After reading so many Darkstalkers fanfics, I decided to wright my own.
I think that each fanfic written by each person, is special in it's own way.
But I noticed something about Darkstalkers fanfics, most of the characters act the same in them.
So, I wanted to try something different, the only question was.
How could I make the Darkstalkers different, but keep them the same?
That soon became apparent. Add a new character, one that WOULD affect them all. In more ways then one.

So, as this is my first fanfic, I feel a little nervous, but, I've finally gotten around to publishing it.

And the small "catchphrase" of the fanfic, is a saying a saw in a music video...But, it seems to fit,
and it's a bit of a hint of things to come.

Banished from Heaven by God denied.
Confined to the shadows, in darkness hide.
And there they wept, and there they cried.
And so they lived and so they died.
Fallen, shattered, by God denied. _

It was 2:30 A.M. and it was still dark out.
Suddenly, a car rushed through the woods, pursued by quite a few trucks.
Most children would have been in bed by now.
But, for twelve year old Matthew Talbain, this was not the case.

Sitting in the passenger seat of the car, Matthew put a clip into both of his Glock 17s, then turned to look at Jon.

Jon Talbain was Matthew's adoptive father and treated Matthew like his own son.
Jon took his eyes off the path for a brief second, then spoke to Matthew;

"You know what to do."

Matthew nodded, and then leaned out the window.

He aimed at the nearest truck, and fired a few shots at the wheels. Jon pulled Matthew back inside as the truck began retaliating.

"We'll have to make a break for it on foot." Jon said with a sigh. He turned to look at Matthew. "And we'll have to split up."

The look on Matthew's face, told Jon that he didn't like the idea of splitting up, but would go with it.

Jon looked ahead, searching for anything that could help them get away quickly.
And then he saw it:

A tree, a large one that could help provide a great distraction. Jon hastily told Matthew his plan.

The leader of the pursuers yelled out instructions to his crew.
"Cut them off, shoot their tires, do anything it takes to get them!"

He wasn't expecting to see the man or the boy, jump from the car, nor was he expecting to see an explosion.

He cried out in shock and anger, as the two split, and dashed off into seperate parts of the woods.

"Put out that fire, and get after them!" He screamed. "Nobody, man or monster, makes a fool out of me!"

Matthew sprinted through the woods, he had never ran this hard or fast in his twelve years of life.

He could hear his pursuers gaining, and knew that the only way to survive this ordeal, was to kill, or be killed.

Matthew dashed behind a tree, and then proceeded to climb it. There he sat, and waited.
The men stopped at the base of the tree and began to speak to each other.

"Great, we lost him." The apparent party leader said.
"Better find the brat quickly." The second one growled.

The third one didn't say anything. Matthew couldn't make out their expressions because of their masks, but he could tell they knew he was in the tree.
Acting quickly, Matthew pulled both Glocks from their holsters, and opened fire.
His first two shots missed completley. But the next two hit Gunman 2, and gunman 3.

Gunman 1 fired at the branch Matthew was sitting on, and Matthew found himself plummeting downwards.

Matthew landed, and rolled. But was yanked upward by the man, who forced Matthew to drop his guns.

"You just killed my friends." He said between clenched teeth. "Your wanted dead or alive. Can you guess which one I'm choosing?"

Matthew didn't waste time, swiftly kicking the man between his legs. He then quickly grabbed one of his Glocks, stood, aimed, and fired.

Jon was quicker then his pursuers had anticipated. Ducking low branches with ease, jumping fallen logs, and dodging trees, was much more then they had expected from him.

Jon silently sat down, knowing he had gotten enough distance between them.
He then sat, and looked at the full moon as it began to shine, he could easily transform himself, but the process was not as quick, as it was with the moon, and time was something he didn't have at the moment.

Matthew told himself, again and again that he needed to find Jon before the pursuers found him. Not that jon couldn't handle himself, but Matthew knew that he could get outnumbered.

Matthew couldn't stand the thought of Jon dying, as that was something that he would not be able to live with.

The pursuers had caught up with Jon. One of them went ahead of the rest and soon came upon the british man.

He could not tell why he was hunched over. It was dark, and he couldn't see properly through the mask.

He tapped Jon with his rifle. And instantly wished he hadn't, as the last thing he saw was a furry hand, with long golden claws, swing toward his face.

The others arrived on the scene, and opened fire, they had never seen a werewolf in real life before, and had no intention of fighting one up close.

The werewolf was easily dodging their bullets, and whenever he got close to one of the pursuers, they were shown no mercy.

One of the pursuers thrust a knife at the werewolf, which brought up a pair of Nun-Chakus and blocked the knife with the chains.

The man, who had lost his helmet in his haste to get away from the leader of the pursuers, had a look of confusion and shock on his face.

The look was quickly changed to a look of pain, as the werewolf kicked him in the side of the jaw.

Jon stood upright, and looked at the five corpses. These men were after him and Matthew, and he wanted to know why.

He also wanted to know where Matthew was.
As if on cue, there was a noise behind Jon, who spun around to see what it was. It turned out to be Matthew.

Jon padded over to Matthew. "Are you alright Matty?" He asked.

Matthew nodded, then smiled. "Matty", was a nickname Jon had given Matthew, who thought that the name only sounded right if Jon was saying it.

Jon stood on his back legs, and put a hand on Matthew's shoulder. "I'm glad." He said. Then his tone became serious as he said "We need to get out of here. And we need to hurry".
The two silently walked through the woodlands, each one with their own thoughts.