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"Well, now what?" Emily looked around in confusion. The rest of her team just stared at her blankly. They had no answer, and no idea of what to do.

It had come out of nowhere. They had just returned from a case and got absorbed in their own work. That's when JJ went to get a drink and she noticed the blanket outside. Right away, she had gone to check the news and found Everyone was being told to stay where they were, that police were allowing no one to go through on the main roads and certain parts of town.

"We're FBI, can't we just show our badges and get home?" Garcia whined. She didn't want to be stuck here all night. And who knew how long it would take for them to clear the roads in the morning.

"Garcia, we can't use our badges just for personal reasons," Hotch told her as he sat down in his office chair. "I want to get home to, but it's not fair for us to get personal advantage and if they have closed the roads it's for safety reasons."

Everyone turned to look at Hotch. They were all standing in his office, aside from JJ. She came rushing in, her heels clicking along the floor.

"It definitely looks like we're stuck here for the night," she informed them as she turned to close the door.

"JJ-" Hotch said suddenly but it was too late. The door clicked closed behind her, leaving JJ staring at him in confusion.

"What?" she asked, clearly baffled having noticed the expression on his face. That's when she remembered... The lock on his door it was broken and needed a key from the outside to open. In a panic, she turned to try and open the door. It was no use. They were locked in.

Rossi sighed, this was a great way to spend a Friday night. "Lovely."

The only one who didn't look frustrated with this turn of events was Garcia whom was smiling ear to ear.

"Why are you so happy?" Morgan raised an eyebrow at her as he looked her expression up and down.

"SLEEPOVER!" That was the only word Garcia said. Seeing the expressions on their faces, she shrugged. "We're trapped, and we may as well make the best of it.

JJ objected, "how can it be a sleepover if we have no chick flicks or make up?" she asked in a joking tone. The rest of the team moaned. Garcia always got her way and they were sure she had something up her sleeve.

Garcia rolled her eyes at JJ. "We are stuck here all night, there is one famous sleepover game we can play."

This time it was Rossi who objected. "Uh uh, no way. There is no way I am playing any game."

"Hey, we're stuck here all night, my as well play.. TRUTH OR DARE," Garcia laughed. "I've always wanted to play this game!"

JJ and Emily shared a look. Laughing, they both sat down. Morgan looked pleadingly at Hotch, Hotch just shrugged his shoulders and sighing Morgan sat down too. Reid followed Morgan's lead and sat down as well.

"We're really going through with this?" Morgan asked, crossing his arms.

"Do you know how out of hand these games can get?" Reid said, frowning slightly. "There was this one case in Ohio-"

Morgan covered his mouth. "Shh, Reid. Shh. If it gets us out of statistics and stories I'll play."

Hotch almost smiled. "Rossi, as Unit Chief I am ordering you to participate," Hotch demanded as he walked over to the circle.

Rossi rolled his eyes, shook his head and sat down as well. "This is ridiculous."

Garcia began to twitch with excitement and anticipation. "Ooh, I can't wait."

"Well, who goes first?" Hotch asked, looking around.

"Oh, me, me, me." Garcia was like a little kid about to open a brand new Christmas present.

Hotch just shook his head in amusement. "All right, Garcia. You go first."

Garcia looked around the group, taking her time. Who would be her first victim?

"Emily," Garcia finally said, having decided. "Truth or dare?"

Emily pondered for a minute before deciding on truth.

"Have you ever had a sexual dream about anyone in the BAU?" Garcia asked, a huge smile on her face.

"Dare," Emily said.

"There's no way you're getting out of this! No switches," Garcia whined.

Emily bowed her head. "Yes."

Morgan's voice called out. "Who?"

"Hey! It's my turn now," Emily said quickly trying to change the subject "Hey, REID!"

Reid looked up startled by the voice. "I wasn't planning on participating."

"Truth or dare."

Nervousness crept over Reid's face. "Um... truth?"

Emily grinned. "When did you lose your virginity?"

"What is WITH these questions?" Reid demanded his face flushing deep red.

"Answer it Reid."

"Yeah pretty boy," Morgan said, his interest piqued.

"Um. 20," Reid said awkwardly, shifting his weight.

"Woah, my boy Reid," Morgan laughed. He hadn't actually expected Reid to have lost his virginity.

"Hey Morgan, you know not everyone loses their virginity before - "

"Reid, we're playing now. It's your turn," JJ cut in before he could continue. She was now actually interested in the game and just wanted it to go on.

"I, uh...well.. Um, JJ?"

She tilted her head to the side. "Truth."

"Um..." Reid was struggling. "Um, um... do you watch Disney movies?"

"Lame, Reid, lame," Garcia broke in "I'll ask her."

