Chapter Four. A new friend.(?)

Felicia opened her eyes to the sun shining.

Happy that she could greet a new day, Felicia was about to stand, but then she took note of where she was.
It was not where she had fallen asleep last night.

She was on the grass, and was alone. Something that sent warning bells off in her head.

Felicia had no clue where she was, how she had gotten here, or where the others were.

She felt a small twinge of fear, yet she also felt safe.

"Don't worry." a voice said. "Your quite safe. Blimey, had I not shown up when I did."

Felicia identified the accent, as being Australian. "Who's there?" She asked.

"Nobody you haven't heard of." The voice said.

The voice, was all over the place and was echoing.

"Oh, I get it!" Felicia said with a laugh. "your in a tree."

"Nope." The voice said. "I'm right next to you."

Felicia looked down. Nothing was there.

"Lower." The voice said again.

Felicia was confused. "How much lower?"

A zombified hand burst from the ground, causing Felicia to scream.

"Try, fifteen feet below ground."
Jon woke with a start. He wasn't inside the Trailer.

Looking around, he could see Anita sitting on a rock, and Matthew, was at his side.(As usual.)

Jon sat up, and yawned. "What happened?" he asked. Matthew shrugged.
With a sigh, Jon sat up all the way and crossed his legs, putting his paws on his knees.

"And what of the others?" Anita did not move, and Matthew shrugged again.

Jon took in every last part of the area. It was a clearing, in what appeared to be some woods.

"Strange." He said. "How'd we get here?"

Matthew this time, did not respond either, he was listening to Jon's voice. Which he loved to hear.

Matthew and Jon, were as close to each other, as a real father was with his real son. And Matthew, could not stand to be away from Jon. Which everyone in the trailer noticed.

Jon was muttering to himself about how it was impossible to drive this far into the woods, and leave no marks on the grass.
All the while, Matthew sat and listened.

Jon stopped talking after a moment, then looked at Matthew. "We should start looking for them." Matthew nodded.

Jon stood up, called to Anita, and then the three of them set off into the woods.

Anita walked a few feet away from the two, Matthew walked close to Jon, and Jon padded inbetween them.

All three had their own thoughts, but, none so deep as Jon's.

He thought about how he was lucky, to have found Matthew. Matthew had never been afraid of Jon, not even when Jon showed Matthew he was a werewolf.

Matthew had even helped Jon to understand and accept his Darkstalker self. Something any other child would never have, or would never have attempted, to do.

Jon smiled then. Knowing that the bond they shared, wouldn't be broken easily. And he hoped it never would be.

"Hey! Get me down from here!"

Jon was snapped back into reality by Hsien-Ko's voice. Looking up, he saw her suspended by a tree branch, her arms were the only thing keeping her from falling.

"Just let go." Jon said.

"No way! You mange-" She quickly let go as Matthew threw a large club shaped stick at her head.

"What's wrong with that kid?" She yelled when she sat up. "Whenever I go to say something to you, he throws something at me!"

Jon grinned. "That's Matthew for you." He said with a chuckle.

Hsien-Ko folded her arms, then snorted out of disgust. "And you let him get away with that?"

"Well, it benifits both of us." Jon replied. "I don't have to listen to your insults, and Matthew get's to stop you from saying them."

Hsien-Ko looked at Jon with hooded lids. "How proud you must be."

"Heeeeeeeyy!" Felicia yelled. "There you guys are!" She was being followed by what appeared to be a Zombie.

Jon, was instantly on gaurd. "What is that THING?"

Felicia was suprised at the harsh tone of Jon's voice. "This thing, saved me."

Matthew put a hand on Jon's shoulder, and Jon looked at him. The others could tell it was something in Matthew's stare that told Jon it was okay.

Jon stood on his back legs, then nodded. "Well, I suppose he's fine then."

"Fine?" The Zombie said in shock. "Just FINE?"

Jon was confused.

"I'm a ROCKSTAR!" The Zombie said with a hint of disgust in his voice.

"Well." Hsien-Ko said. "Never heard of you."

The Zombie looked at her. "I know." He said. "Nobody has ever heard of Lord Raptor."

Raptor, is one of the Darkstalkers, that made it onto my fave list. So, I wanted to make him part of the team.

:Side NOTE:
Don't worry Morrigan fans, I haven't forgotten about her.