The Emperor

Chapter 1: Waking Prince


A/N: This will be AU, very little will relate to the Star Wars universe in terms of the original trilogy or the original Saga's plot line. Feel free to complain to me at any time.

The sun lazily rose over the city planet of Coruscant, warming the capital city district whose citizens had already been up since...well Coruscant never really slept. Stormtroopers could be seen doing their rounds, keeping the security of the planet secure or just preforming drills in the large courtyards that dotted the massive capital district of the huge planet. Courtiers could be seen running about the more important and larger buildings, running messages to and from, doing errands for their bosses, arranging deals in shady alleys and what not. The common citizens could be found going to or leaving from their jobs, conversing, going to watch the illegal pod races, or finding the nearest bar or some other form of entertainment.

None of this mattered to those of the Imperial Palace though. The palace never shut it's lights off, not for once second. Politicians were constantly seeking an audience with the Emperor or one of the Emperor's Lords or the High Lord or one of the Moffs, the list went on...

Perhaps it would be best to explain things a bit? You look a bit lost. Maybe you were carbon frozen for a few years? Oh you were? Well such things can't be helped...

The old republic is a thing of the past, the Galactic Empire exists now. With it's large armies and legions spreading across the galaxy, it rules with a iron fist. It's Emperor, Emperor Palpatine, the former Chancellor of the Old Republic, had created the beautiful creation that was the Empire when the Republic failed to defend against the CIS, the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

With the eradication of the Jedi Order, Palpatine had created the Council of Lords, a mixture of former Generals, Admirals and the strongest of his new Imperial Knights. He had named his favorite Lord, Anakin Skywalker, the High Lord and had declared throughout the empire that the newly appointed High Lord would only answer to the Emperor, making him a very important man in mere seconds. It might have also helped that he was named Heir to the Throne...

But we'll get back to that later. This story is not about the history of the Empire but about the rise of High Lord Skywalker's son, Prince Luke Skywalker, and how he became the Emperor of the Galactic Empire...

"Mornin Sire!" A cheerful, if slightly drunk sounding voice said as a door swished open and the blinds of the Imperial Suite slid up.

A groan came from within the suite, the source was Prince Skywalker. Sprawled out on his expensive, thick mattress and wrapped up in royal black sheets of the finest silk, the Prince was barely awake as he made a gesture with his hand, causing the blinds to close on their own.

Captain Han Solo had served the Empire for years, he had seen some pretty nasty action in combat, either against pirates or rebels. He had one of the roughest childhoods he knew of and he had seen multiple close friends die when they should have lived. But none of that was as frustrating or as a pain in his Corellian hind quarters as dealing with Luke Skywalker, scion of the most powerful force sensitive in the known galaxy and heir to the Imperial Throne.

The boy, only a bit younger then Solo himself, at eighteen years old, was capable of manipulating things that Solo would never have thought possible before he was assigned this post. Sure he had heard it was possible but he had never seen it done. And seeing is believing.

"Come on kid, Your father wants you to be up and ready for the council meeting today, so no sleeping in for you" Han tried to reason and heard a few half understandable words before the youth was rising out of his cocoon of sheets. Leaving the room as the kid headed to the fresher, Han waited outside in the common room or living room of the suite. After awhile he heard the shower shut off and Luke emerged dressed in a rather stunning and extravagant black outfit consisting of black pants, a military style dress shirt and black boots with a matching cape that had a blue stone broach holding it in place over his right shoulder. There were a few gold gems scattered on the outfit, like the golden gems placed on each belt loop or the small ones wrapping around the edges of his knuckle length combat gloves. He also had an odd symbol on his belt, which Han knew from previous experience was a Imperial Knight symbol.

It showed three figures holding up lightsabers before themselves, crossing the blades. Behind the crossed blades was the Imperial symbol and below the crossed blades was the tiniest of script, which basically said "The Protectors of Order", however it had been written in some dead language, and Han was not important enough, or even a member of the order, to know what the language was. However Luke happened to let him know what it meant due to their history together.

"You look annoyed" Han commented on the slight scowl on the kids face as the two exited the suite and headed down the palace halls towards the Council Chamber, which was located only a single floor below the Emperor's Chambers. However said chambers consisted of the last ten floors of the palace's top spire, so it wasn't something to get incredibly exited about.

