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Chapter 12: Moving Forward

Masamune came back. And he went straight to where his wife is. He entered the room without announcing his arrival. Megohime was working on something with two of her maids. As Masamune stepped inside, the three faces looked at him with surprise.

He looked hollow.

The two maids walked out at once and closed the doors behind them.

Megohime stood up and walked up to him. Looking at his face, she knew that someone had been killed by her husband, but she couldn't figure if it was Yoshihime or Kojiro.

He was shaking and holding his sword firmly in one hand.

"Jiro… I… I…"

Megohime was shocked, even that she expected it. She looked down at once, hiding her shocked face. She felt her heart stops working after a violent jolt. She took Masamune's free hand in hers and nodded her head as she said "I see". Slowly she took him into their bedroom. First she took away his sword and returned it to its place, then she helped him take his haori off (A/N: the jacket worn over the kimono). She exited the room and came back in shortly after she called a servant and ordered them to get the bath ready for Masamune. Her husband was still standing at the same spot. She stared at his back for some seconds and proceeded to get him a change of clothes. The servant didn't take much time to come back and inform his mistress that the bath is ready; she thanked him with a smile and went back to her husband. She held his arm gently with one hand and held his clothes with the other and led him out to the bath.

No one said a thing on their way to the bath. And Masamune was still shaking and hollow.

As they reached the bath, Megohime took off the outer piece of her kimono and tied her sleeves to the back so she'd be able to work easily. Then she proceeded to help her husband undress. She did it slowly and gently. It was her first time to see his fully nude body. There were many scars that she never knew they existed. She asked him to sit down, and started to wash his hair and continued downwards till she reached his toes. She thought that if this was any other normal day she'd have been tickling him and splashing him with water and playing around with him like kids. But today, she was taking this as a purification ritual more than just a bath.

When she was finally done, she looked up at his pale face. With his wet hair pulled back and his eyepatch not in place, his face appeared paler. And for some reason, it looked smaller. Megohime stood up and walked till she was behind him. She hugged him tight from behind and kissed him on the cheek. "You just took a step forward. And I love you" she whispered into his ear and let go of him. She moved towards her clothes and she pulled down her sleeves. "You can get into the tub now, Masamune-sama. Take all the time you need. I put your clothes and eyepatch over here for when you're done" she said as she started to tie her obi.

Megohime waited patiently for her husband. During that Katakura brought her the full story of what happened and what Masamune did. She cried silently.

"It hurts. It hurts me to imagine how Masamune-sama is feeling"

"Mego-sama… you are already crying his share too"

Megohime looked at Katakura with wet eyes.

He smiled gently at her.

"My lord will never let a tear roll down his eye, and you're crying all those tears instead of him. You're taking half of his pain"

Megohime thought about what Katakura Kojuuro said for a while after he left, and she decided to get even stronger, for the sake of her husband. She needs a stronger heart to endure half of her husband's pain. While she was lost in her thoughts, the doors slid open and Masamune walked in. She got up and walked to him with a smile.

"Masamune-sama, your hair is still wet. Just a second, let me get a towel" she said and ran to the elegant drawers she got as a wedding present from one of her relatives. Just as she grabbed one, she felt Masamune's arms approach her and pull her into a tight hug from behind.

"I killed him. I slit his throat open with one swing. I wasted the soul he got from mother and fought with all of his might to protect it… and yet, he said that he forgives me. How can he talk after I cut him? Am I imagining all this? Is Jiro okay?"

"He is in a better place"


In the end Masamune slept with his hair still wet, and Megohime hugging him.

The memory of that day is still clear and vivid for Megohime, even that four years had passed now. She dismissed it once she heard one of the new young soldiers calling for her. "Mego-sama, please cheer for me!". She smiled at him and nodded. That young soldier claimed that he joined the Date army just to protect Megohime. Hearing his claim, Katakura Kojuuro's face bore a scary glare as he yelled at him "Show respect, lad! You're in the presence of your lord!". Masamune was surprised, but he laughed loud and smirked at the eighteen years old soldier-to-be and challenged him "Let's see if you will be able to beat me in that, boy"

The now twenty two years Megohime was even more beautiful and mature that Masamune was always against her coming over to watch the soldiers practice and help with making food for them. He thought that she's more of a distraction than anything else. And another reason for him to be so against it is a reason he keeps denying.

"Masa-chan gets too jealous, no?"

"Not at all"

"Then why I'm not allowed to cheer for Yuujiro-kun?"

"For too many reasons"

She giggles and presses a finger against Masamune's cheek.

"You're pouting. You are so cute when you are jealous"

"I'm not jealous. I don't get jealous at all. Why would I?"

"Hmm… Because Yuujiro-kun keeps on practicing so hard to be able to protect me, and I acknowledge that. And I cheer for him"

"So childish. You're mine, heart, soul and body, and everyone knows that, including you. That's why I don't get jealous, you see?"

She replied with a kiss on the lips. "So unfair! You know it turns me on whenever you say "You're mine"" she said and kissed him on the neck, with one of her hands running down his bare chest that she can access due to his loosely worn kimono.

Just as Masamune opened his mouth to reply, Katakura came out of a corner with some papers that he was checking. The retainer raised his eyes from the papers to find his lord and his wife standing at the middle of the corridor, each one of them facing a different direction. The older man realized at once that he brought those two back to earth by his appearance. He greeted them and as he passed them he chuckled.

"Kojuuro!" his lord yelled with a blush.