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As the sun rose to signal a new day, a young man was woken from his slumber. He looked over at the curtains that had been opened up by the maid, who was now pulling clothes out of his closet to wear. He sighed as he sat up and stretched.

"Young master, you need to bathe and get dressed. Your father doesn't want to be late."

The raven sighed and shook his head as he slipped out of bed. He didn't want to go, but his father was a famous scientist and would be gone for several months for his new project. He didn't want his son being by himself for so long, even though he was capable of fending for himself. His father was overprotective of him, which he understood after everything that has happened to him. Vincent walked into the bathroom to find that his bath had already been prepared for him. He simply undressed and stepped in, waiting for the maid to come in and bathe him. He knew she would since they were to leave soon. He couldn't possibly bath himself in the short amount of time, not with his left arm the way it is. It was paralyzed from the elbow down from accident a few years ago. As the maid started washing his hair, he looked down at the appendage and at the metal holes around it. His father made this device that attaches to the nerves in his upper arm and into the dead ones in the lower part. With a slight shock, it could bring the nerves to life as long as he had the contraption on. The down fall is that it doesn't work all that well when it's wet. It tends to shut off, but his father keeps redesigning it, trying to make it better. If it gets wet now, it's not ruined, but it won't work until it's fully dry. It's made of five metal strips that run down his arm and have rings at the end for his finger tips. It inserts into metal holes that are placed around his arm, which are connected to his nerves. It's like a glove that has hydraulics in it so he can move his wrists and fingers. It's a marvelous invention that his father has already started making for the medical field to help those to walk again. Though, staring at his scared up arm, he felt like a test subject, but he knows his father means well. He closes his eyes as the water splashed over his head, rinsing his hair out.

After his bath, he dried off and grabbed the glove contraption. It was a bit lighter from the last one, it also had less metal on it to make it more comfortable. He carefully slipped it over his arm and fought to put his fingers in the rings. After he did, he hit the button at the top, sending a painful jolt through his arm, but he got over it quickly. He tested his fingers and his wrist, then he moved to get dressed. He wore black trousers; a white, long sleeve shirt; and a dark red vest. He was moving a lot quicker now and was heading downstairs to meet his father at the table to eat breakfast. It was the normal morning. As they waited, his father checked the gadget and his son's health, which was fine. They quickly ate their meal and headed out to the carriage that had their belongings on it. Before stepping in, Vincent took one last look at his home. It'll be awhile before he would return.

An hour later, they arrived at the busy harbor to find the ship that they would be sailing on. The carriage came to a stop at a large wooden ship. The sails were folded up, but Vincent knew that they were huge by the size of the tall mast. It was long too, longer than any ship he's ever seen, then again, he's been on very few of them. There were small, circular windows along the side and large square ones on the back of it. Those windows seemed to circle the entire back and stop at the sides, they also went from the deck down halfway of the ship. There was a lower deck and a higher deck which were made to allow access into the ship itself. Vincent broke from his stupor and ran to catch up with his father, who was already on the ship. He ran up the wooden plank and slowed when he reached the busy deck. Many of the sailors were getter ready to set off as the guests were commuting with each other. They were all mostly rich, he could by the way they dressed. Expensive and extravagant dresses on the women, while the men wore different color suits or outfits. His own father was wearing his usual attire, black pants, shirt, with a black cloak and a red scarf around his neck.

"Follow me Vincent." His father said sternly. The raven did so. They walked through the doors on the ship and down a flight of stairs to a hallway. They walked to the end where there were three doors spaciously apart from each other. They walked to the middle one, where his father opened it up. "This will be our room for the trip. Make yourself comfortable, our things will be in here shortly. There should be some other teens on the ship so there'll be people here for you to talk to, if you like. Stay in here until we set sail, I'll be on deck."

Vincent bobbed his head and stepped inside to explore. He heard the door shut behind him, but continued inside. He found he was in a room with the large windows in the back, but it seemed to be shorter on the inside, length and width. He suspects the other two rooms has window like these too. He walked in to find a living room like area with a book shelf full of…well books. He looked past it to find a large bed to the side by the window. The second bed was across the room, closer to the door. He gladly claimed the bed beside the window. He sighed at his solitary. He walked over to the books and skimmed them. He's already read most of them, though one did catch his eye. A book about pirates. He's never read a book about them before, well he's never really had to. He decided to take that book for now and kicked his shoes off as he laid himself on the soft mattress.