"Well wouldn't you?" Luke asked as he gestured to the Captain, referring to his dislike of wearing fancy outfits. Han had to agree with him, after all, he was more likely to be caught in a white shirt, jacket and some old pants as well as half drunk then be caught dead in anything that could buy a few star ships with it's price. He was barely used to the Captain's uniform he was wearing now...

"Whatever" Luke muttered when Han didn't respond as they came to the doorway of the council chamber lift.

Standing on either side of the lift to the chamber were a pair of Imperial Knights. They were clad in simple black and gray robes with lightsabers clearly hanging off their dark brown leather belts. The one on the left, a human male had a completely shaven head, revealing several scars on the sides and one on the top. The one on the right was a human female and her raven black hair cascaded down her back, however despite her beauty she could most likely kill Han in a matter of two, maybe three seconds.

Both snapped to attention as Luke and Han passed them, however it was a more casual attention then a full military attention. They knew Luke, and there was nothing he hated more then his fellow knights treating him like he was something important, when he really had no rank whatsoever.

"This better not be some stupid meeting about more rebel raids in the Mid Rim" Luke complained as the lift began to rise. It would go up two floors, putting them officially in the Emperor's Chambers, or Zone as some called it, and deposit them in the council chamber; a small dome like structure that stuck out of the side of the spire, looking out across the city. The interior was designed in the Imperial colors, Gold, Black, Gray and Scarlet. The floors were carpets colored a fascinating gold with black highlights, while the walls were a dull gray with scarlet highlights with paintings and maps and projectors hooked in.

In the center of the room there was a large gray table with tablets for each Lord, as well as a holographic projector set up inside the center. Black chairs with red and gold cushioned seats were placed up before each tablet, with the name of the Lord that owned the tablet and seat placed on both the back of the seat and on the top of the headrest of the seat as well.

Windows lined the entire room except the back side where the Imperial Palace was connected to the room and where the lift was. No guards were allowed in the room and all communicators were shut off during the meetings. A special metal had been mined and put in the walls and fragmented into the glass to make sure that no transmissions could enter or leave the chamber for optimal secrecy as well.

"Well the rebels are getting nastier, but with your father allowing more alien species into the Empire, judging them by their loyalty, we're cutting the rebellions down each day. Soon no one will be able to appose the Emperor" Han assured him as the lift opened and the two walked in.

"I hope so" Luke said, sounding genuinely concerned. The pair approached the rest of the council, which was almost full formed by now and Luke took his seat. Han, being his Adjunct, stood at a loose attention behind Luke. Aside from Han, there was no one in the entire room who was not a Lord. Luke was something of an exception as well, as he had never been granted the title of Lord, however by the subtle hints the Emperor every so often gave, he was to be treated as if he was.

"Son" Anakin said as he left a hushed conversation with two of the other Lords and came to stop next to his son's seat.

"Father" Luke said as he turned his head to face his father. The High Lord was garbed in the black and gold robes of the Imperial High Lord. He had, like almost everyone else in the room, a light coating of jewels and gems splashed onto his outfit, however he had the smallest amount, including his son. Anakin had always been a conservative user when it came to items, the only time he had ever done anything or worn anything overly flashy was when he married Luke's mother. And the results of that marriage might be why he never did anything extravagant ever again.

"I see Captain Solo was able to get you out of your suite" Anakin remarked as he nodded to the expressionless Captain.

"Yes Father, however next time you have a meeting, could it be at a decent hour of the day, like maybe two or three in the afternoon?" Luke asked.

Anakin chuckled at the idea and turned to leave. "The young..." He muttered to himself as he said goodbye to his son before going to his seat. That was one of the other perks of being the High Lord. His seat, unlike the black ones with their scarlet and gold cushions, was a slightly larger, more elevated, gray chair that had completely gold colored cushions, instead of the sprinkled gold cushions of the regular lords seats. His chair also had several panels on it with controls that could manipulate various parts of the room, the table, the other chairs as well as a few other hidden objects.

Taking his seat, he called out to the rest of the Council, which had finally assembled completely. "The reason I have called you all here today is because of a rather important piece of information we have just learned about." Anakin stated as he used a control at his seat, causing the holographic projector to spring to life. Immediately a planet exploded into view over the table before them all.

