All Things Together

Chapter 10: The Cure to the Curse

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"Stop." Kureno glared at Akito. "We've let you rule us for so long, but there are some things you cannot change. You cannot change the fact that I'm no longer cursed, and I know why. I don't need you anymore- that ended the curse."

There was a moment of silence as everyone took in what Kureno said. Then Akito asked, in a very low and dangerous tone, "What? What do you mean, you don't need me?"

Kureno looked at Arisa, who smiled and walked over to him. "He means, he doesn't need your acceptance. I love and accept him, and it broke the curse." She laughed. "Kyo doesn't have the curse either. Neither does Yuki or Ayame. They just haven't realized it yet." Machi, upon hearing that, hugged Yuki, who did not turn into a rat. Kyo, laughing, swept Tohru into a hug as well. Ayame kissed Mine, who blushed.

Akito paled. "N-no…this is impossible…"

Kyo laughed. "Impossible? No, not impossible. You just don't want it to happen, because now you have to let us go."

"Not all of you. I still have Hatori, and Shigure, and Momiji, and Kisa and Hiro, and Rin, and Haru!" Akito screamed, freaking out at her lack of control.

Arisa shook her head, smiling. "It doesn't have to be someone who's not part of the Sohma's to no longer have the cure. Kisa and Hiro are free. Momiji is too- his friends all love him, and that's all he needed, because it works different every time."

"I still have Hatori, Shigure, and Haru!" Akito insisted, staring when Shigure burst out laughing as well (now most people are laughing at her).

"My curse is gone. I don't know where it went, but it just disappeared. You don't have me- and you can't have Hatori, either."

"Yes..well…well…I STILL HAVE HARU! AND NOBODY CAN CHANGE THAT! And who would want to?"

"…who wouldn't want to?" Kazuma was staring at Akito like she was insane.

"ANYONE! He's the ox." She stated that like it was self-explanatory. Seeing that this was going nowhere, Kureno chose to explain.

"The ox is infamously know for being stupid and a fool. He was tricked into giving the rat a ride to the banquet."

And then everything made sense to Grimmjow. Why Haru was so fucking touchy about being called stupid. Of course.

"….but that wasn't Haru. It was some ox of the past…so how does it affect all of you?" As everyone thought about what Kazuma said, they realized she was right. How did it affect them? They just believed it did because that's what Akito told them.

"It doesn't." Kyo laughed. "It doesn't affect us at all!"

"You're right. We let Akito rule our lives for something that never really affected us." Hatori turned his head to the side, thinking about it. "But no longer. Now we will rule ourselves."

"And we will be free." Yuki smiled.

"Free." Echoed Haru. Akito, seeing that she had lost, fled the scene.

Kazuma hugged Haru, Machi hugged Yuki, and Tohru and Kyo kissed. All was well.


Wolfie-chan: THE END! Totally cheesy, but there will be a sequel with more epicness and evil peoples from Bleach.