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Jedi Knight Revan, Take 2. Part 1

The victory party at the Senate Building went on quite late into the night and by the time it ended Revan was exhausted. He fell asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow. And dreamed.

It was one of those dreams. He knew it almost as soon as it began: the over-intensity and the feeling of being there in the middle of it. Sitting somewhere in the middle of a Republic army encampment, staring into a... campfire. It had been a long day, and his left arm hurt abominably. He looked down to see a bandage wrapped around it. The fire crackled and popped occasionally. There was a twang, and Revan's dream self looked over to see Malak tuning that infernal stringed instrument of his.

Why Malak had insisted on bringing it into a middle of a war zone Revan would never know, but he had to admit that sitting around a fire singing made a nice change from arguing battle tactics late into the night. Malak started singing the ballad of Nomi Sunrider, while Nayal and Revan joined in the on the choruses. Revan's voice still sounded odd to him through the mask. Sometimes he wished he hadn't gotten carried away on Cathar and sworn to wear it until the Mandalorians were defeated. Nayal didn't seem as if she was paying too much attention. Probably tired.

Revan sensed a man approaching and groaned inwardly when he recognized Captain Saul Karath. The man could not hold a tune in a bucket to save his life. Perhaps he could find an excuse to be somewhere else for a while... no, if he made a habit of doing that Karath would catch on and he needed the man's good will for the war. The man wasn't stupid, merely tone-deaf and convinced he could sing. So he put up with Saul's singing and amused himself by watching Malak's face whenever the Captain hit a particularly sour note.

Revan muttered and turned over in his sleep. Odd to see such a peaceful scene in his dreams for a change, even if it was only a quiet night in the middle of yet another war. If he dreamed later that night, he did not remember it.

Morning came and Revan woke completely with the sun shining in his face. Sunlight? His berth in the Ebon Hawk didn't have windows. He blinked and opened his eyes. He was in a hotel room somewhere - probably one of the Coruscant Senate District towers by the look of it. He got up and wandered out to the window. The sun was very bright, glancing off the transparisteel of the fancy towers common in this district. It still felt strange that it was all over. Malak dead, the Star Forge destroyed, the Sith scattered. Now what?

He was a Jedi Knight now, so presumably the Coruscant Jedi Temple. He'd never been there before... or had he? Not that he remembered. Behind him, Bastila muttered a little, visible only as a lump in the blankets. A Jedi Knight with a capital R Relationship anchored by a Force Bond. Explaining this to the Council was likely to be interesting, even if he still thought falling in love was a perfectly normal, natural thing that would improve the dispositions of some on the Council. He snickered at a mental image of a starry-eyed Vrook Lamar bearing flowers.

"What's so funny?" said Bastila.

"Just wondering how a love-struck Vrook Lamar would behave," said Revan.

Bastila gave him an odd look, then smiled at the mental image he sent her. "You have a warped sense of humor."

"After meeting HK-47, it took you this long to figure this out?"

"It took me a while to recognise it as humor. I suppose it's time to get up and face the Jedi Council."

"True." They went about their morning tasks, readying themselves to face the Jedi Council. Revan found himself fidgeting with a lock of hair that kept persistently ending up in his eye, then gave up in disgust. He needed a haircut, but saving the galaxy had kept him rather busy the last few months. He could deal with that later.

The Jedi temple was every bit as imposing as the pictures suggested. It was a ziggurat, a huge blocky monolith wildly different from all the tall towers near it. It had been there long before they existed, and could potentially be there after they were all gone. As they passed the tall columns at the Great Gate two of the temple guards greeted them. They were about to direct them to the council chambers, when Jolee informed them that he knew the way - muttering that he wasn't quite senile yet, thank you very much. Juhani and Bastila both glared at him.

They only had to wait about five minutes for the Council to wrap up its other business and let them in. They were talking quietly when the wide door slid sideways, allowing a very red in the face padawan and almost equally red faced master to leave. Looking at them, Revan wondered what the padawan had done - but then realized he'd better pay attention to more important things, like this meeting with the council. Why did he have the nasty feeling he wasn't going to like this Council any better than the one on Dantooine?

