I hope this makes up for the delay of Chibi Jutsu. I'm having a bit of a block with that one so here is a short one to keep you entertained! ^_^

This story was inspired by a poem; unfortunately I don't know who the original author is.


-Sasuke kissed me in the Spring-

Naruto braced himself for a punch that never came. His eyes were squeezed tight in anticipation, but instead of a heavy fist to his jaw, he got a soft kiss on the lips. Naruto opened his eyes and saw Sasuke staring back at him with an amused smirk.

-Shikamaru in the Fall-

"Dare." Shikamaru said with courage he didn't feel.

Ino smiled and whispered something to Sakura who eagerly replied back in the same hushed tones. "I dare you to-" Ino looked around the circle of gathered friends. "to kiss Naruto." She said.

The group of friends burst out in laughter at the idea while Naruto's eyes met Shikamaru's. It was obvious that to both of them it would have meant much more at any other time.

After a few more jokes at their expense Shikamaru approached Naruto. With an embarrassed smile and obvious blush he pressed his lips to Naruto's.

-But Neji only looked at me

And never kissed at all-

The supposed strategy dinner had been pleasant and fun. Neji was part of Naruto's team for the next mission and had thought up the excuse to use it as a way to invite Naruto for a dinner under the pretense of planning.

"Have a goodnight." Neji said at Naruto's door. They stood in silence with their eyes looking intently at each other.

"Goodnight." Naruto replied and with much needed effort shut the door behind him.

-Sasuke's kiss was lost in jest-

"Idiot, I wasn't going to actually hit you." Sasuke said and smiled.

Naruto smiled back and in no time at all they were back to their sparing.

-Shikamaru's lost in play-

When they pulled apart Shikamaru's eyes refused to meet Naruto's. Their friends laughed and the moment was over as fast as it had begun. The game continued without further delay.

-But the kiss in Neji's eyes

Haunts me night and day-

Naruto laid on his bed after a long mission thinking of their moment lost, knowing he'd never been so close to perfection than the time that kiss had passed them by.