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Chapter One: Headaches

Alice's P.O.V


I ignored the voice and continued walking. Besides, it wasn't as if the voice was a person. No, the voice came from my head. Yeah, crazy, right? Well, I wasn't. That much anyway.

"ALICE!" The voice screamed and then the girl across the street got hit by a car.

Shit, not again. Maybe I should stop ignoring the voice.

Then again, even worse things happened when I did.

I know I'm not making sense, I hardly do, but the truth is that I hear things I shouldn't. Hear things that aren't said, things from the past, things from the dead. I could hear the thoughts of those around me. I've always had it along with this unnatural ability to be faster than the speed of light. Long story short: It sucked.

I kept walking, hoping to ignore the people who weren't really there across the street.

Once I opened the front door of my house, and walked in, the voices in my head ceased. It was always like that. Creepy, if you ask me. It was like my house had a power to it. Or something. I donno.

I threw my backpack down and climbed up the stairs, slamming the door shut as I walked in my room.

I laid on my stomach on my bed, and just sat there until: "Get your punk ass up, you MoFo!"

Damn my best friend!

"You have three seconds to get the hell out before I slam your head into the wall," I said, my voice muffled by the pillow.

"Psh! As if!"

Then she rolled me over and over until I fell of the bed.


I sat up as Keko grinned at me.


She was wearing cat ears and a tail, her purple hair was in pigtails and she was cosplaying as Sasori; her favorite Akatsuki member.

"What the fuck, Keko?"

I stood up, and went up to her.

"The convention, you dumbass!" she screamed.

Oh, right. Damn my memory.

"I forgot," I said, stretching like a Neko.

"Dumbass! Good thing I didn't. I even got your costume."

I frowned. She knew I never cosplayed.

"You know I don't cosplay. Or did your all superior memory forget?"

I stepped around her, but she blocked me.

"Well, you are this year." She smiled wickedly.



She made me wear a freaking neko/magical girl costume! .

I'm not sure where it's from, but I didn't really care. I just wanted out Goddamnit!

"Ohff!" I tripped over the stupid outfit and fell forward, crashing into a stand of manga.

"Damnit!" I cursed, standing back up.

"Nice one, Hinamori. Trying out for the Klutz Olympics this year?" Sara Ichinomiya, the enemy of me and Keko since third grade, asked.

We turned around.

"Better than the Sluts category. Right, Keko?"

"For sure." And then her purple eyes blazed. "This year you're going down!" She let out a weird battle cry as she and Sara went all out in a DDR competition.

Sometimes I really do wander why I'm her friend. -.-'

I looked down at the manga I had just knocked down. I noticed a Naruto one (my fav!) and picked it.

Damn, it's all in Japanese. High school language teachers don't teach you shit! I barely know any of this!

But, then, the book started glowing as I turned it to a page with Itachi and Kisame on it.

"Uh, Keko, Sara, sorry to interrupt you DDR but you might want to look at this," I said, nervously.

They stopped instantly and rushed over.

"What the fuck?" Sara said, noticing the manga before Keko shouted: "Holy fruitcake! Why's your manga glowing?"

But, I didn't have time to reply because the book exploded, sending the three of us spiraling down a black vortex.


"Ohhh, Deidara-sempai, look what I found!"

"What, Tobi, un?"

"Un, my head," I groaned.

"Oh my Jashin, she's alive!"

Would you shut up already, you stupid voices!

Only then did I realize that they were outside my head.

I slowly opened my eyes, and screamed my fucking head off.

Because hovering two inches from my face was Tobi. The Tobi! And yes, I am an otaku, if you haven't noticed by now!

He screamed back, scrambling away from me.

I giggled.

He's just like I imagined.

"Eh, sorry for scaring you, but you should know better to stand that close to someone. Personal space, you lollipop!" I said, and wacked him upside the head.

"Tobi's not a lollipop!"

"Then why do you where a mask like one?"

"I don't know."

All the while a certain blonde was waiting impatiently next to me.

"What's your name?" Tobi asked.

"Alice. And-ohmygod- you're Deidara-sempai!" I shouted, jumping up and facing him.


"Yeah, and just so you know I think your way of art is better than Sasori-danna's."

Damn, I could be such a fangirl.

"Really? But, wait, how do you know about us, un?" he asked suspiciously.

"Uh, cause of this!" I exclaimed, pulling out a Naruto manga from my pocket.

Might as well tell them. Be easier this way, anyway.

Tobi snatched it from me, and flipped through it.

"You're in here, Deidara-sempai! And Tobi, too!"

Deidara took it from him, looking through it as well.

"What…? Where…" He was at a loss of words so I said, "Just take me to Pein-sama! He's the only one who really needs to know."

"Whatever you say, neko." He shrugged and turned the other way.


"Why did he just call me neko?" I asked Tobi as we made are way to the clay bird that Deidara just created.

"Because you have cat ears and a tail, silly."


I reached up with my hand, and felt the top of my head. There were two soft, fluffy things attached to my head.

Cat ears!

I glanced down and behind me to find….

A black cat tail!

Holy shitake mushrooms, I was a bloody neko!

And I though these headaches were bad enough…..