Okay so Retter is my favorite character from the B.A.D. Agency series, I don't really know why buuut he is. So, here is a story that has been in my head for a little while. I know I haven't finished any of the three stories that I have buuut I really want to pursue this one. I don't really know how often I will be able to post. . . Or if anyone will even read it but it'll be here regardless.


Because an escaped prisoner is being difficult, BAD must search for a new member for their colorful agency. Enter Antoinette Kourozinkie (pronounced ko-ro-zi-kie), a former CIA special agent, turned psychiatrist, with a gift for reading body language. She is fierce, independent, and lethal. The perfect new recruit that can crack the escaped prisoner. The only problem being, she and this 'once been' prisoner have met before, and their meeting didn't end well for either of them. Will Antoinette be able to help BAD agency and get the information they need, or will her and his hatred for each other out weigh the importance of the task?

I do not own the B.A.D. Agency series!

Now, I have gotten into the habit of describing my own characters, if I have any, before I really start off with any story that I do. So I will continue with that and this first chapter will be the description, background information, and personality of my Own Character Antoinette Kourozinkie.

Name: Antoinette Dorina Kourozinkie

Date of Birth/Age: 10/ 25/ 1986 \ 24-turning 25

Appearance: Long dark brown almost black, haphazardly layered, naturally corkscrewed hair, bright aquamarine-ish eyes with darker flecks of blue toward the center of her iris. Clear completion with a naturally lightly tanned skin tone. She stood about 5'9" without heels. Toned arms and legs, flat stomach, lightly rounded hips with a decent chest size, (about 'C' cup). She's not skinny but not chunky either, toned. She doesn't where too much make up and only when she has to be professional.

Background: Her father was a compulsive liar and a con man, she learned her skills early on in order to protect herself as a child. Her mother and older brother died in a shooting meant for her father. She was there and witnessed her mother and bother murdered right before her eyes, she was ten when this happened, her brother was sixteen. After the shooting, instead of cherishing the only family member he had left, he started to blame the shooting and everything that went wrong on her. When the abusive words stopped affecting her, he started using his fists. In high school she graduated two years ahead of her class and after went into college. She then graduated college, the top of her class, when she was nineteen. She then was sought after by the CIA and several other government organizations because of her innate talent to read and interpret body language, she took a job with the CIA and she interrogated the prisoners. They eventually gave her the code name 'Lie Detector' because of her success in gathering information. But her talent was not only used within the safe environments of the CIA interrogation room, she also excelled in the field. Her talent and her training kept her one step ahead of any enemy, basically predicting their movements and acting on it before the enemy did. She was one of the best successful field agents the CIA had. But after a series of unsuccessful missions because of reasons not her own, she quit the CIA at the age of twenty-two and started her own psychiatrist practice. She started her work with prisoners, specifically those on death roe and rapists, and soon built her practice up and now has a firm with two other psychiatrists in the same building.

Personality: She is level headed, calm and quiet when it suits her. Most might mistake her as a pushover and it would be the last mistake they would make. She loves animals and children and is kind toward those she knows well but distant and aloof with those she doesn't. She is sarcastic and quick witted and has a morbid since of humor.