Challenge and story

Ok so I'm going to take a Step in a New Direction. This I think is the First Challenge and Story put together. Please correct me if I'm wrong because I don't want to sound like an ass. Ok so what the Challenge is A Power Ranger Magic the Gathering Crossover.

So what this Challenge is that you have to Choose 2 planes (I'm doing Mirrodin and Phyrexia) choose 1 that you want your ranger to be on (Mirrodin). Choose which 2 Colors are Going to be Girls (white and Blue). Finally choose some kind of Common weapon. (The 3 Swords of Mirrodin expect split in to 5).

And that's all.

So Here the First Chapter of Mine.

Kai: Wait! There's something you forgot

What Kai?

Kai: Where they are from!

Oh right they have to be from Earth!


We zoom in on tent as a young man in Black under armor and Black Pj Bottoms waking up.

"That's the 8th time I've had that dream of me and Ame Cuddling and Kissing." Said the young man.

"Hey Kaix!" (AN: can you guess I like that name!) said a Voice from outside of the tent.

"What's Up Jared?" Said Kaix. A young man in green under armor and Blue Jeans came into the Tent.

"Hey are we training in our Ranger Forms today?" asked the Green wearing Young man.

"Yeah Jared we need to get better in it."

"Ok I'll tell the rest of the team." said Jared walking back outside. Kaix takes of his Pj bottoms and Puts on a pair of Black Jeans. We see a black morpher on his right arm. (You can thank The Power Rangers facebook page for this Choice.)

"Ugh it's been a year since the Guardians of Mirrodin choose us to help liberate Mirrodin from Phyrexia." Said Kaix Putting on A black jacket that's says 'Swamp Ranger'. "And we haven't done much. Not one Chancellor or Praetor is dead yet." Kaix walks out of the tent and sees his team outside. Each one was wearing their Colors .The Blue ranger, Ame Kellogg, was wear Girl's Underarmor with Jeans and a Jacket that said 'Island Ranger.' Jared had added a Green Jacket that says "Forest Ranger". The red Ranger, Gage Smith, Was wear Red Under armor with blue jeans and a read Jacket that Said "Mountain ranger". The white Ranger, Annabelle Strunk, was wearing white Girl's Underarmor with bluejeans and a white jacket that said "Plains Ranger." "hey Team you ready to train."

"No but we have to be don't we." Said Annabelle.

"yes we do. Lets Do guys!" said Kaix

"RIGHT!" said said the other 4.


Well that's the New rangers and I hope you do the Challenge.