Okay so I decided to make a facebook one-shot and it was actually really fun writing this! Enjoy!.

Disclaimer: I do not own Big Time Rush or Facebook.

Kendall Knight: Misses his girl, Jo Taylor.

Carlos Garcia: Correction ex- girl.

Jo Taylor: Miss you too! :*

Jett Stetson: Haha, looks like you won't see her anymore!

Kendall Knight: Neither will you Jett. So stick that in your juice box and suck it.

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Jett Stetson: Touche.

Logan Mitchell is in a relationship with Camille Roberts.

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Gustavo Rocque is friends with Kendall Knight, James Diamond, Carlos Garcia, Logan Mitchell and 8 others.

Kendall Knight: Kill me now.

Carlos Garcia: Why did I even accept this?

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Camille Roberts: Rehearsing for the new TV show, Zombie Whisperer with Logan. (:

James Diamond: Yeah, rehearsing, is that what they call making out these days?

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Logan Mitchell: DISLIKE.

Logan Mitchell: Ouch. My face hurts.

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Camille Roberts: Oops..

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Carlos Garcia - Jennifer Woods: Do you wanna go out with me?

Jennifer Woods: No.

Carlos Garcia - Jennifer Gold: Do you wanna go out with me?

Jennifer Gold: No.

Jennifer Pink - Carlos Garcia: DON'T even go there.

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James Diamond: BURN!

James Diamond: Who took my lucky comb? :-O

Carlos: That smiley reminds me of a monkey's face! :)

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James Diamond: I will throw your helmet out the window if you don't give me my comb back!

Carlos Garcia: I don't have it, I swear!

Carlos Garcia: My helmet has just been thrown out the window. What did I do to deserve this!

James Diamond: You STOLE my lucky comb!

Carlos Garcia: I already told you I didn't!

James Diamond: Found my lucky comb in my back pocket! :D

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Carlos Garcia: dislike.

Jennifer Knight - Kendall Knight: Look sweetie! I got a facebook!

Kendall Knight: Mom!

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Katie Knight: First Russel Brand now Lady Gaga? This has been the best year of my life!

Kendall Knight: Wait, Katie, who told you that you could get a facebook?

Katie Knight: ha ha, funny story actually...

James Diamond: Heading to the gym, Katie Knight, want to come? ;)

Kendall Knight: Watch it Diamond.

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Katie Knight: Why would I want to go with you?

James Diamond: ...because you have a crush on me.

Katie Knight: I don't have a crush on you! You signed a contract, remember that.

Kendall Knight: Facetalk date with Jo. :*

Jo Taylor: Aw, but you do realize its four in the morning by me right?

Kendall Knight: Oops..

Logan Mitchell and Camille Roberts are single.

James Diamond: Can I rebound?

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James Diamond: I'm stupid, ugly and Carlos Garcia is way better looking than me!

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James Diamond: CARLOS!


James Diamond: -_-

Logan Mitchell: Working on my science project.

Kendall Knight: Hey bud, can you also help me with mine?

James Diamond: Yeah, same here.

Carlos Garcia: We all knew I was going to ask too, Logan.

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Gustavo Rocque- Kendall Knight- James Diamond- Carlos Garcia- Logan Mitchell- Dogs! Studio. Now!

Kendall Knight: We'll be there soon, Gustavo.

Gustavo Rocque: No. You'll be here NOW!

Kendall Knight: Someone needs a chill pill..

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Kelly Wainwright: Boys, just come quickly.

Kendall Knight: Sure thing, Kelly. (:

Gustavo Rocque: -_-

Big Time Rush: Sold out show tonight! Hope everyone in L.A will be there!

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Logan Mitchell is in a relationship with Camille Roberts.. again.

There you go! Hope you all liked. I got bored yesterday so I just decided to do one. Maybe I'll do a twitter one soon... (; Let me know. R&R.

-Jessica. - JessiicasMyName TanyaCCrew (: