Hi, I'm Kiri's cousin Danielle; she is still stressed over Tristan so we decided that I would be a fill-in author for a while. Not only is all that stuff happening to her, but our Grandmother might not make it. I normally write when I'm sad, she CAN'T write when she's sad. Sorry if it's bad, I'm NO Kiri, but I can try.

Raven gapped at Beastboy and frowned, he was laying down, a large lump on his head. Oh azarath! If I didn't have this stupid color on I would have killed him. Killed him! My (ex)Best friend. She rushed to Beast boys side and immediately began healing him, muttering under her breath about un grateful best friends, who really needed tutoring and memory lessons.

"Rae-ven." Beast boy moaned in his sleep, causing Raven to almost let out a very un-Raven like squeal. She frowned at him, it was his fault she felt this way. The bitch.

"You're such an ass beast boy!" she said as she lugged his in-animate body up the porch steps and into the house. "A very, very, very, heavy ass, but you're MY ass I guess. Hee hee! 'My ass'." God, now she was acting like a child.

*****Beast boy Pov*****]

Beast boy woke up on a large fuzzy brown couch, a cool rag on his head. "Wha?" He said sitting up.

"Good, your up. Now listen, I'm sorry and all that touchy feely crap. It's your fault really, technically….." He saw Raven muttering, still in her rags.

"Rave-n, g-go upstairs and take a bath, I'll make us something to eat." Raven frowned "W-want some asprin?" Beast boy nodded his head, and she brought him some.

"Now, instead of you making the grub, and me bathing. Lets' do the opposite. You're in no shape to cook , I am. I'll wash-up a little and then you'll take a bath while I cook. Got any complaints?" Beast boy shook his head, noting the look of concern on this girl's face. Maybe he knew her from somewhere. She couldn't been that little girl, could she?

** _**Raven's POV**_**

She had never felt such relief, at least not for a few years. She hadn't bathed properly for years. The shower felt so good, like she was washing away all the pain of the past 5 quickly stepped out, after she was clean, and got dry.

She walked to the clothes she picked out (A black dress, black tights, and boots) Put them on, and brushing her hair before she yelled to Beast boy "I'm out!" She then heated the stove, and began making soup.

She, remembering, didn't add meat to the soup, but made grilled cheese sandwiches, to go with the vegetable soup.

I missed him, oh Azarath how I missed him, now he doesn't even remember me. 'Two souls separated by war, when brought together one doesn't remember the other. Isn't my life just peachy'

***Beast boy POV***

Beastboy walked into the kitchen and stopped. Lord, she looked… HAWT! She wore a knee long dress, boots, and a purple bracelet. She smiled at him and gestured to a chair, one thought wet through Beastboy's mind 'I, could get used to this'

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