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At the end of the week, L was cured of his cold. Light, however, was laying in bed. L was running around getting things for his poor Light-chan. The brunette had caught the cold. The detective wasn't sure how the young man got it though.

"L," Light said with a hoarse voice. "You know how I got this cold, right?"

L just shook his head and sat down on the bed next to Light. "No, I do not. If you know, would you please tell me?"

" I'm just going to say that it was both of our faults. You know, when I kissed you." the brunette smirked.

The raven-haired man blushed profusely and turned his head away. But, he was too late, Light had placed his hand on L's face and turned it back around. The brunette quickly shortened the distance between them and gently pressed their lips together. The detective's eyes closed and his mind stopped functioning properly. Light broke the kiss after what seemed like hours. He smiled at L. "I love you, L."

L blushed a little. "I love you too, Light-kun."

Unfortunately, the romantic moment was ruined by a Light that sneezed. Very loudly actually. "Light-kun, did you have to ruin the moment?" L pouted.

Light only laughed at this, and soon, L joined and laughed just a little too.

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