The planet was mostly forest covered, however it had several large oceans and lakes, as well as a large swamp in the northern hemisphere of the planet. What drew everyone's attention however was the somewhat large desert that occupied a portion of one of the forest covered landmasses in the southern hemisphere. It did not appear natural and plainly seemed to be out of place, like it had grown their by some other design.

"This is Tryysk, the final resting place of, according to Imperial Intelligence, the Sith Lord Graӓkkan Saawl" Anakin stated as several of his Lords looked confused, while others, who had either read the report or were old enough to have heard the legends during the Old Republic's time, nodded their heads.

"And I am assuming you plan to have us collect his archive data sire?" Najia Toosga asked as she placed her hands together by the fingertips as she leaned back in her chair slightly.

Graӓkkan Saawl was known for two things during his time as a Sith Lord long ago. One, for being the first Jedi to leave the reformed order during it's time with the Old Republic and join the Sith. And two, for becoming the most well known collector of Sith and Jedi data. He had stored all of it, according to legend, aboard his vessel, the Siliquent Scythe, however the ship, and it's owner, had vanished during the Great Hyperspace War, a few months before the war ended and the Sith were eradicated. It was thought to have been found before, but as always, the rumors were turned false.

"And Intelligence is telling us that this is the place where the ship crashed? Supposedly?" Luke asked as several old, very old, images appeared near the planet, showing old sketches and even a few holo-pictures of the ship and Saawl.

"Yes, It took awhile, but we believe the vessel, due to the logs of several ancient ships that were searched by intelligence, crashed there due to an unnatural force storm. We will still send a team to investigate, whether or not it is really there" Anakin said, silencing any objections to the matter. "Now, let us turn to the matter of..."

"Ugh, remind me never to go with you to those things again..."Han said as they exited the lift, passing the two guards, who again came to attention.

"Hey you wake me up, you have to suffer through the meetings with me" Luke said with a slight grin. The pair entered another lift and began to descend the many floors of the palace, heading for the docking bays in the middle where they could board Luke's private transport. Being the Heir to the Throne, he had his own small private hanger next to the larger ones open to the rest of the Imperial Elite.

"Which is why I pray I'll be reassigned soon" Han answered with a grin of his own as they finally made it to the hangers and headed over towards the guarded entrance to the private hangers.

"Your an atheist" Luke pointed out as they passed the guards, who also came to attention as they passed. They, unlike the Knights however, saluted. Luke hid his scowl.

"True" Han agreed.

The duo entered Luke's private hanger and moved past several of his single person fighters and a few of the more luxurious cruisers before stopping at one near the end of the short line. It was an old airspeeder, painted a faded red, it had to be overhauled and fixed up a bit by Luke, but he had found the thing to be a prized part of his adventures and had kept fixing it up long after it should have been dismantled.

"I still think your crazy for owning that thing, let alone flying it" Han said as they strapped into the airspeeder.

"Comments to yourself Captain" Luke said with a victorious smile as the engines began to roar to life. The hanger shield shut off after Luke hit the command switch and then they were roaring out of the hanger. They made it less then two feet out before Luke cut the engines, throwing them into a straight dive down the side of the Palace.

"YOUR A CRAZY CRAZY KID!" Han screamed as they began to spin. The engines cut back on and they accelerated closer to one of the smaller buildings near the Palace. It looked like the headquarters of the Stormtrooper Corps. But then again, it could also be the Imperial Museum of History, either way, Han did not want to find out if it meant he was going to be a smear on the walls!

At the last second, right before they would have hit whatever building it was, Luke pulled up. They actually hit the roof, leaving sparks as the airspeeder slid across the roof for a few seconds before it began to fly off, heading for the regular, legal traffic lanes. "See I told you we'd be fin-" Luke was cut off midsentance as the engines suddenly coughed and died.

".You" Han said as he glared at his charge and friend. Then the ship really began to fall. The two, Luke this time as well, were screaming as the ship started spinning sideways, then it hit a metal statue, causing the ship to spin off in another direction.

"Blasted piece of junk!" Luke spat as he kicked the dashboard with his boot. The engine remained unresponsive. "I got nothin!" Luke said to Han, who was turning white in the face. "Least we both had good runs" Luke added.

"Your a snot faced liar!" Han muttered. "I don't want to die yet!" He shouted over the wind that was whipping at their faces as he kicked the dashboard harder. Nothing happened. He kicked it again and he heard the engine give out a brief cough of energy. Both he and Luke glanced at each other, then they started kicking the dashboard like crazy, praying the engine would turn on.

