I am in love with this pairing and I love sean berdy but i wanted to do a story which tested the relationship so even though this story starts with a fight hopefully it will develop into something good! now i am not hard of hearing so i do not understand first hand how difficult it can be so bare with me i am learning and am truely trying to make emmetts opinions as honest and real as possible. enjoy.

If you told Bay Kennish that after a few months of her world being tipped on its head, she would be in her deaf boyfriends house in a blissful make out session-she most defiantly wouldn't believe it. Bay would laugh before if somebody told her, that Emmett would make her feel like a classic teenager in love- she would laugh at the fact that after Ty she could ever love someone again.

It was needless to say that she was rather enjoying the feel Emmett's hands resting on her waist as she squirmed delightfully beneath him. She loved the way her stomach flipped every time Emmett's lips crashed onto hers, but as Emmett pulled his entire body away from hers she groaned in annoyance.

"Hey, where do you think you're going?" she said blankly as she leaned up on her elbows as a grinning Emmett got off his bed and motioned for his girlfriend to wait one moment. Bay watched as Emmett pulled his phone from his pocket and switched it off.

"You stopped making out to switch off your cell?" Bay scoffed. He smiled at her whilst shaking his head and walked over to his desk showing clearly how he was putting his cell phone into the draw; bay laughed as he almost ran back to the bed and jumped next to her- smiling from ear to ear.

No Daphne tonight. He signed to Bay as she smiled sweetly.

"You didn't need to do that." She said slowly so he could read her lips. He nodded and tucked a loose curl behind her hair.

Yes I did, I promise tonight it's just you and me. No Daphne drama.

She let him kiss her softly a few times before she said "I am so very much in love with you" – of course she didn't mean to say them aloud, to his face. She was Bay Kennish; badass, rebel and defiantly not one to say something like that. She froze mirroring Emmett's shocked expression.

"Um I ... I didn't really mean to say that out loud" she said softly. His face softened but his eyes were sad.

"Is there any chance we can forget I just said that and go back to kissing?" Bay asked but Emmett just shook his head. Bay groaned "We're going to talk about this aren't we?" she said. After hesitating Emmett looked Bay in the eyes which sent a chill down her spin.

No I can't. Emmett stood up and walked to the other side of the room by his desk with his back to his girlfriend.

"Okay but I think we should… Emmett? …. Come on this doesn't have to be a big deal" she said trying to get his attention. "Emmett? Em- you have to look at me. Hello earth to Emmett?"

As Emmett turned round slowly Bay sighed. "Finally! Okay so after the awkward 'I love you' conversation, we obviously have to think of a better way of getting your attention-"

Emmett wacked the desk with his fist hard creating a pitching thud which caused Bay to jump and stop talking.

STOP TALKING AS THOUGH I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU! Emmett signed aggressively. Bay could see the anger in his body; his knuckles were white and his body frigid and straight. Bay couldn't look him in the eyes as he stared at her with such force it could pierce through her.

Just because I can't physically HEAR you, doesn't mean I don't know what you're talking about!

Bay's brow creased in concentration, trying to catch up on what Emmett was saying.

"Emmett I don't-"

DON'T WHAT? Get what I'm saying because I'm using my hands? Well that's the only way I know how to communicate Bay! This is why I always use to that deaf people could never mix well with the hearing- Emmett cut bay off, he knew he was acting like a jerk but he had buried this deep down to put Bay first. He could see the tears forming in Bay's eyes but his rage had completely taken over his body.

It's not fair Bay, I try so hard for you- I try so hard to understand what you're saying but I can't- why? BECAUSE I CAN'T HEAR YOU! AND IT KILLS ME-

"STOP!" Bay yelled and even though Emmett couldn't hear her voice he knew it was full of sadness and desperation, she was on her feet standing just as firm as he was. She spoke slowly, using the signs she knew as she walked towards him.

"You can't do that to me Emmett. It makes me feel worthless like I'm not what you need and I know you sometimes feel the same way about me but-" she paused to shakily rest her hands on his chest and he eased at her touch. "- I don't want to fight with you because I do love you and I'm sorry that me telling you that is a big deal but I want you to know even though you obviously don't feel the same way."

Emmett took her hands off of him and stared at her dumbfounded. You think that's why I'm angry? He signed. You think I'm just making this into a big deal because I don't feel the same why about you Bay? He shook his head Wow you don't know me at all.

Do you want to know why I'm angry? Honestly? He looked at Bay who nodded sheepishly.

He sighed -his head low.

I'm angry because I will never be enough for you.

Bay tried to interrupt but Emmett lifted his hand to her. Please. Let me finish.

You need somebody who can listen to you actually listen without trying to figure out what you're trying to say. Somebody who can just get what you are talking about without asking you to slow down, and so do I. I need somebody who knows every word I'm signing; I need somebody who knows how it feels to be isolated.

"Somebody like Daphne?" Bay said and signed. She felt childish for bringing Daphne into this, she was well aware of Emmett's feelings for his best friend which he insisted he didn't have anymore. She felt childish but if he was going to play dirty then so was she.

Maybe, it works with us.

And in that moment Bay's heart broke. So much for Emmett being different from the others, he was exactly like them or perhaps worse. She shakily pulled her boots on and grabbed her bag before leaving for the door holding back her tears. What hurt the most was that Emmett didn't come after her.

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