Off to the northeast, on the open ocean, gun fire echoed through the air. Men screamed as they fought off the intruders on their ship. They however, were being quickly defeated by the powerful pirates. As the crew pushed forward, they killed many of the sailors, before they could surrender. Few men dropped their swords and gave up as their comrades were cut down or shot. It only lasted ten minutes before the ship's captain ordered his remaining crew to surrender. The pirates rounded them up and tied them together as their captain made his way onto the deck. His long, white hair flowed behind him as his green, cat-like eyes scanned the deck. He looked at all the dead to find two of his own crew mates.

"Throw the dead over board. Search the ship for supplies. Zack, guard the prisoners."

A spiky haired kid smiled as he pulled out his sword and stood in front of the men. "As long as you stay still, I don't have to kill you. Please don't put me in the position to do so."

The men separated to do their tasks as the captain stepped inside the ship. He walked down to the captain's quarters and started rummaging through it. He looked at the captain's log to find their destinations and where other ships would be at. He closed it and placed it into his bag as he looked through the rest. He took a gold compass, a small bag of gold coins, and a map. He looked around the room to find a few books here and there, nothing that interested him though. He sighed as he started playing with one of the coins. He really wanted to find something interesting, but he was disappointed.


The silver haired pirate turned to find his first mate standing in the door way. "Yes, Angeal?"

"There's nothing to make profit off here. We've taken the supplies we needed and put them on our ship."

"Good." Sephiroth said fiddling with the coin, but then he dropped it and it rolled under the bunk. He sighed as bent over to pick it up, but something interesting caught his attention. He grabbed a small pouch that was hidden underneath the bed and pulled it out. The other man raised a brow as the captain walked to the desk. The pouch was full, barely tied off so it was easy to open it up. He gently poured some of the contents onto the desk, earning a whistle. They looked up to see Zack standing in the door way.

"You were supposed to be on guard duty." Angeal said.

"Well the others were done so I asked them to take over. That's a lot of diamonds, are they really."

The silver haired man looked at the pile of twenty or so diamonds all different shapes and sizes. He grabbed one and walked to the window, where he proceeded to scratch it with the stone. He smirked as he cut into the glass with it, then walked back. He put the diamonds back in and put the pouch in his bag.

"Seems the captain had a secret. Angeal, are we ready to go?"

The right hand man shook his head. "Their compasses are broken, wheel is destroyed, the pulleys to the sails are broken."

"Good, let's get out of here."

The pirates set sail and started on their way as their captain headed to his room. He closed the door and walked to his desk. He pulled out the log book and the diamonds before throwing his bag to the side. He dumped the diamonds out onto the desk and started counting them. There were quite a few of them and some were even colored, but what caught his attention the most was the rare red diamond. It was fancy red, hardly any hues in it and it was quite a big one. He smiled as he sat that one to the side. Yes, it could bring him a lot of money, but he couldn't get rid of something so valuable, not yet anyways. He continued going through them to find, three blues, four yellows, and two purple ones. All in all, he counted fifty-two diamonds. He slipped all but the red one into the pouch and set it aside, he would have to split it up for his crew later. He opened the log book he found and started going over it. Most of it seemed to supplies being shipped around, some trading that they could target and get some cash from. He flipped the page to find a particular ship in the log. It was a passenger and just not any passenger ship, a rich one. He stepped out of his room and walked out on deck.

"Angeal!" He called.

The first mate gave the wheel to Zack before he walked to his captain. "Yes?"

"Come with me." He motioned as he walked back in. He walked back to his cabin and sat back down as the dark haired man sat on the other side. "I have our next target in mind. A passenger ship. It'll have lots of guards, but it'll have even more riches on it."


"I need you to inform the crew after I give the coordinates. I plan to intercept it…" He pulled his map out and looked at the log. He pointed to a spot. "Here. It'll take two days to get there. I want everyone rested and ready to take over that ship."

"Yes captain." Angeal said as he stood up.

"Wait." Sephiroth tossed him the pouch of diamonds. "Take which ever two you want, then pick two for Zack. What's left of the colored ones will pay for our supplies next time were in town. Split the rest up with the crew. Tell them they can do whatever they want with their earnings."

The first mate shook his head. "Excuse me."

The green eye flashed after the man left and the owner smiled a bit. He was about to get a big pay day.

It had been a few hours since the ship started sailing and Vincent was still in his room reading. He wasn't one to socialize anyways, so even though he could go out, he really didn't want to. He was interested in the book he was reading. It was strange that he had never read about pirates before. It says that they're cruel and full of greed. They do what they want, they murder innocent people and even children, all for gold or any other type of treasure. They had certain marks on flags to show which pirate crew they were. It said that there were very few with hearts, that the ocean took the ability to care away from them. They don't show mercy, nor do they hesitate to kill whoever gets in their way. Vincent was getting into the story he was reading when his thoughts were broken by a knock on the door. He looked up at it for a moment before the knocking continued. He started to get up when the door opened up.

