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"Eli ,please. I don't want it. "Clare begged referring to the condom.

"It's only gonna take me two seconds to get it babe."

"No Eli, I can't take it, I need to let go, just put it in me." She almost wined. Eli gave in and pushed into her.


Clare was now in her room, crying, regretting that very moment. Why did her hormones take over? She couldn't wait two seconds for him to get a condom. How could she have been so careless?

She had called Eli about 15 minutes ago telling him to come over and as if on cue, the bell rang. She wiped the tears and walked down the stairs and opened the door,

"Hey beautiful."

She weakly smiled and he noticed her tears.

"You alright?" He quested.

She shook her head and pulled him up to her room and they both sat on her bed.

"Please tell me why you were crying?"

She got the tissue covered pregnancy test and handed it to him.

"What's this?" He questioned.

"Open it." He unraveled it and looked at it and she saw his face of confusion turn into complete shock.

He looked up to her, "You're pregnant?" He questioned.

She hesitantly nodded and cried. "I was so stupid." She groaned.

Eli pulled her into his arms, "you're not stupid."

'I'm the one who told you to not use a condom, ughh." She groaned into his chest.

"It's okay." He rubbed her back, "I'm here. I love you and Im not mad"

She looked up to him, "How did I get so lucky?" He smirked and captured her lips with his and their lips slowly moved in sync.

"So what are we gonna do with it?" He asked.

"What?" She questioned.

"Are you gonna get an abortion?"

"What? Eli, I can't."

"Why not?" Eli asked.

"My religion Eli, I'm keeping it."

He sighed, "Okay."

"You're still going to be with me, right?" She asked.

"Of course." He reassured. "I just didn't know that was completely ruled out."

She nodded. "Are you sure we can raise the baby?" She asked.

"I think we can, I'll take care both of you." She smiled and thanked him.


"You ready?" Eli asked.

"Not really but we have to do it sometime." Clare nodded and they walked into his house and Cece, Bullfrog, Helen and Randall were all in the dining room, talking. They had grown to become close since Eli and Clare were together, though they were very different.

"Hey guys." Eli said and they all turned around.

"Hey kids, so what's this whole meeting thing for?" Bullfrog asked.

Clare and Eli sat down at the table and she interlocked her fingers with his under the table and squeezed it. He squeezed hers back reassuring her it was okay.

"What's going on?" Helen noticed their awkwardness.

"Uhm, I—" She took a deep breath. "I'm gonna have a baby."

Every single of their jaws' dropped and Randall was the first to speak, "What?"

"I'm pregnant." She responded.

"What in the world? Since when were you guys having sex?" Helen asked.

"For a while." Eli responded.

"Wow, that's unexpected." Cece responded. "So what are you guys gonna do?" Cece asked.

"Keep it." Eli responded.

"How far along are you?" Cece asked.

"About a month I think."

"How will you guys raise a baby? You're only 17 and you Clare, you're 16." Helen asked

"I know, it was a mistake. You're not getting anywhere by making me feel even worse."

"Okay, we're there for you, as long as you need us." Clare nodded and smiled, "Thanks so much guys."

"We're gonna go upstairs." Eli said. They both walked up and hopped in Eli's bed.

"That was so much better than I expected." Clare said.

"It was, surprisingly your parents were really calm."

"Because they were obviously replaced by aliens." She joked.

"So when are we going to make an appointment with the doctor?"

"I'll call tomorrow morning." Eli said. "You're gonna get so big."

"I know." Clare sighed and she felt her stomach making noise. "Oh god." She ran to the bathroom, hovering over the toilet vomiting.

Eli chased after her, pulling her hair back and rubbing her back, "its okay."

"I can't believe I have to deal with this for the next 9 months." Clare complained and again she turned towards the toilet emptying her stomach.

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