it (which didn't help Mammoth's mood either).

The weight of the gold jewellery draped over his arms made him smile on the inside, though his face was expressionless. The Titans East were busy with Dr. Light, he was definitely in no hurry to get back to HQ, and the night was pleasant.

Life was good.

Something yellow flickered in his peripheral vision. Jerked out of his fantasies of the rich life, Wykkyd's head twitched sideways and he froze, a deer caught in headlights. Who else would willingly go into the canyons at night?

A red-and-yellow blur shot past, right in front of him, and he reeled back, readied himself in a fighting stance, then realised that half of the jewellery was gone.

He seethed. If he could speak, he'd give that boy a piece of his mind!

"Over here, motormouth."

With an (undeniably cool, and he knew it) swish of his cloak, Wykkyd transported himself directly behind the speedster. The razor edge of the cloak whistled through the air where Kid Flash's neck had been moments before. Now all of the jewellery had disappeared.

Flash lounged against an outcrop. "Not too impressive on your own, aren't you?"

Kyd lunged forward with a punch.

"Up high, down low! Too slow!" Flash taunted, ducking, sidestepping and speeding away in quick succession to avoid Kyd's hits. Something collided with his back, and Wykkyd was sent sprawling into the lay of dirt that lined the ground. His head hit rock - hard.

Dazed, he was forced to wait for a few seconds whilst his head cleared; when it did, there was an unfamilar weight around his neck, and something made a tinkling noise when he moved.

He looked up. Flash stood over him, rubbing his hands together and looking very pleased with himself.

"Much better," he said smugly, then disappeared into the distance.

Kyd stood up, with a distinct lack of jewellery, and that annoying sound grating his ears. What was it? Well, it definitely wasn't the sound of jewellery jangling.

His hands groped at his throat, and his eyes widened. He tugged at the collar feverishly, but it wouldn't come off, and it only made the bell on it chime more loudly.

Damn you, Flash!