This Story you are about to read is about a inside (made-up) look into Paul's Life as a Trainer threw a trusted partners eyes.

My Secrets are only shared with you

By: Banette Girl

Dawn Laid in bed awaking to the morning sun, as she stretch her partner Espeon Moved and Looked at her, with a little Yawn.

"Good morning Espeon, how did you sleep," Dawn asked

"I Guess ok," it was kind of light,"

"Oh I'm sorry, I hope I didn't move too much, I was very uncomfortable all night,"

"Its ok, I don't mind," Espeon said as she got up and jumped from the bed to the dresser, and looked at her reflection. She grabbed a hold of Dawn's smell good glitter and patted her cheeks.

The colder the winter the warmer the spring, the deeper the summer the more our hearts sing,

She sang as she finished and took a look at her self in the mirror.

"Good Morning Cyndaquil, Piplup,' Dawn said as the two Little Boy pokemon ran in her room,

Dawn go up and walked over to her closet and put on her new trainer outfit, it was short shorts, a black belly tank top with a yellow over shirt that went to her belly, with long sleeves that were opening a cute flowy manner, and it hung off her shoulders. She walked out her room's door and down to the kitchen.

""Good morning, Mom,"

"Good morning Dawn, want some eggs,"

"Oh yes please,"

"Don't forget to feed everyone,"

"I'm not, I'm about to go do that as we speak,"

Dawn walked out of the back doors into the back yard and released all her pokemon and begun to feed them when her mom called her in to the kitchen.

"Yes, Ma'."

"You have a call,"


Dawn moved to the Picture phone and saw Reggie on the screen. Her mother walked away,

"Good morning Reggie, what a nice surprise,"

"Good morning to you too Dawn, and yes this is a surprise but you see I didn't call to have a nice morning chat, but I have a favor to ask, you see I have to go out of town, and since Paul is still wondering around Sihno I can't really leave the house unattended for the fact if he need to switch pokemon out and what not, and since he usually isn't at a center for the night I cant call him, so I was wondering if you didn't mind coming and staying here while I'm out to take care of Paul's pokemon and all, please," Reggie said

"Well, ummm, ok sure, sounds like fun, I'll do it,"

"Good I shouldn't be gone for more than a week or two, and there is plenty to do at Veilstone, its just his pokemon need to be fed daily and I will show you the ropes it very simple,"

"Alright, I'll be over there Later,"

"Good, I Leave tomorrow,"




"I heard, I see no reason why not, go have fun, maybe it will do you good to get out of the house and all,"

"Ok, come on I better pack,"

"Wait what about breakfast, oh that girl I swear,"

After Dawn was packed and had her pokemon with her, she hopped on Togikiss's back and flew to Veilstone, where Reggie met her at the Center.

"Hey Reggie,,"

"Hello Dawn, are you all set,"

"Yep, I sure am,"

"Good now how about we go do some shopping for some stuff you would like to eat, ok,"


As they entered the store, Reggie got a buggy, and followed Dawn around as she got a few instant meals she would like, chips, ramen in a cup, and some drinks. As they were Leaving, Dawn looked up at the sky, it was getting cloudy.

"Reggie, is it going to rain soon,"

"No, just suppose to get real Windy, but don't worry the house is a strong house it won't blow away,"

"Funny Reggie, so may I ask what you have to go do,"

"Well The Snowpoint Gym is having a problem with some of the pokemon in the area and I am going to help calm them down,"

"Oh, sounds cold,"

"Yes, very,"

As they pulled up in the driveway, Dawn looked at the two story house, and felt kind of bad, that she would be alone, for a week or two. Reggie unloaded the groceries as she went up the stairs to the guest room, once she was settled in. She walked down stairs and looked at Reggie, he was reading a newspaper, and had a cup of tea.

"I'm settled in, so when do we feed the pokemon,"

"Good, and we can go ahead and feed them then I am going to call it a night, big day tomorrow, here grab those two buckets and follow me,"

They walked outside to the shed where there was poke food everywhere she watched Reggie fill the buckets up four in total, then he told her to go up to the second floor of the house and the only door on the right, across from the guest room would have two buckets of pokeballs In them to bring them out to him. As he walked off and begin to set out bowls of food, Dawn walked up the stairs slowly. Once she got to the door, she hesitated to open it, once her hand grabbed the handle, she was show a room, a very dusty all alone room.. There was a desk and a chair with a few books on it across form that was a bed, a nicely made bed. Dawn walked inside it and felt a chill run up her spine.