"Hello?" There was a soft female voice as a young woman appear. She wore a pink dress, had her brown hair back in a long braid, and had a bow in it. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know there was someone in here. You didn't answer when I knocked."

"So that makes it ok for you to come in?" The raven mumbled.

"Hmm, I guess not, but you see, I was hiding from my parents. I don't like hanging out with a bunch of old people. I knew there was at least one person on here around my age." She said walking to the bed. She sat down with a smile. "There some others somewhere on board, but I can't seem to find them. Kind of got lost in here anyways. You don't mind if I stay, do you? Oh, where are my manners, I'm Aerith Gainsborough. Nice to meet you Vincent Valentine."

The raven's eyes grew wide."How did you know my name?"

"It's hard not to. Dark black hair, beautiful crimson eyes, the shape of your face. You're Grimoire's son. Everyone knows what a Valentine looks like."

Vincent blushed a bit at the word 'beautiful'. "Oh." Was all he could muster up.

She looked down a grabbed one of the two books that he had laid on the bed. "You're reading about pirates? I've read these, they're quite interesting."

"Yes they are. I've never read any before."

"Really? Wait, have you already read these two?"

"Yes. I am a fast reader. I'm already halfway through this one." The raven mumbled as he nudged the book in his hands.

"I wish I could read that fast. I like to read though, it seems you do to."

"It helps pass the time."

She smiled as she stood up and walked to the window. "The ocean is so pretty. You have a nice view."


"You don't like to talk, do you?"

"Not particularly."He said, going back to his reading.

"That's fine. Can I stay here, so I can look out the window? I promise to stay quiet."

"Do what you want."

She bobbed her head as she continued to look out at the ocean.

The day ran by quickly, the sun started to set as Grimoire made his way to his room. He opened the door to find a young girl staring out the window at the sun and his son on the bed with a pile of books around him. The young girl smiled as she turned to face him.

"Good evening mister Valentine. I'm Aerith, I was watching the sunset since your son didn't mind."

The man smiled. "Nice to meet you. I'm glad you're getting along with Vincent." The mentioned teen hummed in response, not taking his eyes off the book. His father shook his head. "Dinner is ready, come out and eat now."

His son sighed as he closed the book. This trip was already beyond boring, now he had to eat with people he didn't know in a large room. If this was going to continue, he was going to die of boredom.

The next two days were like Vincent thought they would be, painfully boring. Aerith came by as he finished reading the books in his room. She brought him some of hers to read as she read one about flowers. It suited her, really. She did tell him about how she loved the plants and how she has a garden at her home. She also likes to give them to her friends and family, especially when they're sick or hurt. Vincent found that she was a caring person and started to enjoy her company. She didn't talk if he didn't want to, but he didn't feel alone because she would stay. He once thought that she might be bored, but when he would look up and see her smiling, he felt like she enjoyed being there. She also didn't ask about his arm nor does she stare at it, which relieved him. He didn't want to talk about that, since it's always being brought up and it wasn't a pleasant memory. She did however call the contraption on it cool. Other than that, she didn't mention it. She did talk a lot at dinner time, if not to him, then with someone else. She is rather friendly to people. He moved the food around on his plate. He wasn't feeling up to eating at dinner, was definitely not at feeling it at this party he was forced to attend. It was a gathering for mainly the adults, but the children were allowed too, so Grimoire said it was perfect for his son to be sociable. He was sitting at an empty table with food on a plate, which he used as an excuse not to be around anybody. That is, until Aerith walked up to him and grabbed his shoulder.

"Are you feeling alright?"

Vincent sighed. "Yes. I'm just tired is all. I think I'll go to bed early tonight." He excused himself and walked out of the room. He combed his fingers through his hair as he made his way to his quarters. He undressed, then slipped on a white, long sleeve shirt and buttoned it up. The sleeves were far too long for his arms, but the buttons around the cuffs were open so his hands could at least show. It was also rather long on him, but he liked sleeping his baggy shirts and in his underwear. He pressed the button on his contraption, which made him flinch, but he slid it off, making his dead arm fall onto the sheets. He sat it on the other side of the bed before covering up.

A few miles away, a ship glided in the dark silently. The captain ordered the sails to be tied up and their flag taken down. The crew brought the long ores on deck and started pushing the ship towards its target. To the men in the bird's nest on the other boat, it looked like an abandoned ship, floating out at sea. One went down to inform the captain and the other sailor kept a close eye on it as they approached it. The captain said to steer around. He said he didn't want to started a panic because of an empty ship they were coming across. He found no threat. His mistake. As the ship drew closer, the pirates readied for their attack. When it was coming beside them, they dropped their sails to catch the wind, and dropped planks onto the railing of the ship.

