Philipa stared at herself intently in the full length mirror of her bathroom.

"Oh dear God," she gasped aloud. Philipa couldn't believe her eyes.

"This cant be real." she insisted to herself. She slowly brought her hands up to her chest to cup the newly formed little mounds that have suddenly appeared. 'God, they are real.' she thought.

Puberty finally caught up with dear, old Philipa Gaunt. Ha! She's thought she would be flat forever, boy was she wrong. Well, her newbreast weren't double d's but they were now noticeable and she wouldn't be able to get away with out wearing a bra. Mrs. Gaunt had bought Philipa a few training bras before, but Philipa had always refuse to wear or even try them on. She wanted to put off puberty for as long as she could. The few mundane friends she had, who had already shown signs of these bodily changes had claimed that they were quite annoying and irritating. Not mention the stares they received from the boys in the grade. 'What a bunch of perverts.' thought Philipa.

She sighed heavily, "Mom!"

She waited to hear her mother's high heeled clad feet pattering down the hall to her room. 'CLICK, CLICK, CLICK' came her mother's light footsteps.

The door to Philipa's room opened and her mother's worried voice appeared, "Yes Philipa."

"Mom come here?" asked Philipa from the bathroom.

"Yes dear, oh my!" Her mother gasped at Philipa's new little friends that currently resided on her chest.

"Um mom," called Philipa's voice. "What do I do. Those training bras are too small now and...well?"

Layla Gaunt stood in the doorway and assessed the situation.

"Well sweetheart," she said quite calmly and surprised. "Throw on a jacket and lets go to the Target."

Philipa wrapped herself in one of her purple hoodies. Her mother measured her when they were at their house and they found out she was a 34A.

'Why is this happening now,' Philipa grumbled to herself. She followed her mother into the junior's section and found the clothing stand that held all the bras.

"These are cute, darling." said Mrs. Gaunt as she held up a two pack of frilly pink bras.

"Mom, I hate pink," protested Philipa. Her mother placed the bras back and picked up another set.

"I like these." They were a black and white plain, non-wire bras.

"I like them too." said Philipa and took the hanger from her mother holding them to better look at them. 'Simple and plain. Perfect!' she thought.

"Ok we'll get those and how about this one?" asked her mom. She held up a neon, lime green cheetah print bra. It was bright and very hard to miss. Philipa stared at it and something about made her like it.

"Ok." Philipa answered grabbing the outrageous article of clothing.

It had been a week since the under-wire shopping and Philipa was finally comfortable with this new change. Today she had decided the wear the new green bra. Over she wore a blue and white top and some skinny jeans. She had been in such a hurry she didn't that u could see the bright bra under her top. She rushed downstairs and began to eat her breakfast when John noticed something odd about his sister's attire.

"Are you wearing a bra?" asked John as he almost choked on a piece of waffle.

"No." said Philipa.

"Um...yes you are i can see it." John pointed to his sister's chest in shock.

"Oh my God!" Philipa shouted and ran upstairs.

"Oh my God," gasped John. "My sister has boobs!"