All Things Together

Chapter 1: They All Meet

Wolfie-chan: So this was this wonderful idea I had. It's a story of love, terrible-ness, pain, and family….It's a Bleach/Fruits Basket CROSSOVER! :D I hope you guys like it. Also, you should know it's set a while after the Winter War. Gin, Ulquiorra, Grimmjow, Nnoitra, Nel, Szayel, Halibel, Starrk (and Lilynette), Tesra (Nnoitra's fracción), Mila Rose Apache and Sung Sun (Halibel's fracción), and Wonderweiss survived and are now living in the Seireitei. Gin and Rangiku are married and have a teenage daughter, Kazuma Ichimaru. She was born during the Winter War and raised in secret by Rangiku and Izuru Kira. Ichigo is dating Orihime, Renji is dating Rukia, and all is well. Renji and Rukia are currently in the human world going to school, along with Grimmjow and Chihiro (an oc of mine).

Our lovely Sohma family has had to move to Karakura Town, taking Tohru Honda with them. Arisa Uotani went with them because she and Kureno are secretly dating. You should also know I'm having everyone know Akito is a girl. And here's the story!


"Uhhhh..." Kyo rolled over and looked around. Why was he on the ground? Why wasn't he in his room at Shigure's house? Then he noticed that Tohru was next to him. "Whaa..." He rolled over and found himself face to face with Hatsuharu.

"Why are we here?" Haru's voice was thick with sleep, signifying that he, too, had just woken up.

"Ummmm…" Kyo sighed. He'd hoped Haru would know, but apparently Haru didn't remember either.

"Yuki's next to me and R-Rin is next to him." Haru's voice faltered for a minute when he spoke of Rin, his former girlfriend.

"I think I remember…didn't we have to move to one of the other Sohma houses in some other town for some reason? And we got here really late?" Both Haru and Kyo started at the sound of Yuki's voice.

"Uhhhh maybe…ya I think you're right…" Kyo vaguely remembered that.

"EVERYBODY WAKEY WAKEY!" came the loud, sing-song voice of Ayame. "Oh Yuki, my beloved little brother, you are awake! Come, come with me quickly." And with that Ayame swept Yuki away, to the confusion of the now awake Tohru and Rin.

"Where-oh, I'm gonna go with them. Kureno~ " Rin, upon seeing that Haru was there, fled the scene while singing Kureno's name. Haru sighed dejectedly and got up. He looked down at his clothing. His clothes were all rumpled, but they would be fine. His choker was biting into his next, but it didn't really bother him. He grabbed his shoes and looked at Tohru and Kyo.

"You love-birds coming with me, or are you just gonna stay here." Kyo glared at Haru, then got up and helped Tohru up.

"Let's go see what's going on. I want to find Uo." Even in the early hours of the morning, Tohru was happy. Kyo and Haru quickly followed her out of the room and into a new room, where breakfast was being served and consumed.

"You didn't even bother to wait for us, I see." Haru shook his head, grabbed a plate and sat down as far away from Rin as possible.

"No need. We knew you would come anyway." Hatori answered matter of factly.

"Where's Yuki and Ayame?" Tohru's question made everyone look around, and realize that both people were indeed, missing.

"I WILL NOT WEAR THAT!" Yuki came out of a different door a minute later, fleeing his brother and a frilly looking dress. Shigure simply laughed. Things were fairly normal, even in a new place.

"What is all this ruckus? Should you not be getting ready for today?" Akito had walked into the room. Silence fell.


"Hey! Did you here we have five new students in our class?" Orihime ran up to Ichigo, Renji, Rukia, Grimmjow, and Chihiro, smiling brightly.

"Really? Do you think they'll be 'special'?" Chihiro had taken to calling people with high reitsus like herself 'special'.

"Maybe. I heard three of them are related. They're like cousins or something." Rukia added.

"Cool. Maybe they'll be in our class."


"Alright everyone, settle down." Ochi-sensei needed her class to be quiet so she could- "I'm going to introduce to you our four new students." On cue, Haru, Kyo, Yuki, Arisa, and Tohru walked in, Tohru next to Kyo. "Please introduce yourselves."

"Hi. I'm Yuki Sohma. I am pleased to meet you all."

"I'm Kyo Sohma."

"Hatsuharu Sohma.

"Hi! It's really nice to meet you all. I'm Tohru Honda!

"Hey. I'm Arisa Uotani, but just call me Uo."

The class just stared at the ensemble. "Yuki, you can sit right there, next to Uryu Ishida. Kyo, you can sit next to Tatsuki Arisawa. Hatsuharu-can I just call you Haru," here she received a nod from Haru" Haru, you can sit next to Ichigo Kurosaki, Arisa, you can sit next to Yasutora Sado," Chad, he put in "sorry, Chad, and Tohru, you can sit next to Orihime Inoue." Each person raised their hand as their name was said. Everyone took their seats, and class started…with Haru getting yelled at for putting his feet on the desk.


"Hey Honda-san, Uotani-san, do you want to come eat lunch with me and my friends?" Orihime's loud, clear voice rang in the air.

"I'd love to, Inoue-san." Tohru grinned, then glanced at Uo.

"Sure. But you can just call me Uo."

"Of course. Come on!" Orihime started to lead them to Tatsuki.

"Wait...hey Orihime?" Tohru glanced back at the boys.


"Can Yuki, Kyo, and Haru come too?"

"Of course!" Orihime laughed, then waited patiently as Tohru went to go get them. They all walked in silence until they came to Ichigo and their friends.

"Hey new kids." Grimmjow's voice was sharp.

"We have individual names, you know." Haru, who's white Haru-ness was wearing thin, was sharp back.

"Oh, right. You're Mr. Sit Back And Relax." Grimmjow retorted.

"You're one to talk. You just slept the entire time, being a-"

"Haru…" Yuki gave Haru a look, letting him know not to go black.

"I was being a-"

"GRIMMJOW! Don't be antagonistic!" Chihiro's loud voice rang through, making everyone laugh when Grimmjow went red. "I'm sorry about Grimmjow. He's not usually so bad, but he doesn't like the fact that there's another kid whose hair rivals his own." Chihiro smiled at the group. Yuki and Kyo laughed, Tohru and Arisa grinned, and Haru scowled.

Ichigo sighed. Another kid with as big a temper as Grimmjow. Great.


Wolfie-chan: Sorry it's so short. I didn't have a good place to stop, and if I kept going it would be way longer and it would have given away to much. So it's short.

Haru: Really short.

Grimmjow: Extremely fuckin' short.

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