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Chapter 5: Life

Sesshomaru kept his promise and went along with the pace Rin was comfortable. Mostly anyways. There were times in the moment of passion he would slip, but he always checked himself before it went too far. As soon as Rin was graduated Sesshomaru was determined to marry her, which Rin agreed most enthusiastically. It was getting very hard for Sesshomaru to wait, but he wanted to for Rin. Byakuya was dreading that day, while Satomi could hardly wait for she wanted grandchildren.

Now, on the day of their wedding, Sesshomaru was waiting for Rin to come down the aisle. He was quite impatient for her to come, but he kept a cool facade. Byakuya on the other hand couldn't keep a cool facade to save his life! He was wailing more than any mother and was putting all the ladies to shame with his crying. Sesshomaru glanced at him before mentally rolling his eyes.

Sesshomaru: I knew it was a bad idea to make him best man.

But before he could be tormented further by Byakuya's uncontrollable display the music began signaling the start of the wedding. Byakuya's crying got louder, but now Sesshomaru couldn't hear. Especially when Rin walked out. All he could do was look at her as she came down the aisle, while she smiled at him, her own eyes never leaving him.

When Rin reached him, Sesshomaru took her hand. This was the start of their life as one...

At the end of the reception, Rin could hardly get away... from Byakuya that is. He had a death grip on her arms like his life depended on it and he showed no sign of letting go.

Byakuya: "My baby sister! My baby sister!"

Rin: "Byakuya, please..."

Sesshomaru finally had enough of this and forced Byakuya's hands off his wife.

Sesshomaru: "We really need to go."

Sesshomaru wrapped an arm around Rin and quickly led her out the door; not wanting to give Byakuya any chance of delaying their departure again.

Sesshomaru and Rin decided to have their honeymoon in the mountains. That night when they arrive in the cabin they rented, Rin immediately went to one of the large windows, looking out at the scenic landscape that the full moon lit up.

Rin: "Oh Sesshomaru, it's so beautiful!"

Rin felt Sesshomaru's strong arms wrap around her waist, followed by his breath on her neck, which sent a pleasurable shiver down her spine.

Sesshomaru: "Indeed."

That was all Rin heard Sesshomaru murmur before she felt his lip on her neck. The demon began to slowly make his way up her delicious column, and Rin couldn't keep back the moan that escaped her lips. Sesshomaru smirked with excitement coming into his eyes. In a flash, he picked her up bridal style, and laid her on their bed. Before Rin realized what was going on she was looking up into her mate's glowing eyes. He was towering over her, looking very much like a predator, but there was warmth and love in his eyes as well.

Sesshomaru: "This is our first night together..."

Rin blushed and shyly nodded, which deepened as she felt Sesshomaru's hands go around her to undo her wedding dress.

Sesshomaru: "The first night of many."

With that Sesshomaru's crashed his mouth onto Rin's, kissing her roughly with passion. He quickly worked on getting her wedding dress off, and as soon as it was out of the way, he wasted no time to roam his hands all over her body. Everywhere Sesshomaru touched felt like fire on Rin's skin and sent shivers along her body.

Sesshomaru soon raised up to get a look of Rin's body, and he allowed his eyes to roam all over her, taking in his fill.

Rin instinctively covered her breasts out of shyness, but Sesshomaru grabbed her arms and held them away.

Sesshomaru: "Don't."

Rin blushed as she complied with his wish.

Sesshomaru: "You're beautiful..."

Rin's eyes widened as she looked up at Sesshomaru, before her blush deepened at the compliment. This earned a chuckle out of the usually stoic demon.

Sesshomaru: "You shall get used to this soon..."

Rin's blushed deepened even further at the indications of that.

Sesshomaru: "Now, unbutton my shirt."

Rin jerked her eyes back to Sesshomaru, but looking at his white, buttoned up dress shirt which wasn't tucked in. She hadn't noticed that he had discarded his jacket already. She stared at the buttons before, with trembling hands; she unbuttoned them one by one. When they were all undone she shyly ran her hands along his hard, smooth chest, which he groaned in approval. She nervously pushed the shirt down his arms and as soon as it was free it was apparent Sesshomaru couldn't hold back anymore.

