Everything had become more strained since they left. I barely talked to anyone, even my adoptive father.

Charlie and Renee took me in as their own a few years ago. They treated me as if I was a normal teenage girl when I was actually far from it.

I am Hebe, Goddess of Youth. I had become tired of always being the cup bearer for the Gods. Olympus was a beautiful place and I spent most of my time exploring its elegant structure. But as time wore on I eventually ran out of things to view, which made it very hard to be satisfied with the same scenery.

I yearned for freedom, to be able to explore another way of life besides my own. It took centuries to convince Zeus to let me be free, and he grew angrier each time I begged for my independence.

So I finally created a male counterpart to take my place. His name is Ganymede and he was absolutely perfect for my job.

Zeus wasn't too comfortable with change. It makes him uneasy and take a while for him to adjust to something that contradicts his usual every day schedule.

But after a few months he started to grow fond of Ganymede, and excepted him as the knew cup bearer. Although he was comfortable with him, he didn't by any standards want my male counterpart to take my place indefinitely.

"You have four years and then you must return. You will be put into a small town so that the chance of your cover being blown will decrease significantly. Blood will run through your veins instead of ichor during time away from Olympus. That way if your clumsy self happens to trip, no one will be wondering why your blood is gold. Now are you sure this is what you want?" Zeus asked hesitantly.

I nodded my consent. I bowed before him, even if I was also a Goddess this was my way of showing how thankful I truly am. I glanced around the room to make sure that there weren't any demigods, no need for anyone to get vaporized, and transported to my room.

My bags were packed and ready for me to leave. I picked up one of my suitcases and notice a piece of paper fall out and land on the floor.

I picked up the folded piece of paper and read the elegant handwriting within it.


We tracked down a couple of demigods that were unable to have kids. They said they would be more than happy to take you in.

Their love is not very strong and they will most likely end in divorce. So do not grow too attached to your "mom", Renee. Your father's name is Charlie and you will be living with him in Forks, Washington.

Your new name will be Isabella Swan, Bella for short.

That's the basics that you will need to know to get by in this new world of yours. I wish you the best of luck and will miss you dearly.


I looked over the letter every now and again during my stay in Forks. Aphrodite was one of my best friends and I hated being away from her for this long.

But it was worth it to be able to venture out and live an amazing place like this. Sure it was very green and had a constant rain cloud that hovered over the city, but it felt strangely like home.

Going from such a luxurious life to this was exactly the change I needed. If I was being honest with myself, I'd take Forks over Olympusany day.

Not just because of a certain bronze haired boy and his family, although they were certainly a large part of it, I also just yearned for a normal life.

One that didn't have angry Gods storming around almost daily. Sure this town had drama, but nothing that was hazardous to your health.

Or catering hand and foot to all of the Gods in Olympus. I cleaned and cooked in this home and that's all that I had to worry about.

There are also advantages to living in Olympus, don't get me wrong I loved the beautiful palace on the 600th floor of the Empire State Building.

But the pros and cons of both living situations don't matter anymore. He was gone and he took everything in me with him. Happiness, Normalcy, the joy of adventure, everything that drove me to leave Olympus, gone.

I was so caught up in my thoughts that I dropped the plate I was drying. I winced as the plate shattered against the linoleum.

I bent down with my towel and started picking the broken shards off the floor and into the towel. One of the pieces pierced through the skin of my finger and I angrily jerked the shard out of index finger.

I studied the wound to see whether or not it would need a band aid, but the wound had already healed. Leaving a single drop of gold in its place.

"No, it can't be." I whispered.

"I'm sorry, Hebe." Hermes stated. I whirled around in shock and found him standing in the middle of the kitchen. His eyes held sympathy in them that I chose to ignore.

"Why has my blood turned to ichor? It's only been a year. The deal was four years not one, Hermes." I stated through gritted teeth. How dare the Gods turn against their word?

"The Gods have been stressing out more than usual, causing them to age more quickly. Ganymede has been trying to do all of your assignments, but he needs help. Aphrodite came very close to vaporizing him when she found one gray strand of hair. Olympus needs you, Hebe." Hermes explained.

"What has them so stressed out?" I questioned. If it wasn't anything too serious than I could help Ganymede get everything under control and then finish up my stay in Forks.

"There is a war evolving between the Gods and the Giants. Olympus has been completely closed off. None of the Gods are allowed to talk to their children, which is stressing them out even more." Hermes finished.

I gave out an angry huff. This had never happened before, not even during the war with the Titans. I had a feeling that this wasn't going to be a short trip back home.

"Fine. You can tell Zeus I will be back tomorrow. I have some things I have to sort out before I leave. Thank you, Hermes."

He gave me a wary glance, but I assured him that I was going to be fine. He shot me another sympathetic glance before Hermes transported back to Olympus.

I cleaned up the remains of the plate and threw them in the trash can. I looked out the window to see what the weather was like.

It wasn't raining, but the dark clouds hovering over the town showed that at any time it would be. I grabbed a light jacket and wrote Charlie a quick note before heading out the door.

I hesitantly opened the door to my truck, debating whether or not I really wanted to do this. Determination took over any emotion I had before and I hopped into the bulbous cab.

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