Hey guys. I just wanted to let people know that, because of some recent personal things and lots of homophobic spammers, I'm not going to be continuing this story. I was going to add a few more chapters and make it into more than a one-shot, but I just don't feel like it anymore.

That's why, if you seriously dislike a story, you either don't review or you give constructive criticism, not spam. I few other yaoi writers I know have complained about the same people who spammed me spamming them, so to all you fellow yaoi writers, watch out and report them if they spam you.

I'm sorry if I disappointed you guys, but I'm pretty sensitive to that stuff.

On the other hand, I've written a new Yullen story called Things Left Unsaid; you can look for it on my profile.

Once again, sorry to the people who asked for a continuation.