The demon dipped down and gave Rin a passionate kiss, his tongue immediately diving into her mouth. When he sensed she needed air he left her mouth and slowly made his way down her smooth neck, leaving moist kisses in his wake. He lavished kisses on Rin's collar bone, earning pleasurable moans from her lips. His hands meanwhile roamed her body, and his left soon came to cup one of Rin's breasts which caused her to gasp. Sesshomaru smirked against her skin as he began to knead the mound. He then left her neck and kissing is way down. He soon reached her other breast and started lavishing kisses on it.

Rin dove her hands into Sesshomaru's hair, pulling him as close to her as she could. She arched her back, trying to give him as much of her as she could. A whine of protest left her mouth as he removed his mouth from her breast. But it was only to move his attention to the other one to give it the same treatment, with his right hand going to the one his moth abandoned. After he was satisfied with the treatment to her breasts, he removed his mouth to give his lovely mate another passion filled kiss. He then gave light kisses along on her cheek before stopping at her ear.

Sesshomaru: "You are so sweet..."

Rin blushed as Sesshomaru pressed a kiss below her ear before starting his way downwards once more, but this time to go further...

When morning came Rin was sound asleep on Sesshomaru's chest with his arm wrapped protectively around her. He began to stroke her hair as he looked out the window, thinking of all the years he had waited for this. He looked down at his sleeping mate and a smile graced his lips.

Sesshomaru: It was definitely worth it...

It was long before Rin became pregnant with her first child. She was ecstatic about it and Sesshomaru was as equally happy. When they broke the news to Byakuya his reaction was not quite what they had expected...

Byakuya: "Yes! Yes! I'm going to be an uncle!"

They watched as Byakuya jumped around the living room. Rin couldn't help, but giggle, while Sesshomaru merely stared at him.

Byakuya: "You better give me a niece!"

Sesshomaru: Now his reaction makes sense...

The months went by very slowly and Byakuya was naturally the most anxious of them. His over dramatics about quickly got on Sesshomaru's nerves.

Sesshomaru: If only he wasn't my brother-in-law...

Finally the day arrived and after a perfectly normal labor Rin gave birth to a little girl, which of course sent Byakuya to tears. Satomi, who had helped Rin deliver, rolled her eyes at his display.

Sesshomaru was sitting by his little mate, with his arm around her, looking down at their daughter in her arms. She was a small thing and completely healthy, which Sesshomaru was glad, since it gave her an easier labor. She had silver hair like his, and even though she had his gold eyes, they looked more like Rin's.

Byakuya: "She looks just like me!"

Sesshomaru glared at Byakuya while Rin giggled. Sesshomaru decided to ignore the annoying demon and planted a kiss on his mate's forehead.

Sesshomaru lifted a finger to his little girl, which she took in her tiny hand. Rin smiled up at him which he returned. They had entered their own world and were completely oblivious to everything around them. They didn't even notice Byakuya's yelling which earned him scolding from Satomi, which lead to him being forcefully dragged from the room.

Sesshomaru leaned over and kissed his wife chastely on the mouth before looking back down at their bundle of joy.

Rin: "Our little Sarea..."

Rin looked up and smiled at Sesshomaru.

Rin: "She looks like you."

Sesshomaru smiled before replying.

Sesshomaru: "She has your sweetness and warmth in her eyes."

Rin blushed and looked down at their little Sarea. The little girl soon began to cry, declaring she was not satisfied.

Rin: "Sounds like someone's hungry."

Rin moved her gown to uncover one of her breasts. Sesshomaru watched in contentment as the little girl readily nursed from her mother, who was smiling down at her with much love. He ran the back of his finger over her silver hair, which was surprisingly long for a newborn. Rin looked up at her mate and smiled joyfully. He leaned to her till his mouth was just a few inches away from hers.

Sesshomaru: "This is the first of many children."

Before Rin could respond he gave her a loving kiss which only lasted a few seconds. He then looked down at their daughter and continued to stroke her hair. Rin soon looked at their daughter as well, with a smile on her face. After Sarea was done nursing, Sesshomaru leaned back slightly to look at both of his girls. Both of which he couldn't possibly love any more than he did now.

Sesshomaru: Yes, those years of waiting were definitely worth it.

He leaned towards his lovely mate, to gaze with her at their little treasure, as she slept.