"Pirates!" One of the sailors yelled as the men ran across and onto the deck. They started shooting as the next group got on and went inside. The party was still going when the men slammed the doors open and shot the guards in the room. People screamed as the room was flooded with pirates. They ran to the other side of the as guards and other sailors ran to fight them off. Angeal walked in with a large sword and quickly cut the first wave of them down. He looked up at the rest to find them shaking.

"Surrender, or I will kill you."His voice was stern. The men dropped their weapons and raised their hands. "You will all walk up to the deck. If you fight back, you will die."

The people whispered, but started to slowly walk to the door as the pirates had their weapons ready to strike.

The sound of gunfire woke Vincent from his slumber. He sat up as heard more and it was very close. He grabbed the contraption and started maneuvering his arm into it as he got out of bed. He hit the button, then went to grab some pants, but the sound of his door opening caught his attention. There stood a man his age with black, spiky hair. Vincent glared at him before looking at his father's gun across the room. He made a dash to it, alerting the pirate that stood there. Zack went to stop the guy from whatever he was doing, but when he got close to him, the crimson eyed man turned with a gun in his hand. He took steady aim at the pirate.

"Hey, hey, why don't you put that down. I don't want to hurt, but I will if you shoot."

Vincent's glare deepened and he pulled the trigger. The other quickly dodged the bullet, shocking the raven, and he ran forward, knocking the gun out of the other's hand. He grabbed Vincent's arm and pulled him to the floor. The raven flipped over, kicked Zack in the head, throwing him off balance. He jumped to his feet and started kicking at the pirate. The spiky haired man blocked them until his foot his a suitcase that had been lying there. Vincent took that chance to kick him in the stomach, making him fall back. The raven ran out of the room, only to run straight into a large mans chest and fall back. He looked up at the guy in with wide eyes as he tried to scoot himself back. He turned to run the other way, but the guy form earlier was standing there.

"I was wondering what was taking you so long, Zack. You should be able to contain one person and bring them up."

"Well, Angeal, he's faster than I thought he would be."

The man sighed, making Vincent face him. The pirate swung his arm and the raven dunked to dodge, but met a knee in his stomach. He doubled over, coughing. Angeal grabbed the boy's arm and started dragging him down the hall. They made up to the deck, where he threw Vincent down.

"Vincent!" His father shouted. He went to run to his son, but a sword at his neck stopped him. The raven looked up to see all the passengers sitting across from him. Sailors were lying dead on the wood that held them up and their blood was slowly flowing in different directions. A few other people were in their undergarments, meaning they were pulled out of bed too. He watched as some of the pirates moved boxes off and onto their own ship. Then as some were taking jewelry and other valuables from the passengers. Then silver and red caught his attention. A man was wiping blood off his extremely long sword. His green eyes glanced over at Vincent, making him jump. He walked over the raven and smiled down at him.

"Stand up."Vincent growled at the order, but screamed when the silver haired man yanked him up by his hair. The raven glared at him while gripping the arm that held him. The captain was drawn into the eyes of the younger man. They were as red as blood of the men he has killed. He looked down to examine the young boy's body. He was as tall as himself, he was very thin, he had nice hips. Sephiroth pulled him to the side to look behind him and smiled at the nice bump under the shirt. He pushed the boy into Angeal's chest. "Hold onto him."

The first mate bobbed his head, gripping Vincent's arms.

He watched as the pirates finished stealing all the passenger's items and loading the goods they found within the ship. Sephiroth looked around one last time, then at his crew. "We're leaving."

The pirates quickly started making their way on board. Angeal caught the captain's attention. "What do you want me to do with him."

The silver haired man smiled. "Bring him of course."

"No!" Grimoire yelled, but one of the pirates held a knife to his throat. The first mate started pulling Vincent forward, but the raven started fighting back with all his might.

"No! Let go of me!" He shouted, kicking his legs, but Angeal was stronger.

"Vincent!" His father yelled as his son was forced cross the plank. He yelled again as he broke away from the pirate's hold and ran after them. "Vincent!"

"Father!" The raven reached out, trying to run back. Sephiroth turned quickly and slashed his sword across the man's chest. The raven gasped. "Father!"

"Vincent!" Aerith called, but was being held back by her father. She watched as the pirate threw her friend on his shoulder and walked onto the deck of the other ship. Sephiroth was the last one to walk across, leaving with an evil smirk. The pirate ship quickly turned away as they pulled their planks back and drifted away from the ship. People quickly rushed to Grimoire to try and stop the bleeding.

"Vin…cent." He gasped, passing out.