Bella's POV:

I heard Zeus roar in the background. He gripped Edward by the back of the neck and threw him off of me. His head hit the floor with a great BOOM. Edward sat back up with a grunt, his golden eyes fixated on me.

"Dad get out of here!" I yelled. Edward charged and flung himself at me. I ducked, allowing him to sail above my head. Zeus looked conflicted, his eyes darting between me and the entity.

"Please! I can handle this. Just go before you hurt him," I begged. Zeus nodded with a defeated sigh. He disappeared in a bright array of light.

Before I could turn around, he had tackled me down to the marble floor. I struggled against him, worming my body to try to get away from him. He grabbed my arms and pulled them behind my back. My breath left my body as my arms were pushed closer to my head. A moan of pain bustled through my lips, startling him momentarily.

His grip on my arms loosened for a split second, enough time for me to regain control and pull them back. Using the strength in my upper body, I flipped myself around so that I was facing him. His eyes flickered green before returning back to the ancient gold.

This news was both refreshing and alarming at the same time. It was amazing to be so close to him, I had missed Edward in the time we had spent apart. Yet it also meant that this really was Edward, not merely an illusion of another creature. An entity had taken over his body, and there was no way I could truly fight back without hurting Edward.

He raised his fist and punched my cheek with great force. I gasped in pain, wiping away the golden ichor dripping from my lips. I looked to Edward, his eyes flickering once again. Grasping the chance, I reached up and placed my hand against his cheek.

His eyes darkened to a forest green, pain clouding the murky pools. For a moment, it appeared as though the entity was really gone. Remorse flooded his features as he tenderly touched my lip. Just as soon as he came back, he was gone.

Gold replaced green, his facial expressions hardening. He sat up and pulled me with him. Before I could blink, the entity had grabbed me and thrown me into a pillar across the room. My body clattered to the floor, flames of agony licking its way across my body.

My head pounded with a vengeance. I groaned and rolled my head to the side. The pillar I had hit had a large crack in the middle. Lines of black slithered in all directions, crumbling the pieces as it went. Faint crackling ghosted along the pillar.

I rolled over onto my stomach and inched up onto all fours. It was too late. The structure split into three pieces, one fell back against the wall opposite of me. I looked up and watched the top piece roll over to the side, the final piece landing on my back.

My body hit the floor, all the breath knocked out of me in an instant. I looked over at Edward, making sure he wasn't affected by the debris. His figure withered, as if it couldn't settle on who was in control of his body.

"I can't fight him..any longer. Such strong power from..a..human. I will be back for you," the ancient voice growled. The entity flew from his body, knocking Edward to the ground.

"Edward!" I yelled. I tried to sit up but the slice of marble quickly forced me back down. I watched him in desperation, waiting impatiently for him to regain consciousness. After a beat, I heard him groan. A sigh of relief passed through my lips as he slowly sat up.

I looked away from him. It had been a while since we had talked and I wasn't sure how he would react to being in the same room as me. My eyes trailed to the pillar still resting on my spine. I pushed on my hands until my upper torso was lifted from the ground. The slab of marble rolled down my back and rested on my legs.

A sharp fragment stuck out from the structure and sliced a path down my body. A hiss of pain flew from my lips. I felt my life force pool on top of my skin, the golden fluid dripping down my clothes. Edward gasped and darted across the room.

He moved behind me, grasping the shard and ripped it from the marble. Edward picked up the end of the pillar to where it hovered over my body, scooted it behind me, and dropped it with a loud bang.

"Can you stand up?" he asked. I nodded and rolled to a sitting position. He offered his hand and I gratefully took it, allowing him to haul me up. Edward wrapped his arms around me after I stumbled slightly. Blood trickled down his forehead from where Zeus had thrown him across the room.

"I am so sorry," I whispered.

"You're sorry? For what? Do you not see what I did to you?" he asked, incredulously.

"That's different. You were being controlled by an eidolon, my father should know better than to toss you across the room," I responded, my anger seeping into my words. Zeus was the one who taught me about eidolons, he should know better than to take action before accessing the situation.

I looked down, shame filling me at the thought of being unable to protect him. He was fragile now without his immortality, it's my turn to watch over him and make sure he's safe. Edward put his finger under my chin and tilted my head, forcing me to look into his eyes.

"How about we get you cleaned up and then discuss this?" he suggested. I started to disagree, I wasn't willing to leave this room until he had agreed that he wasn't at fault. Sensing my weariness, Edward pouted and pulled off the perfect puppy-dog eyes. I sighed in defeat, it was useless arguing with a face that adorable.

He smiled in triumph. I looked into his eyes, lost in their vast green depth. I had always loved his golden eyes, the different colors made him easy to read, but the enchanting forest hue they had changed into were quickly growing on me. Before I could register what was happening, Edward had lifted me into his arms with ease. He wrapped his arms around places unscathed by the shards, mindful of the fading cuts.

