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Chapter four: Ghost Cat

Being telepathic isn't the greatest thing in the world. But first, let me explain to you exactly what I mean by "telepath."

First thing you need to know: I do not hear people's thoughts. I'm sure this is possible, I just can't do it. I could sometimes sense what they were thinking, a feeling really of what they were about to say, but nothing more. Of the living anyway.

The voices I did hear were real, just not alive. Yes, I said it; I hear the dead, or more like their soul moments before death. It could be repetitive: sounds, screams, shouts, whatever, it happened again and again. I was lucky it only happened in the spot they died, that I wasn't haunted by the dead's cries everywhere I went. Unlucky, too, because I could see them, not always just when the soul's anguish was so great it quite literally showed itself to me, though at that point just about anyone could see if they squinted hard enough.

Like how Tobi did, when I was told to go a...mission, I guess, involving him and a cat. And by cat, I didn't mean me.

My "mission" was, well, to "save" Tobi from a cat. I think, I was laughing too hard when Pein told me what Tobi had done. He'd been outside, when he saw this little orange kitty, see, and well, by gosh, he just decided right then and there he wanted this cat to keep as a pet or something.

So the first thing that came to mind was Tobi stalking this cat, dashing from tree to tree, bush to bush, till he finally found an opening and pounced.

And maybe this cat was fussy and began attacking him, and that was why I had to "save" him.

It wasn't.

The ferocious tabby had literally chased the orange lollipop up a tree, the tree I was currently standing under.

The cat's paws were attacking the tree, trying to find a soft spot in the bark to sink its claws in. Only, as I inched farther toward it, it didn't have any claws which i thought was odd. Why would a wild cat be declawed? It didn't make much sense, but then maybe the cat had wandered over from the closest village-where ever that was-or something.

"Tobi," I called, "why are you hiding in a tree?" The answer was obvious, I know, but I had to make sure.

"That kitty chased me up here; he's not very nice!" Tobi answered, clinging to a branch.

Of course. I rolled my eyes.

"Save me, Alice-chan!"

"They call this a mission?" I muttered as I walked to the cat. I'd never been much of a cat person, but now that I was one, I figured it would be a good time to start.

Should I call out to the cat? I wondered. Something like, here kitty, kitty? Or was that too clich├ęd? Hmm, how to approach angry kitty?

Like I said, I wasn't sure, so I dropped down to my knees a few feet from it. And I called out: "Here kitty, kitty."

Original? No. Effective? Yes.

The cat turned to face me, and sniffed the air. It seemed to realize there was another cat around, I guess, so it padded up to me "Good kitty." And I went to picked it up-and my hand went straight through it.

I blinked, hand still frozen somewhere between a ghostly cat and the air. What the hell? A cat, that was a ghost? I never even knew they could exsist. I mean, I know animals die and that they probably go to Heaven or the afterlife or wherever, I'd just never seen one before.


I started. I turned and saw Tobi flat on his face in the dirt, his rear end sticking straight up in the air. It would have been funny if I hadn't been so shocked. I'd never seen a ghost-human or not- that wasn't reliving it's death before.

"That's a ghost cat!" screamed Tobi, jumping to his feet suddenly.

"Yeah, sure is," I mumbled, still not sure how this was all possible.

Luckily, I wasn't the only one questioning what I thought my powers were.