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Emmett flinched as his mother's hand pressed lightly into his shoulder blade. He whipped round startled and had to grip onto his desk chair to calm himself. The doctor's had told him that this was a likely effect; the attack wasn't going to leave him unscarred. Every time somebody touched him un-expectantly- flashbacks of the alleyway filled his mind, the paranoia that they would come back for him didn't go away as quickly as Emmett would have liked. They suggested counselling but Emmett declined- he was fine, he kept telling himself, he was fine.

I'm sorry, hunny I'm sorry I didn't mean to- I just, wanted to check on you that's all. Melody quickly signed. She sunk down onto her son's bed and faced him. It killed melody, seeing her boy's bruised face, his cut lip and the scars on his upper body which were not covered by his t-shirt. When she was told Emmett was deaf when he was a baby, her mind as a mother grew with possibilities and worries. This kind of attack was everything she feared.

Emmett's breathing slowed and he tried to relax slightly, it hurt a little to sign but he continued anyway. It's okay- I don't mean to be so jumpy he said.

Of course it's understandable sweetheart, I would be worried if you weren't. She said, they both sat there for a moment.

Jade called round again, she said she really needs to talk to you… and the police checked in- they wanted to know if you remembered anything yet?

Emmett shook his head slowly, his eyes filled with secret guilt. Not yet, he said simply. I'll keep trying.

Melody smiled softly before getting up and placing a light kiss on Emmett's forehead and leaving her son alone.

It had been six weeks since the attack and Emmett was still struggling to go out alone. He would pretend to be alright- he even faked going out alone to show his mother he didn't need therapy. He just left the house, rode the bike down the street and ran back to the garage and hid out the rest of the night- although answering to his mom's constant texts.

He had gone out with Bay and Jade but not for that long, and he always tried to be back home (locked in his room) before it got dark. Jade had tried to get Emmett to talk more about the attack, especially since at the hospital he said he knew the attacker. But Emmett stayed silent- Bay already felt guilty for leaving him that night to walk back without her- and honestly their relationship had been under strain a little. Daphne decided to go wild ape on Bay, basically blaming the entire incident on her which had already caused tension between Emmett and bay- Emmett knew that if Bay found out that Ryan beat him up because he defended bay against Ryan months ago, she would somehow manage to convince him that their relationship wasn't stable and end it. Emmett wouldn't have been able to bear that. He needed her.

Jade had managed to get through Emmett's defences, A.K.A his mother, by simply not taking no for an answer and storming into his room. Emmett's hand subconsciously jerked towards the baseball bat he started keeping by his bed- this whole paranoia thing was getting to him.

No baseball bat is keeping me from talking to you. She signed quickly before throwing her bag down onto the floor.

Emmett composed himself before putting on that fake Simon he had been wearing in front of others. What are you talking about? I've seen you loads of time the past couple of weeks.

Yes, but not alone- and this has been carefully thought out by you so you can avoid talking about the real issue here. She sat down next to him, crossing her legs. Emmett, what you said at the hospital-

I was imagining things. Emmett tried to shrug off.

NO YOU WERENT. Jade signed harshly, after weeks of trying to get through to him jade was not letting him pretend nothing was wrong. What you said at the hospital- you said you knew who did it. And then you don't want to press charges I mean…. Why are you so scared to put this asshole behind bars?

Emmett looked into his best friends eyes. There was confusion, wonder, fear and genuine concern. Jade loved Emmett to pieces and it killed him how much pain he had burdened her with. He knew he trusted jade with his life, but sometimes Jade ruled with her heart more than her head- she wouldn't see his logic. All jade would want to do is beat the crap out of the guy possible even getting herself hurt in the process- But lying to her almost hurt as much as lying to Bay, to his mother, to everybody. Emmett knew so many secrets about Jade, about how hard it was to be the only hearing child in a deaf family, how her dad barely considers her a part of the family. Emmett knows about the rough times Jade has been through and there she was, trying to help him out- she was standing strong and Emmett knew he had to do the same. Even if it was only to her.

Because it was Ryan He signed.

Jade stopped trying to take in the information. Ryan… as in the guy you hit months ago? Emmett nodded slowly, the daunting feeling that his attackers face was in his mind again.

So what- you hit him so he hits you back? Is that how it works? Jade signed getting angry- like Emmett though. She ruled with her heart.

Ryan… as in the guy who tried to hurt Bay. Emmett signed.

Jade was quiet for a moment before she reached out and took his hand in hers. Then why are you protecting him? She signed her face soft once more.

I'm not…I'm protecting Bay Emmett replied, jade just shook her head.

How? By letting him go free?

If she knew I was attacked because I stopped him hurting her- she'll never forgive herself. And then she will leave me.

Emmett- jade signed but stopped. She closed her eyes deep in thought before continuing. If you think that you have to lie to her to protect her feelings then you shouldn't be a couple. You both are supposed to support each other, how can she help you if you keep this from her?

If bay ever found out that you couldn't trust her with something like this- well that would hurt her more than any amount of guilt.

It's not that I don't trust her- I'm just trying to do what's best for her. Emmett tried to explain.

Believe that she loves you enough to stick by you Emmett- tell her. Jade signed before getting up slowly and leaving Emmett alone.

Emmett sat on the arm of the comfy seat watching bay paint with her back to him. Jade's words kept going round in his head, he hated her for being right yet he knew she didn't fully understand. Bay had a right to know it was Ryan and Ryan needed to pay for what he did.

Emmett leaned his arm forward to take bay's wrist in his hand. He pulled her back gently, bay smiled down at him.

"I need to talk to you" he said to her his hands entwined with Bay's. She nodded and went to sit on the chair, pulling Emmett with her. The two snuggled closer, bay resting her legs on top of Emmett's. What is it? She signed. Emmett looked down and slowly let his fingers run over bay's thigh, he swallowed hard and looked up into her eyes.

I know who the attacker was. He signed slowly.

After a lot of talking and signing Emmett had told bay everything- about not pressing charges and wanting her not to feel guilty. Not totally convinced Bay said that when she saw Ryan at school she was going to kill him. They two sat together for hours just being close before Bay fell asleep by accident. Emmett removed himself from her embrace. He pulled a blanket over her and was planning to leave quietly till he saw Bay's laptop open. He felt bad if he used her computer without permission, but Emmett knew it wasn't safe to use the house computer; his mother could easily see what he was looking at as she used it too.

He had been thinking about looking into it for a long time, pretty much since he first started seeing Bay- since the fight. Emmett typed the information website into the URL; the page seemed to take forever to load. He knew he always said that he was deaf and proud- and he was, he wasn't ashamed of it. But after everything, the attack especially, Emmett couldn't help but wish things were different. That he could hear, that he could have met Bay at a hearing school and that if somebody was going to hurt him, he would have a chance against them.

He noted down the email address of a Dr Leonard Ayling and before he bottled it, logged onto his yahoo account and drafted the email. He clicked send and simply waited. After an hour of watching Bay sleep and amusing himself by looking at her paintings, he checked the computer to see he had a reply.

Emmett breathed deeply and steadied himself against the desk. He looked from the email to Bay and then finally at his bruised broken self in the mirror. He knew he needed to do this, he wanted this.

He left Bay's shortly after he calmed down and left her a note saying he had to go. He got home and sneaked upstairs to not wake his mother. He fell straight asleep after setting his alarm to wake him up early. He needed his rest, seeing as the next day he was going to an appointment with Dr Ayling- to discuss the possibility of receiving a cochlear implant.

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