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Preface:Before the war

Raven looked up from her book as she saw her friend, Garfield Logan, Or as he insisted on being call, Beastboy, Fall from the tree into the lake below. She smirked as the green boy came up,shaking his short green hair, obviously confused.

"I warned you B!" she said teasing her best friend. "Maybe if you didn't have such a fat head!" She called giggling as the green boy scowled.

"You dont have to be so mean Rae! Please hand me that towel." Raven rolled her eyes and engulfed the green towel in darkness, it hitting Beastboy in the face. She stroked her hand through her violet hair, which reached the small of her back and flashed a smile. Today was going to be a great day! It was summer so no school (They still had to go to training though) and her family's, and Beastboys family's castles, or 'Big homes' as Raven and Beastboy preferred, were so close that they could go to either one and it only be a 10 minute speed flight.

Right now they were at Beastboys home, in his massive garden. They were going to play from the start, but..the dope wanted to climb a tree and Raven knew it would end badly, when she told him so, stubborn as he is he wouldn't believe her, So she read her book in peace. Now who's wet again?

She didn't know why everyone thought Beastboy was so 'cute' He had green skin, short green hair, elfish ears, dark livid green eyes, a small fang always stuck out of the bottom of his mouth, and always wore a purple and black suit, male leotard,thing. Then again she didnt get why people thought She was so cute, Sure, She had long violet hair, soft yet piercing violet eyes, fair skin, She was never seen without her black leotard and black hoodie-cape on, and a jewel embedded in her forehead But, She was born with it, The jewel is how you tell if a Ramorian is powerful, how you tell that they ARE Ramorian and not Animaltanion is that they're skins not a weird color (Except the rocky ones, their blonde). (A.N I just made up names here)

Raven scowled at Beastboy, who had turned into a green dog and was shaking all exess water at her. "Why are you so Gross B! Anyway, whatchya' wanna do now?" She asked drying herself off and protecting her book. Of course a red skinned servant picked that moment to step out and say " Prince Gar-err Prince Beastboy, your mother said to alert you and your Ramo-Err..Lady Raven that lunch is ready and that she may accompany you for lunch." The servant caught himself, knowing that Beastboy hated to be called Garfield and if he wanted to live he would call the Ramoian 'Lady Raven.'

-Later in the garden-

Raven jumped rope while Beastboy sang a annoying song about his favorite food. "T-o-o-fu, T-o-o-fu, How I love you so! Raven is so nasty because she really eats meat! Hey!" It was in the tune of Jingle bells and it was driving Raven insane. "Please SHUT UP!" She snarled flinging her jump rope at him. He laughed and dodged it.

Raven turned her head to the side, then tackling him, tickling him without mercy. "Say your sorry!" She shouted, knowing exactly where her friend was most ticklish.

"I..(*Giggle*) Am..so..(*Fit of laughter*)...So-rry!" He chocked out between laughing fits.

They then made a pact, Friends forever!

(6 years later)

Raven clawed at her hair, crying. "No! I hate war! I might-" Her breath caught in her throught and her best friend hugged her. "Rae, I know.." Beastboy said also crying.

Ravens eyes lit up "Friends forever right! What if you forget me?" She pleaded, wanting him to come with her.

Beastboy smiled and said "Ill never forget you Rae! Your my best friend!" He tried to sooth the violet haired girl he secretly had a crush on.

"How do you know!" She demanded pulling away. "People forget their best friends all the time! People remember their first kiss, or first love, Or enemy!" She said the last on thinking of Terra Stoneheart, a Rocky Animaltanion.

Beastboy thought, until it hit him. "Ok, what im about to do will convince you, and it wont change our friendship for the worse no matter what right?" He asked Mischeieveiously. Raven nodded.

Beastboy took a small breath before leaning in and pecking her on the lips, causing her to blush and smile. That was the last time he saw her for 5 years.

Sorry its so short, Its a preface! So, Im sorry it sucked! And now ill ask Questions we all pretty much no and that are pretty stupid! uh hmm! 'Will Raven ever see beastboy again? Who will become whos slave? How will Terra, Starfire, Robin and Cyborg Fit into this weird fanfic? Will the author ever regain her mind? All of these will be answered in...Beastboys Slave Chapter 1: She's my WHAT!