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Tony pulled up outside Gibbs' house and turned off the engine. Looking to his right he could see that Tim was still sleeping soundly, as he was getting out to go round to the passenger side to wake up the sleeping man the front door of the house was flung open and a Goth whirlwind ran to the car and yanked the passenger door open.

"Hey easy Abs! I kinda like that door attached to my car!"

Gibbs exited the car and Abby turned on him, "What were you thinking Gibbs?" she asked him before slugging him on the shoulder.

Ziva and Tony exchanged amused looks. Abby was the only one of the four, five including Palmer, 'kids' that could get away with such an action.

Abby wasn't done, "And you, Anthony DiNozzo, can wipe that smirk off your face! How could you have taken him to the Yard?"

"Hey, I was under orders, have you ever tried to say no to Gibbs and got away with it?" Tony paused for a moment, "Oh of course you have, you're the favourite!"

The Goth was about to enter into a full on rant but was stopped by the sleepy voice of her favourite geek.

"Abs, I asked to go to the Yard."

"Timmy, you're under the influence of narcotics, prescribed ones but narcotics nonetheless, you can't be held responsible for your actions! Tony and Gibbs though…"

"Abigail!" Ducky cut into the latest rant, "How about we get the poor lad inside and stop worrying about who has done what and start worrying about getting him settled!"

"Oh Timmy, I'm sorry, of course you're right Duckman!"

Tony risked life and limb actually putting his hands on Abby's waist to move her out of the way so that he could help Tim out of the car. He had no intention of risking further injury to his team mate by allowing the overly enthusiastic Goth to help him upstairs to the guest room.

It was a slow process getting the now awake but in pain Tim out of the car, in the house and up the stairs to the bathroom and then to the guest room. Gibbs had ushered both Ziva and Abby into the kitchen so that Tim could have some semblance of privacy.

Tony helped Tim undress, this time with no complaint from the injured agent as the older man undid his shoes and slipped them off.

Ducky then gave Tim the once over, tutting at the fact that he was clearly in pain and exhausted, "Really Timothy, what was so important that you had to put your wellbeing at risk by going to the Yard today?"

"Family first Duck. Ziva needed me."

"Well now you must allow this family to take care of you lad. You'll take this medication and then get some rest."

"Yes Ducky," replied Tim feeling like a scolded child. He took the pills and grumbled, "Five pills, at this rate I'll rattle as I walk!"

"Timothy! Take them and stop complaining!" Ducky used his best no nonsense voice which immediately prompted Tim to reach for the glass of water being offered by a grinning Tony.

"Stop grinning like a loon Tony!" he took the medication and handed the glass back.

Tony placed it on the night stand and turned back to his brother and helped him lay down. Tim groaned at the change of position, the wound in his side pulling and his back protesting. He would be glad when he could get around without help.

Initially he'd been worried that returning to Gibbs' house was a mistake but the moment he stepped back inside he felt the love and warmth of a family, not the hatred and drug induced rage of a murderer. The only sign there had ever been a violent altercation in the house was the sling on Gibbs' arm and Tim's own injuries. All of which would heal in time.

In fact Tim felt that, looking back, the situation had strengthened the bond between each of his individual extended family members. His relationship with Gibbs was closer than ever before and the man seemed to understand Tim a little better. They would never have the same relationship as Gibbs had with Tony as their interests were so different but that didn't bother Tim as he now realised that despite the fact the relationship was different the level of concern and protectiveness, and dare he say love, was the same.

No blood tied family members were the same, why should a family created by the strong bond they shared through their dangerous work be any different. He smiled sleepily at Tony and Ducky as the ME pulled the covers over him and rested his hand on Tim's shoulder.

"Rest well lad."

"Sleep well Tim."

The two men watched as his eyes slid shut one final time and then left the room leaving the door slightly ajar in case Tim needed anything.

"How's he doing Duck?"

