Chapter 8: Collateral Damage

Revan pulled the door open using the Force and saw Zhar clutching his right hand. There was an orange-yellow burn mark growing there that Revan didn't like the look of at all. "Wake up HK," said Revan, using the Force to hit the on switch. "Zhar, you need to run it under the tap right now - you can go into healing trance afterwards." Revan pulled the startled twilek across the hall and into the bathroom. He turned on the water. Zhar sensibly put his hand under it and held it there, but Revan really didn't like how pale his skin had gone. He sent a clear image of their location and a medical symbol to Bastila and loaded the image with as much urgency as possible.

He felt startled alarm and determination from her as she went in search of the medical staff.

HK had followed them. "Identify the poison on the door handle," Revan told HK. The droid left the bathroom for a couple of minutes, then returned.

"Detailed explanation: It is a mixture of two poisons. One is the neurotoxin Ketin, while the other is Nitric acid. They are both held in a gel to keep them attached to the doorhandle and stop them evaporating. Theory: Ketin is normally injected, and the skin irritation caused by the acid would make it easier for the poison to get into - "

"What's the first aid?" asked Revan.

"Information: exactly what you're doing, Master."

"Is there an antidote to Ketin?"

"Requested information: why yes, Master but it is not a common poison. I doubt the temple has it. Speculation: your would-be assassin has powerful connections with access to rare substances."

"Who on Coruscant would have the antidote?"

"Classified information: The senate medical center is usually well supplied with antidotes to poisons. The military headquarters experimental department might also have it."

"What are the symptoms?" asked Revan as he turned back to Zhar. The burned skin on Zhar's hand had turned yellow and orange and was blistering badly. Zhar had also gone a much paler pink than usual. His eyes were closed, and Revan could sense him concentrating on healing himself.

"Replies: reduced physical coordination, blurred vision, slurred speech, shock, fast erratic heartbeat, shallow breathing, and unconsciousness and death. Since you seem fond of this meatbag, master will be sad to know twileks are more susceptible than humans. Since this meatbag is a Jedi master, he will probably live if he gets the antidote quickly enough. Although that does depend on the dosage..."

A/N: new job, haven't been writing much fiction recently. Figured that a short chapter with a cliffhanger was better than making you wait even longer.