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Garcia gritted her teeth as she weighed her options. Truth or dare? Either could turn around and bite her. This game was turning so nasty. Not that she objected. It had been her idea after all but it was only fun when it wasn't her that was in the spotlight. She was normally never embarrassed but with the direction the game had turned she felt even now that she may be embarrassed.

JJ's face was still red from all the constant teasing. Her eyes locked on Morgan's. He smirked before he smiled innocently and continued to mouth 'Neopets' at her.

Her nose twitched in annoyance as she glared at him, hoping the fury in her eyes would get the job done.

"Ladies, does anyone else need to freshen up?" JJ asked defiantly as her eyes flickered between all the other women with her. Both Emily and Garcia jumped up as Strauss remained sitting.

Hotch watched them leave and raised an eyebrow at Rossi whom shrugged.

"Was it something we said?" he asked with a laugh. It felt so weird for him but it had felt so nice to let loose.

Reid yawned as he stretched. Erin remained indifferent and crossed her arms.

"None of this leaves this room, understood?" she questioned in a tone that only accepted one answer.

All the males shared amused expressions as they nodded.

"Guys!" JJ came back in shouting in excitement. "The roads have been cleared and are full of salt! We can leave!"

Hotch and Morgan snorted with laughter as she came sliding into the room in her socks. They hadn't realized she'd left without them.

It didn't take too long for Emily and Garcia to catch up.

"I'm starving!" Emily stated as she began to gather her things.

"Wait a minute! It was Garcia's turn!" Morgan whined and when he thought of the mystery of Emily's crush his face fell even more. He wanted to know! Surely it had to be him!

"Aren't you hungry, too?" Garcia raised an eyebrow at him while she placed everything back in purse.

Morgan opened his mouth to protest but it was then his stomach growled. He gave her a sheepish look and he too stood up.

"I know this great place open 24 hours!" Reid exclaimed.

"Who's paying? Who 'won?'" Rossi said in obvious bemusement.

"We won!" Emily and Garcia yelled at once.

"Nu uh, you wish!" Hotch argued.

"JJ, are you even coming? Don't your Neopets need to be fed?" Morgan then ducked as a shoe came flying at his head.

"Enough arguing!" Strauss finally spoke up. "It's on the Bureau. Enjoy!"

This shut everyone up and several of them shrugged. Free breakfast? Who complained?

"Sounds good to me," JJ said as she put her hand on her grumbling stomach.

"Who wants yummy in their tummy?" Garcia sang.

She was quickly shut up with a look from most of her team. She shrugged. "Are we ready yet?"

Morgan watched Emily carefully. She had not told him her crush but he was going to 'profile' her and watch how she treated him, Reid, Rossi and Hotch for the next few weeks. It obviously had to be him, but it would be nice to be sure before he asked her out on a date.

"Hey Emily!" he heard JJ call out. "So, who was it?"

Who was it? Morgan thought. She had to be talking about the mystery crush! He tried to get closer but unfortunately Emily spotted him and he groaned as he saw her whisper in JJ's ear. What made it worse was when JJ giggled and said 'I thought so! That's so cute!'

Now it was JJ who smirked at him. She knew he wanted to know and her blue eyes sparkled mischievously. JJ whistled as she skipped out the doors. The cold bit at her, so her Emily and Garcia all got close for warmth and they led the way to their vehicles, laughing and giggling.

This was torture. "Emily, truth or dare?" Hotch asked her. He must have had the same thoughts as he did.

"Nice try," Emily laughed as she walked out of the office. "I've had enough truth or dare for a life time!"

The males all groaned as they followed the woman outside to the parking lot. This was a mystery that still had yet to be solved!

It was later that night when the girls were all having some time together. Emily had told JJ she'd tell her later, and JJ had jumped right on it and gotten all the girls together.

"Oh, Emily, just spill the details already!" Garcia demanded as she struggled to keep JJ's feet still while she painted her toe nails.

JJ giggled, she'd objected to the pedicure but no one got away with saying no to Garcia.

"All right, the story of my crush..." Emily sighed. "Here goes, since you guys will never let it go!

"Never," JJ smirked before breaking down into laughter again.

The girls were sitting in Garcia's home, sitting right in her living room. They'd somehow managed to make the boys pay for breakfast and had enjoyed a day off.

"Okay, so when I first came to the BAU, I had a crush on Hotch." Emily ignored the gasps in the room and continued on with her story. "I'd known him before joining and he was cute, still is, but I felt so shy and awkward and just wanted to impress him!"

"So, Hotch is your crush?" Garcia questioned.

Emily shook her head. "No, this was when I first joined the BAU."

"Ooh, do go on," JJ laughed.

"Next, I developed a crush on Morgan. He's gorgeous, hot and sweet."

Garcia nodded in agreement the entire time as Emily went on and on describing Morgan's qualities.

"So, your crush is Morgan?" JJ questioned, a little unsure.

Again, Emily shook her head. "Next came Rossi. After Gideon left, he came on the team, so strong and independent. It gave me goosebumps!"

The girls gasped again, and gave her a questioning look.

"No, it's not Rossi," Emily giggled. "Only for a short period of time."

"Reid!" Garcia exlaimed.

"I did have a crush on Reid, after he got that hair cut. The hair cut that made Hotch think he joined a boy band. Reid was sweet, intelligent and fun to be around," Emily explained, "and let's face it, absolutely adorable."

"So it's Reid?"

Again, Emily shook her head.

"Then who is it!" JJ furiously demanded. "You've said no to every man on our team!"

"None of them," Emily grinned.


"I just said that to bother them! Imagine, they're all probably at home torturing themselves wondering who my crush is," Emily said with a wicked smile.

Both Garcia and JJ laughed appreciatively. "Do you have a crush?" JJ asked with an arched eyebrow.

"Nope, let's face it, my one true love is Sergio.

"Reid, man, I don't know who you're kidding. It's obviously me," Morgan said rolling his eyes as he took another sip of his drink.

"That doesn't make sense!" Reid objected.

"Neither of them do. It's obviously me," Hotch interrupted, his words slurring slightly. "I'm her boss. There's always relationships with the boss on the team."

"I think you're all wrong," Dave muttered, leaning back. "I'm the best match for her."

"Oh really now?" Morgan said, trying not to laugh.

"Yes, it has to be me," Dave said, his tone indicating that this should be obvious.

"You're suffering from illusions, are you sick?" Hotch asked, his expression one of fake concern.

Reid rolled his eyes. They'd never get it. It had to be him. But at the same time, he knew the other three were thinking the exact... same thing.

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