And the Greatest is Love...

Her vision followed mere seconds after the earthquake struck. First responders from all over the world were notified and the lumbering wheels of transport planes full of food, water, medication and bandages spun as the heavy giants took to the air. From La Push and nearby Forks, Washington two unusual and very different groups had made their preparations and were already en route.

Eight vampires, ten werewolves, and one hybrid arrived amid the devastation and despair, eager to use their unique abilities to help their fellow man. Though they were something other now at one time they had all been members of the human race and retained their capacity for compassion even if it had been a long time coming for some of them.

The blonde one was especially apprehensive about his ability to keep control amid the bouquet of blood that was sure to fill the air but his need for redemption would outweigh his thirst. His mind was made up; his mate had seen it.

There can be no better search and rescue team than those who can hear and smell better than any shepherd and lift more rubble than earthmovers. The world had set their difference aside, for the most part to respond and this small group would do no less.

For endless hours, day and night they toiled in tandem to free trapped and terrified souls and spirit them away to aid stations where the oldest among them moved with uncanny speed to mend broken bodies. Despite their layers of protective clothing worn to mask their oddity, stories of shining saviors and tall tanned gods would emerge and be retold for generations to come as the hundreds who would have perished, instead lived to tell the tale.