"JJ, when was the last time you skinny dipped?"

JJ went red. She wanted to play the game but not be on the receiving end.

"Garcia, JJ wouldn't-" Reid began. The thought of JJ skinning dipping? No it would never happen.

JJ coughed. "Um, last weekend," she spoke quietly, and buried her head in her hands in embarrassment.

"JJ!" Hotch exclaimed, clearly shocked. "I had no idea.

"Fine, Hotch. Your turn. Truth or dare," JJ said, mock glaring at him.

"Dare. I'm not afraid of anything."

JJ smirked. If that was the case... "Okay, take your shirt off and hop around pretending you are a bunny."

"What?" Hotch was in shock. He expected something different. Her dare was just ridiculous. "Um, JJ, that's inappropriate."

Everyone in the room laughed.

"Awe, Hotch, are you taking a chicken?" Hotch tried to scare her off with a glare. It didn't work.

"Let me get this straight. Serial killers, you can handle... But being a bunny is too much for you?" JJ asked, her eyebrows raised.

Sighing, he lifted his shirt over his head.

"OOH!" Garcia said suddenly. "Hotch, I had no idea you worked out."

Aaron fought the urge to stick his tongue out at the tech analyst.

"Hotch, like this," JJ said rolling her eyes as she curved her arms to show him how a bunny would do so.

Hotch felt his face go red and began to hop around. Morgan couldn't help but burst into laughter. And to everyone's surprise, Rossi laughed too.

Crossing his arms, Hotch plopped down on the floor in a huff. "HEY! where's my shirt?" He began looking at everyone. All the girls had "innocent" expressions on their faces.

Hotch glared at them, giving them his 'Hotch glare.' It had no effect and instead just sparked some laughter.

"Oh, Hotch," Emily started off "you're not scary without a shirt. " She poked him in his side. His glare continued, and he crossed his arms.

"Oh here, you big baby." Garcia threw him his shirt, stifling back a laugh.

"Thank you." He buttoned up his shirt. "Rossi, your turn now."

Rossi pondered for a moment. "Truth." What could Hotch possibly ask him that would embarrass him?

"If you could have anyone in this room to be your slave, who would it be?" Hotch said finally having done his shirt up. He didn't notice JJ snort as he had buttoned it up crooked.

Rossi thought for a moment. "Reid." Reid looked up in shock.

Before Reid could say anything Rossi was off to his next victim. "Garcia."

"Truth," Garcia said, wriggling in excitement.

"Garcia, your lover has been transformed into an animal. The only way to restore them is to "mate" with them. Which animal would you want them to be?"

Garcia was open mouthed. "It doesn't matter. I wouldn't mate with them."

"Awe, Penelope. You wouldn't save them?" Morgan asked.

She just shook her head. "Not a chance. But I'd want them to be a cute puppy for my pet."

Rossi was disappointed, he'd hoped for something they could tease her with.

Garcia took control of her turn now.

"Morgan." He looked up. Say dare... she pleaded in her head.

Morgan thought of himself as brave. He wasn't scared of his baby girl. "Dare" he told her, slightly concerned when she began to giggle like a maniac.

"Morgan, I dare you to let us girls, give you a make over."

"What!" Oh god, no. Those were the thoughts were flying through his head as the girls jumped up and began going through Garcia's purse.

Rossi and Hotch were laughing. The idea of tough man, Morgan having make up was enough to make them break down in laughter. Reid was just watching in amusement to see what would take place, silently hoping he didn't get a dare this bad.

Morgan began to back away when the girls pounced. Oh god, they had it all. Blush, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, even lipstick. Morgan gulped.

He took a deep breath. The girls began their work.

"Morgan! Stop blinking so much."

"Stay still!"

"Ugh, you made me mess up!"

"No, look up, with your EYES not with your head."

Hotch and Rossi laughed even more hearing the girls get mad at him. It was hard to imagine, but they were actually having fun. Though, Aaron would not be impressed if anyone told this side of him.

Finally, they were done. They moved away so they could see the finished result.

That did it for Reid, he began to laugh. There was Morgan with blue eye shadow, mascara, eye liner. Bright red lipstick, some blush. And he had this extreme pout on his face. He was not pleased. He was glaring all around him. Which made the entire scene even more comical.

Morgan began rubbing at his face.

"HEY!" Emily protested. "Pictures first."

Morgan looked like a deer stuck in head lights as the girls pulled out the cell phones and snapped pictures. Hotch joined in too. Rossi had no idea how to work the camera on his phone or if it even had a camera. So, he just watched, his lips twitching.

"Now Morgan, you be good or... these end up online. On facebook, for all your lover girls to see." JJ winked at him. Morgan just glared at her.

Which girl should he get revenge on...