He looked across the room and recognised Master Vrook. Oh, so that was why. A female master with white hair was also gazing down her Echani nose at him. Revan smiled pleasantly back, and was relieved to see that most of the other Masters were looking pleased.

"Welcome to Coruscant," said a female Master Revan didn't recognise. "We are very pleased with your recent actions, all of you. Master Vandar has given all of us a full description of what happened. Bastila... we want you to know that the Council knows of your fall. Given the circumstances and the fact that you corrected your error the very day that you met up with your companions, we will overlook it, although we do suggest that you seek counselling. We have decided that you are ready to become a full Knight." Bastila's eyes widened, and Revan could sense her shock through the bond. She'd expected to be punished.

The Master then turned to Juhani. "Well done, Juhani. You have shown yourself a true Knight of the Republic over the course of this quest."

She then looked at Jolee, but said nothing. Instead, Vandar spoke, his long pointed ears waving slightly as he did so. "I am surprised to see you, old friend. But a good surprise it is."

Rather to Revan's surprise, Jolee did not make a cryptic or curmudgeonly comment. "I am a little surprised myself. But I could not hide forever, especially when this lot came wandering over my lawn."

"Have you decided to return to the Jedi order then?"

Jolee visibly swallowed but answered simply. "Yes."

"Very good that is, for it is this Council's opinion that you are now a Master."

"Um, err, thank you I think."

Vandar chuckled, and even Vrook's mouth twitched.

"I understand you go by Revan again now?" said the first Master, who seemed to be in charge.

"Yes," said Revan. "It seems pointless to deny who I am."

"Well, then, Revan, your actions since you have regained knowledge of your identity have greatly pleased this Council," she shot quelling looks at both the white haired woman and Vrook Lamar. "However, one thing we would like clarified is, how much of your memories have you regained?"

"A few," said Revan, not wanting to let on that the dreams had not ended and that more memories were gradually accreting. "The Star Maps, and random bits and pieces. Half the time they are just scattered images without context."

"Do you remember why you fell?" asked a man with short-cropped brown hair.

"No," said Revan.

"Then how can we be sure you will remain in the light if you ever do remember?" said the white haired woman. "I still think we should have executed him."

"Even given the results, Atris?" said the brown haired man.

"Revan has showed many times this past year the heart of a true Jedi. You cannot doubt him now!" said Zhar.

"It was against the Jedi code," said Atris primly.

"Enough!" said Vandar sharply. "A jedi Revan is, and he will be treated as such. We cannot know the future, and there is always a risk of the dark side, to any jedi."

"As Master Vandar says, you are one of us once more," said the first Master. "And in recognition of your extremely impressive acts, we have decided to restore your former rank of Knight. All of you, your ceremonies will be held tomorrow. I suggest that you go and prepare yourselves," Her gaze lingered a moment on Revan's shaggy hair. Yes, I'll go and see if I can find a haircut, thought Revan. I know I look rather shaggy.

They filed out, silent for the first minute or so. "I can't believe they are going to knight me now, after all this," said Bastila.

"You came back, Bastila. That is what counts," said Juhani. "Congratulations!"

"What happens in these ceremonies, anyway?" asked Revan.

"Each padawan goes the garden of tranquility and meditates," said Juhani. "That is what you should do today. Tomorrow you go to the council chamber and kneel and the masters form a ring around you and cut off your padawan braid. At least, that is how they do it on Dantooine. It might be different here."

"It's a Tranquility Spire, not a Tranquility garden here," said Jolee. "And there is a special Hall of Knighting directly against the rock of the Sacred Spire." He frowned at Revan. "Before we go there, we really must do something about your hair. You don't just look like a nerf-herder, you look like a nerf."

"Thank you Jolee, man with no hair to cut," said Revan. "Do you know anywhere I can find a haircut around here?"

A/N for hairsplitters and detail fanatics: The Jedi Temple was destroyed in the Sack of Coruscant when the True Sith arrive some 300 years after this, and Tranquillity Spire was built when the Temple was rebuilt so it shouldn't exist yet. However, in video of the Jedi Temple during the sack of Coruscant the same arrangement of spires is clearly visible, so I'm assuming that there was a precursor to Tranquility Spire. I'm giving it the same name as the later one for the sake of simplicity.