"Edward, put me down! It's not as easy for you to carry me anymore," I whined. He simply rolled his eyes and made for the door. I pleaded with him to put me down, to give his body the rest it desperately needed, but he just ignored me. He kicked the door open and submerged us into the soft orange glow.


By the time we reached my home, Edward was panting slightly. He joked that I had just gained a little weight which was why he was struggling. I, very maturely, smacked his chest in response. Once we reached the door, he set me down so I could twist the knob. I pushed the door open, reveling in the feel of his hands on my hips as he guided me in the doorway.

"Where are the wash rags at?" he asked.

"In the bathroom. It's the door at the end of the hallway," I instructed. He nodded and quickly left in search of the square pieces of cotton. I took off my shirt and groaned at the large stain the blood had left. I tossed it in the corner and made a mental note to try and scrub the stain out later.

I opened my closet and perused the clothing Aphrodite had gotten me. My hand raised to a soft, blue blouse in front of me but I quickly decided against it. My jeans were stained and ragged as well so I may as well just forgo the new ensemble and slip on a dress.

I settled on a black and white strapless dress. Just as I was pulling it off the hanger, I was alerted to another presence.

"Don't put that on," Edward mumbled. I spun around, gasping as I quickly pulled the fabric over my midsection. His face turned a deep red.

"I-I meant that you shouldn't put anything on since you still have blood on your skin. Let me clean you up," he offered. I nodded and moved closer to him. His smell fanned my face, the sweet scent stealing the breath in my body. I turned around and dropped the dress at my feet.

His breath hitched as he touched the damp rag to my back. The warmth from the water evoked a moan of pleasure to rip from my lips. Edward kissed my neck as he moved the rag in slow circles, clearing the golden ichor from my skin. He moved the rag lower, mopping up the traces of our debacle from earlier.

"Amazing. Your skin didn't scar or anything," he whispered. I leaned my head back on his shoulder, too lost in the warmth and his closeness to respond. A minute passed by before he spoke again.

"Um, Bella?" I hummed in response. "You know there is blood on your legs too."

I leaned against his chest and unbuttoned my jeans. The slow circles stopped. I moved my eyes to his, silently asking if he minded cleaning off my leg as well. He nodded in encouragement and offered a shy smile. My eyes trailed down to my jeans and I quickly unzipped them and pushed the material down my legs.

I moved away from him as I kicked my feet out of the jeans. Edward wrapped his arm around my waist, holding me still as he continued his slow circles at the top of my thigh. Heat coursed though my body as his calloused hand gripped me while he finished wiping off the rest of the ichor. I whimpered in protest when he removed his hand, much to my embarrassment.

I grabbed the dress lying beside us and quickly yanked it over my head. Turning towards Edward, I offered him a sweet smile.

"Your turn," I sing-songed. I grabbed the unused rag from his hand, the one that was soaked in cold water, and gently dabbed at the wound on his forehead. He grunted in pain and I offered him an apologetic smile.

I led him over to my bed and ordered him to sit down. He obeyed reluctantly and I quickly left in search of a band-aid. I opened the cabinet beneath the sink and tossed around the contents. Not that long ago, Hermes had insisted that everyone had a first-aid kit put in their bathroom. Unfortunately, Aphrodite had stuck many girl products in my storage space while I was gone.

"A-ha!" I grinned in victory. There, under a plethora of hair products, was the white medical container. I hastily grabbed it and ran back into the bedroom. Edward looked up as I came back in, a knowing smile crossing his lips. I pulled open the box and rummaged through the different cleansers and cloth wraps.

There was a cardboard box containing just about every band-aid size available. I picked the second to largest one, setting it aside. I wiped the rest of the red fluid from his temple, dripped a little disinfectant liquid on his band-aid, and smoothed it across the cut.

He smiled in thanks before pulling me into his lap. I squealed in surprise and gave him a playful look. His eyes trailed from looking into mine and ventured to glancing down at my lips. My breath hitched as he slowly leaned in, gauging my reaction.

I closed the distance, thrusting my hands in his hair as I kissed him. I poured my heart into the kiss, silently communicating to him how much I had missed him while we were separated. He groaned, wrapping his arms around my waist as he pulled me closer to him. He broke the kiss abruptly, staring at me with remorse.

"I'm so sorry I pushed you away, I promise I will never do that to you again. I love you so much," he whispered.

"I love you, too." I smiled.

For now, that was all that mattered. The war and all the stress that accompanied it could wait until tomorrow. Edward was much more important.

I apologize for the long wait, but at least this one wasn't a cliffy. Now that Edward and Bella have finally re-united, what will happen when the stress of the war finally catches up to them? Please R&R!