'Aw there you are, Hahahha I got ahead of my self and came to help you, out," Reggie said scratching his head

"Reggie, who's room is this,"

"This is Paul's room, it's a shame he is never home, kind of miss the little brat every now and then," Reggie said looking at the room, Dawn saw the look of love and care

"Well we better feed these guys before it gets ugly, Hahahha come on,"

Once outside they released all the pokeball and whoa there were a lot. Dawn looked out at the breeds, she couldn't believe it, Paul had a (Going to tell you just for the fun of it J)

Arcanine, Alakazam, Blastoise, two Charizards, Arbok, Beedrill, Dodrio, Dragonite, Golem, Gyarados, Gengar, Lapras, Nidoking, Persion, Pidgeotto, Rapidash, Primeape, Ampharos, Feraligatr, Houndoom, Donphan, Scizor, Steelix, Typhlosion, Tyranitar, Absol, Aggron, Cacturn, Blaziken, Exploud, Flygon, Glalie, Manectric, Hariyama, Ninjask, Mightyena, Metagross, Shifty Sharpedo, Seviper, Treecko, Walrien, Zangoose, (forgive me if I mess up his Sihno team) Electivire, Gastrodon, Froslass, Drapion, Gliscor, plus his Pokemon on his team now, Weavile Torterra, Magmortar, Umbreon, Honchkrow, Ursaring.

Dawn was amazed at all the different Pokemon, she had no idea there where so many different kinds, plus so many more.

"Yep, my Little Brother has some collection don't you think," Reggie asked

"Yes that is for sure, Reggie you go ahead and go to bed, I can handle this, I promise," Dawn said

"Alright, now I know the job may seam kind of hard but there is 48 different pokemon out there odds are one of them will like you and help you,"

As Reggie Left Dawn watched everyone eat, and before she knew it, Treecko, Electivire and Persion had all came and sat by her. Dawn focused on how each one of them sat and ate together no one was fighting, unlike she expected she was ready for one of them to start having a fight with another and she have to break it up, yet none of them seamed to mind the other's company, even the Seviper and the Zangoose were eating out of the same bowl. Dawn leaned back and felt a heated object press against her back, she looked up to see Electivire sitting behind her, with Persion on her left and Treecko on her right arm.

"Well hello there," She said to them

"Hello, Lady Dawn," Electivire said

"Hello, there," Persion said

"Hand over the trinket, and no one gets hurt," Treecko said pointing to Dawn's Bracelet.

"No, I can't its to valuable,"

"I have one too, see," he held up his bracelet it was a brown leather with stones all the way around it.

Dawn stood up and looked at the time, "Look like it's time to go up, how about you three help me out, please,"

"Ok., lets go guys," Treecko said


Dawn and the others returned all the pokemon and went inside but once again standing outside the door, made Dawn hesitant to open it.

"Its ok, you know, you can open the door, Master's not on the other side," Treecko said

"Yeah I guess you are right, come on then,"

Once inside Dawn placed the two buckets back where they were before, then turned to look at the room, she ran her hands over the desk, and saw the dust on it.

'You guys I know what I will do tomorrow, I think I'll clean up Paul's Room, so its not so dusty, what you guys saw,"

"I'll help, said Persion,

"I see no harm in it," Electivire said

"Me too, me too, Treecko too,"

"Alright Treecko can help too,"

"Now how about we all get ready for bed, hmm,"

Electivire was returned to his pokeball and sat on the bed side table by Dawn's bed. Treecko was shutting Paul's room door when Persion stopped him, and shushed him into Dawn's room, before taking one final look in her master's room she left.

"Come home soon, Master,"

After Dawn's Shower she laid down before Treecko began to stir.

"Lady Dawn, do you know any Night time songs,"

"Why does Paul sing to you," Dawn asked

"No he doesn't he just he had this mp3 player that he put lullabies on for me, and well I got use to listening to them when I wasn't in my pokeball, but can you sing me a sweet tune,"

"I will try, now lay back down, and try and sleep, I don't remember all the words but,

here I am so young and strong right here and the place I belong it's a new world it's a new start it a life with a beating of a new heart, it's a new day in a new land, and its waiting for me here I am, oh it's a new world, it's a new start it a life with a beating of a new heart, it's a new day in a new land, and its waiting for me here I am," Dawn looked down Treecko was asleep,

She curled up to her pillow, and fell asleep, with Persion at the foot of the bed, one thing Dawn noticed was that she had on a pink Bandana on.

"I wonder, I better get some sleep, tomorrow is a big day I can wonder about it later," Dawn thought

Well there you go the beginning chapter Paul had a lot of pokemon huh? Hahahha I just made up them all idk if he even has them, hope you guys continue to read.