Pairings: Date Masamune x Date Megohime.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters mentioned in this story.

If you read about Megohime and Date Masamune in a historical aspect, you'll notice some differences (such as their ages when they got married and so). So I prefer if this story isn't taken historically, since I'll be changing other facts along the way. One of the main reasons is that there's no much materials about Megohime and Masamune over the internet to use as references.


Chapter One: Lord and pawn

In the spring, just when she turned 17, Megohime left her parents' castle in Mutsu to move to her husband's castle in Oushuu. A husband she never met before; only heard war stories about him from her father and his retainers and some of the old friends of her father who used to come over for dinners and such. Till few months ago the thought of her being married to him would have never crossed her mind. And now she's heading to his castle as a wife. The journey wasn't so long since all the events she thought over were the events of the day when her father came back from one of his trips to tell her that she will be wed to the daimyo of Oushuu, Date Masamune in the spring. It was clearly a political marriage to ensure the safety of her family and to show the Date clan that they're willing to fight by their side. A planned wedding; like all the other weddings at that time. Megohime took the whole thing as an order to be fulfilled. She didn't think much about the whole thing. She lived all her life up to this point knowing that she's nothing more than a pawn to be moved by men to ensure they get what they want. And the fact that she was the only daughter of Mutsu castle's lord,Tamura Kiyoaki didn't let her act like a spoiled princess. She always knew that she would be disposed of at the slightest threat, and she would be wed to the daimyo that act as the biggest threat to her clan.

"A girl can't choose either her father or her husband, Mego-sama." That what her nanny always used to tell her.

Done thinking about her family and her life in Mutsu, she started to think about her yet to meet husband. He had no courtesy at all. He never showed his face or paid her family a visit; he didn't even attend his own wedding ceremony. On top of that, he's a deformed man with one eye, short-temper and a reckless personality. Everything spelled "unhappiness" to her. She sighed as she turned her head to one side, trying to get a glimpse of what Oushuu looks like through the moving curtains of her cart. It didn't take long for the journey to end after that.

As she set foot inside the walls of her new home, she was greeted by a tall, and serious looking man with a big scar on his left cheek. "Welcome to your new home, Megohime-sama" he said and bowed, and then he added "I'm Katakura Kojuuro, if you might let me be your faithful servant from this day on, it'll be my pleasure". Megohime was slightly shocked of the nice speech she just heard, she wouldn't have expected such a thing to happen inside the walls of this castle owned by her jerk husband, even that she heard a lot about this Katakura Kojuuro and how much of a gentleman he was. She smiled a little and said "The pleasure is mine, Katakura-dono. Now please raise your head". Katakura Kojuuro raised his head at once and said "Now, please let me take you to your husband, Date Masamune-sama. He had been waiting" and he started walking toward the grand wooden door behind him. Megohime followed as she thought if that jerk husband of hers was really waiting for her.

She was taken to a room with a beautiful view of the stone garden of the castle, she stared at the garden and thought that it might be nice to live in such place; it was peaceful, quiet and smells good. As she was absorbed in her fantasies a voice came from behind her, it was a servant's voice that was announcing the arrival of his master, Date Masamune. Once she heard that, she looked down at her knees and then to her hands to make sure that she's sitting the right way. She heard footsteps moving closer, they seemed to belong to two people, two men. One of them halted suddenly, the other stopped shortly afterwards. Megohime heard something as whispers but couldn't hear a thing clearly. After couple of seconds one man started moving again and stopped shortly as he reached the room's door. The door slid open then closed after seconds. She never turned back to look at the man approaching her.

Date Masamune was never good at dealing with women; this girl he looked at her back for the past two seconds was going to be the first woman he would ever let inside his home and interact with her in a way other than the formal way. He was nervous and been sent to that room by force by his strategist, Katakura Kojuuro. As he was walking to where he have to sit, he thought that his newlywed wife had very small shoulders and a very complicated hairstyle and she wore a very colorful kimono. She was a whole different creature than the creatures he had been around for almost all his life. He seated himself carefully in front of her. No one of them said a thing for a minute. Masamune gulped then slowly moved his eye up, moving from her knees to her tiny hands to her thin neck and then to her little fairly white face, she looked like a doll he thought when his one eye finally met her two almond-like eyes.

For Megohime, once their eyes met she looked down and blushed slightly. She'd have never thought that he'd look that neat and he'd have such pretty long fingers and beautiful eyes… wait, one eye, yes one eye. He's called the one-eyed dragon after all. After she thought about this she remembered her mother telling her to introduce herself once her husband get seated, was it too late? She didn't thought more, she quickly placed both her hands before her knees, and she bowed her head low and quietly she introduced herself saying "I'm Megohime, your wife and your loyal companion I shall be, Masamune-sama." Her husband said nothing, he just nodded and rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

They stayed silent till their tea was brought to them many minutes later. As Masamune was taking a sip of his tea silently, Megohime spoke. His shoulders went stiff as he heard her voice, he thoughts he would never get used to it easily. "The stone garden is really pretty. It must be nice to live here." She said trying to start a conversation. Masamune nodded and placed his cup down slowly.

Couple of minutes more passed, and they finished their tea. Masamune said nothing the whole time, when he realized that he decided to say something.

"I'll probably fail at being a husband, I'll fight for you instead."

That was what he said.