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Chapter 1- The Granger house

Hermione Granger was never the kind of girl to get nightmares, but as she lay in her bed sweating, images flashed through her mind about the events from last year. With a sigh, she sat up in her bed reflecting on her latest encounter in the department of mysteries. She felt worried for Harry, Ron, and even her own family. After all, they were all muggles and the repeated muggle killings in the Daily Prophet worried her greatly.

With another sigh, she started to head to the bathroom, it was only 6:30 but Hermione knew she was not going to be able to go back to sleep. When Hermione was finally fully dressed, she was surprised her parents were already up this early on a Saturday morning when their dental office was closed. As Hermione sat down on the table to help herself to breakfast, a small owl came zooming through their window and crashed in her father's bowl of oatmeal.

"What the hell was that!" shouted John Granger, who had oatmeal all over his brand new shirt

Hermione recognized the owl as Pigwidgeon, Ron's owl. She felt a slight flutter in her stomach whenever Ron sent a letter to her.

"It is a letter from Ron," replied Hermione as she read the letter to herself.

Dear Hermione,

Sorry for not writing much this summer, but anyways, I was wondering if you want to spend the rest of the summer at my place? Just send the reply back with pig


Jean Granger's eyes sparkled, she knew that her daughter had a thing for Ron, she could tell ever since Hermione came home after her second year, and it was becoming even more apparent now. Even John had assumed that there was more than friendship between the two.

"Oh, well what does it say?"

"Ron has invited me over to his house for the rest of the summer!" said Hermione, her face flushed with excitement.

John looked at his daughter with a knowing expression in his eyes

"Can I go, please mum and dad?" pleaded Hermione

Jean Granger looked at her husband, who nodded with a wink

"Yes you can, but you seem awfully enthusiastic about meeting Ron, don't you" said Jean Granger, half laughing.

Hermione turned scarlet at once, but resumed writing her note back to Ron saying that she could go

"Well Harry will be there also," said Hermione sheepishly

Jean Granger looked at her daughter intently before speaking

"Look honey, we know that there is something more between you and Ron, your father and I were teenagers once you know"

Hermione turned a deeper shade of scarlet

"Honestly mum, my feelings for Ron are purely platonic, and the same goes for Harry," lied Hermione

"Okay, whatever you say," chuckled John Granger

"I am going to start packing," said Hermione in a defensive tone. Without another word, Hermione put away her dishes in the sink, tied her note to Pigwidgeon, and hurried upstairs to the privacy of her room.

Meanwhile, downstairs, her parents were discussing what had just happened

"It really is so obvious," said Jean Granger. "She has bottled up feelings for Ron, I could tell for ages now, I just hope she tells him soon before he finds someone else and her heart gets broken, he is a handsome boy indeed"

"I know," said John Granger. "I just don't want to see Hermione get hurt"

Meanwhile, Hermione was fuming in her bedroom to her cat, Crookshanks

"Is it really that obvious?" moaned Hermione

Crookshanks just stared at her, but Hermione seemed to have understood

"You know, the only reason why I got you is because you remind me of Ron's hair," said Hermione with a smile.

Crookshanks merely hissed at this

With a sigh, Hermione resumed packing her various books and clothes. As Hermione picked up a photo of Ron, Harry, and herself that was taken in their second year by Collin Creevy, she made a resolution to herself, this was going to be the year that she would admit her love to Ron. Since the second wizarding war has started, there was no guarantee that they would get through it alive. As Hermione thought about this, tears started to fall from her eyes as she thought of Harry or Ron dying but she pushed them aside quickly, she had to stay strong for all three of them. Hermione quickly pushed these thoughts out of her mind, after all, she was going to spend the rest of the summer with Ron! Hermione smiled to herself at the prospect of the next few weeks as she put more books in her trunk.

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