It didn't.

"What happened?" Luke asked as they climbed out of the airspeeder.

"You decided to play games...all you had to do was fly to Rustag'ууфs! That's all! Next time we eat at the palace, no more crazy flying trips!" Han muttered as they looked around and realized they had landed in one of the drone piloted transports, this one, by some extreme case of luck, was carrying bed padding.

"Well that's an insane case of luck" Luke commented as they hopped out of the airspeeder and began to look around. "How long have we been out?" Luke wondered.

Han scratched his head. "I'd say only a few hours, that or my chrono is wrong...that airspeeder work at all?" Han asked.

Luke shook his head. "Nope it's a wreck, gonna be a pain to fix it later" Luke complained as he kicked the ship, causing it to start to hum back to life. "Really?" Luke asked in anger as he made a gesture. Han wisely jumped out of the way. A millisecond later and there was a hole in the mattress transport's wall, letting several piles of the stuff fall out.

"Luke you realize that there was already a hole from when we fell in here right?"

"Shut up Captain, that's an order."

"Hey Luke"

"What is it Mara?" Luke asked the slightly older Knight as she entered his Temple quarters later that afternoon. Luke generally stayed in the Palace, but every so often he would go to the Temple to sleep, mostly whenever there was a mission the next day or training he was required to attend.

"Just seein how your doin" Mara said, pretending to be offended.

"You want to make fun of me and Solo crashing into the mattress transport today don't you?" Luke said with a groan as he turned away from his datapad which had the report on the Scythe and the investigation of it's whereabouts over the past few years.

"Yup" Mara said, shaking her red hair out of her eyes as she used the force to pull a chair over for her to sit down. "So what you doin?" She asked as she scooted closer, trying to read the datapad, however Luke plucked it away from her using the force and shut the screen off.

"Just some intelligence stuff" Luke said matter-o-factly. He generally shared stuff with Mara that really shouldn't be given out so freely, but he trusted her, but his father had told him only the council was to know about this mission, no one else.

"Spoil sport" Mara pouted as she crossed her arms. "So how long till your dad finds out about your crash?" She asked, knowing he already knew, but wanted to hear him say it.

"Already knew about it, got quite the lecture about 'Abusing my power' or something like that..." Luke said as Mara grinned.

"I can think of a lot worse things you could do to abuse your power..." She said, thinking of the military class ships that Luke could get into to, then she saw his red face and she realized what her casual statement sounded like and she grew as red as her hair. "Skywalker you have one perverted mind!" She snapped, trying to hide her blush.

"You thought it too!" Luke retorted. Before Mara could respond there was a sharp rapping on the door. Mara instantly flew out of sight as the door slid open and Master Tano walked in.

"Luke?" The older woman said as she surveyed his room with a skeptical eye. "Who's in here with you?"

"U-uh no one Master T-Tano" Luke lied and did his best to pull up shields to hide both Mara's presence and to cover his fear as well. Even though he was much younger then the master, he was close to being near her level. He wasn't an expert, but he had definitively inherited his father's powers.

Ahsoka glanced around the room once more before nodding. "Alright, I'll buy that" She said as Luke looked at her funny. "But if I hear you and Mara in here again, alone, your father hears from me" She said, then left with that threat hanging over two very surprised and terrified young adults.

Once the door swished shut Luke let out a sigh, it took a few more minutes before he moved and more minutes after that for Mara to come out of her hiding place. "That women scares me sometimes" Mara said. "I thought the two of us combined could have pulled off lying to her..." She said, disappointed in not having tricked the female twi'lek.

"Well she did train with my father, so she's bound to be full of surprises" Luke said. It was true after all, Ahsoka Tano was one of the few remaining alien Knights, and the only Master too. The Empire was allowing aliens into it's elite, but it still kept a very strict Human policy in the more powerful areas of the military, the Knights being among that list.

"Yeah...well I gotta go, no reason to be caught in here with the likes of you" Mara said with a snarky smile before heading to the door.

"Back at you" Luke said, trying, and failing to keep his eyes averted from the sway of her hips. He was almost sure she saw him, because there seemed to be more of a swing in her walk this time. But again, it was Mara, and she was the last person he would think to be interested in least he believed so.

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