A faded auburn fae arose in the lush misty terrain of the distant island, the willow trees corressing over and arching out like a whispering hand looming towards her. Her name was unknown, but she earned the nickname Faded Glory. The she-wolf wandered endlessly throughout the thick depths of the islands mishap, only to find herself lost forever in the labyrinth. Eternitys passed by, her story being told throughout the many generations that came and went; the story being twisted throughout the wolves and the two-leggers. Her story became a tale, her tale became a legend, the legend became a prophecy that foretold her return. By the earth's third dimension, Faded Glory arose from her long slumber; to walk the world once again in her majestic awe. Some see her, a ghastly silohoutte with piercing periwinkle eyes before a mist rolls into the land and she vanishes from sight. Nobody knows the real truth of this fae, and nobody dares to seek the vengence that holds her in a locket of eternal essence.