A/N: Okay! This is my first fan fiction! Warnings for slight shonen ai if you squint your eyes. No LightXL pairing. L and Light are merely friends(for now at least)

Poor little L is sick! But will Light be a kind person and take care of L? Well I hope so! Or else I will write his name in my death note!

L: Because of that last comment, my percentage for you being the 3rd Kira rise 10%.

Chapter 1

The young brunette, sitting at a computer trying to find leads on Kira, couldn't concentrate well due to the fact that a certain chain conecting him to L was clinking incessantly. Light figured that the older man was enjoying a piece of strawberry cake, and he was about to tell him to cool it down, until he looked over. He saw that L wasn't eating anything. The light from the computer made L look paler than normal. The jingling of the chain was created because L was shaking. As Light looked closer, he saw a barely noticable light pink face noting fever.

"Ryuuzaki, are you okay?" Light asked with an almost worried tone in his voice.

"Yes Light-kun, I am fine," L answered with his usual monotone voice, but Light could sense a hint of strain in his voice.

L looked around the investigation room in a counter-clockwise manner until his panda eyes locked onto Light Yagami. Light was sitting there, staring intently at his computer screen. His hair gently framed his face and the glow of the monitor was giving a sort of radiant feel to the young one. "You don't look okay to me," Light informed, now looking at him.

"Light-kun, I assure you I am fine," L said just as he got out of his chair. He stood now, holding onto the chair to steady himself.

"We can take the night off since you seem to be very tired, Light-kun," L said, more like commanded.

"But Ryuuzaki I'm not tir-" Light was cut off by a sudden yank on his chain. Light followed the man upstairs and watched L's every movement. That man is sick and he knows it.

L seemed to be struggling to get upstairs, pausing for only a moment to catch his breath. He never did that. If I try to help him he will only assume the worst. Light thought. But if I don't help him, he will raise my percentage as Kira. Again.

Light climbed the stairs to reach L, who was hunched over trying to regulate his breathing. Light lifted L's arm over his shoulder and proceded to help him up to their room. L's eyes were wider than usual as he was helped upstairs. Is Light-kun doing this out of care or is he pretending to care only to get close to me and find out my real name so he can kill me? L thought. He decided not to worry about it and focus on getting to their room.

The two boys had to share a room because L chained them together with handcuffs in order to find out if Light was Kira. There were two beds, only they were pushed together to leave some slack for the chain.

Light helped L over to the beds and set L on one of them. The panda-eyed man sat in his usual manner as he looked up at Light, watching him pull back the duvet and sheets on the bed next to L. Light stopped and looked over at L. "Now, you get in this bed and don't come out until you are better." Reluctantly, L did what he was told and crawled under the covers. He pulled them up to his nose and closed his eyes. He was interrupted by Light. "Ryuuzaki, can you unlock the cuffs for a minute?"

"I suppose, even though this is going against what I have said about keeping Light-kun chained to me." L replied in his usual way of speaking. "Of course even though you are unchained, Watari is still viewing your every movement with the help of cameras and his computer."

Even when he's sick he accuses me of being Kira.