"Considering he shouldn't have been at the Yard today and should have been resting he is fine."


"It's alright Jethro. Tim explained."

Abby stomped into the kitchen from outside where she'd been playing with 'Ro. Vance had returned the dog a couple of days after the attack, lamenting about the fact that his children now wanted a dog of their own. Gibbs had laughed and told the Director that he was sure Tim would be happy to let Lily and Jared visit with 'Ro.

"What do you mean it's alright?" Abby demanded loudly, "You saw Timmy when he got here!"

In the guest bedroom Tim's eyes opened slightly and he sighed. If this carried on he'd have to get up and sort it out, he couldn't have Abs blaming Gibbs for a decision that was his.

"Abigail, it was Timothy's decision!"

"Ducky if Gibbs had ordered Tim back here then he would have obeyed! He always listens to Gibbs!"

"Not this time Abby."

"Rubbish!" The over excitable Goth was practically yelling. "Timmy wouldn't…"

"ABS!" Tony raised his voice to cut her off causing her to turn to him with her mouth dropping open in shock. Nobody ever raised their voice to her. "Tim's sleeping, keep it down!"

Gibbs went to raise his hand to give Tony a head slap for shouting at Abby and for being louder than her and therefore being just as likely to wake up his youngest but he thought better of it. He couldn't head slap Tony unless he was prepared to head slap Abby and he wasn't sure what kind of damage that would do to their relationship. Everyone said that she was the favourite because he didn't yell at her or head slap her but that wasn't the reason. He loved all his 'kids' equally. He just didn't head slap Abby because she required a different sort of discipline and wouldn't respond to a head slap as well as she would a lecture from him, whereas lecturing Tony was a waste of time as his eyes would glaze over and he would just say 'Yes Boss' where he thought it appropriate.

"How about you both be quiet?" Gibbs growled. "Abby, I did what I thought was best for Tim and Ziva. There were issues that needed resolving and now that they have been he can rest peacefully, that is if you two can keep it down!" He glared at both Tony and Abby.


"No Abby. That's the end of it!"

The Goth recognised the no nonsense tone of voice that Gibbs was using and if she pushed it she knew that she would get into serious trouble.

"Yes Gibbs."

"Good, now how about we start thinking about what to have for dinner so that when Tim wakes up he can get a decent meal."

"Pizza." Tony immediately replied.

"Indian." Abby stated.

"I do believe a nice Chinese would be good for Timothy."

Gibbs rolled his eyes, great they couldn't even agree on something for dinner. He looked at Ziva who had yet to give an opinion, she looked extremely thoughtful, he was about to ask her what she thought when she spoke.

"I will go to the store and buy ingredients to make a nice pasta dish," she stated firmly. There was a murmur of all round agreement as she was, after all, a great cook. "Abby will you come with me to the store?"

"Absolutely. We must get enough to feed Jimmy as well, he'll be over soon."

Gibbs smiled as the two women got up to leave and then realised that they needed to borrow a car. Ziva had come with Tony and Abby with Ducky. He turned to look at his eldest as he came to the same realisation.

"Oh no, you're not taking my car Ziva! No way!"

"Come on Tony, it's for Timmy."

"The speed demon is not getting behind the wheel of my car!"

"Toneeeeeyyyyyy…," wheedled Abby.

Tony gave a long suffering sigh and got his keys out of his pocket, Abby and Ziva both held their hands out, "No. Neither of you are driving my car. I'll drive you to the store."

Gibbs chuckled as the look on Tony's face showed he thought he'd been sentenced to a fate worse than death, grocery shopping with Ziva and Abby.

"I hope Probie appreciates my sacrifice!"

Tim had laid awake listening to his family squabble and Gibbs settled it and had smiled. He had just started to drift off when he heard Tony call him Probie. Something that let him know that all was right with the world and he closed his eyes knowing that he was cared for and protected and drifted into a deep, healing sleep.