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Chapter Five

Dawn met Paul at the door, where he was casually holding the door open for her.

"Are you ready,' he asked

"Yeah, I guess, so where are we going,'

"it's a secret, that you have to wait and see,"

"Now please, after you,"

As they walked out the door, the only pokemon that were coming were Treecko, Persion, Weavile, Lopunny, and Piplup. The others were ready to keep the movie marathon they had going. Piplup was having fun splashing in the puddles, and Treecko was jumping from Dawn's shoulder to Paul's. Persion was walking in-between them, while Weavile and Lopunny were in front of them holding Claws and Paws. Once they entered Veilstone, Dawn watched as Weavile got 40 dollars as he and Lopunny disappeared into town. Piplup and Treecko were watching all the people, walk by as Persion just kept her casual walk going on looking just up every now and then. As they neared the Fair entrance Dawn looked at Paul, he was glancing at her threw the corners of his eyes. They walked around a little before Dawn started wanting to play games, she won the balloon pop game, while Paul whooped butt on the bottle knock down Game. He won a stuffed Skitty for Dawn, and she got him a Torterra wishing Glob. (A Torterra that lights up and is shaped like a ball) Paul was ready for rides first it was the Tea-cups, then the twisting spaceship. Then the Swings, Treecko and Piplup were playing some serious game of pop the balloons when the Ferris wheel Caught Dawn's attention. She pulled Paul's arm toward its. He looked at Treecko and Piplup, then begun to look around frantically for Persion.

Dawn felt her rub her leg, holding a pink ribbon in her mouth, Looking at Paul, and a Stuffed Spinda in her tail. He told them were they were going, and said Persion was in charge after he tied the Ribbon her. As they paid the man their tickets for the ride, Paul looked at the time on his Pokedex. He smiled to himself. As they inched upwards, Dawn felt kind of cold, she shivered, before Paul moved to sit beside her, he handed her his Jacket, before she rested her head upon his shoulder. He moved and laid his arm behind her on the seat, as they looked out the pokeball shape cart at the view of the stars and Meteors they neared the top once up there the Meteors began to glow the blue color they did every night at 8. Paul felt kind of proud of himself for his mighty accomplishment. Dawn, looked at Paul before moving and grabbing his chin and the back of his head and kissing his cheek. She felt embarrassed for her bold action.

"I don't know what changed, about you, but between me and you I think this Paul is way better, but he needs a bit more of the bad boy streak back," she said moving away

"Bad boy huh, well then," He grabbed Dawn and Flung her over his knees and Kissed her as the cart began to fall, the kiss didn't end until they were about to get off.

"Much better," Dawn said getting off and looking for her stuffed Skitty and the pokemon. She Looked and Saw Persion coming back her ribbon was missing, Treecko and Piplup were crying all of them looked terrible.

"Master we are so sorry there was a group of people, and they stole our stuff and they had a Houndoom, well a bunch of them, and we didn't stand a chance," Persion said

"Who," Paul asked

Persion Pointed to a group of Teens Throwing the Skitty around, and one had the Torterra wishing glob, and a Houndoom had Perion's ribbon on, while another had her stuffed animal. Paul walked over to him, and Pulled out a pokeball from his pants pocket.

'Hey witch one of you took my pokemon's stuff," Paul asked in a bored manner

"I did, got a problem," Said the Bigger one, he had a biker jacket ok, and had Dawn's Stuffed Skitty, and the Torterra Wishing Glob. While the Houndooms walked and surrounded him, The others just watched.

"Boss lets just give it back, I seen this kid battle on TV, he the stuff," said one of the other boys

'Naw, we stole it we keep it,"

"Hff, fine, but if I beat all your Houndooms I get it all back," Paul said

"Deal, but I bet the Persion of you can't do it, and if I win I also get to keep stuff, and take your little lady friend on the Ferris wheel,"

Paul Glared at him, and smirked knowing the pokeball he had was a good choice.

He released his one and only Gyarados out on the ground, the huge water Snake Rose and shot off a Hydro Cannon attack, knocking off all the Houndooms. Dawn jumped up and wrapped her arms around Paul's Neck, and kissed his cheek, as the Biker kids handed over all the stuff and apologized for it.

'My Hero," Dawn joked on the way back to the fair grounds, before something made her stop and look down,

"What is it Dawn,"

She looked up at him, and pointed at a particular prize. A Stuffed Absol, with a Egg hiding under its feet. (The Absol was sitting and the egg was in-between his front feet, also Absol is very flexible and can be made to stand sit and Lay) Dawn looked at Paul for a very long time.

"I got so attached you your Absol, I kind of want one of my own,'

"How about this I'll win you that Thing, if I can get,"

"If u can get," Dawn asked

He flung her back around and stole another kiss, a lot longer one

"One of those," he said walking off to the stands, he tried over Four times, to get it, but the game was harder then it look, He had to throw a bal threw the hoops and whack a pokemon that moved. On the fifth try he almost had it and the money in Paul's pocket was getting lower and lower, He kept looking at Dawn who was smiling and looking at the stuffed Absol and egg.

"Good Luck kid, do you no, how many people have tried for that, look kid I'll cut you a deal, if you can make at least four in a row I'll give you the thing, for your girlfriend,' The man said looking at Dawn.

Paul took a deep Breath and shot the first ball, witch he made, then he made two more then he had one more and the pokemon was moving a lot faster, he tried to follow the pattern, before Dawn walked up to him.

"There is a pattern, left right, left center, right, left," Dawn said before kissing his cheek.

Paul looked at the think as it went threw the pattern then throwing the ball threw the middle hoop and hitting the pokemon, he looked at the man who handed Dawn the stuffed Absol, and the egg. Dawn Looked up at Paul and kissed him long before feeling her knees wobble. He wrapped his arms around her as they walked back, Treecko was sizing up his and Piplup's prizes, and Persion was eating some cotton Candy, As they got to the house, Weavile an Lopunny were sitting on the porch cuddling each other. Dawn winked at Lopunny as her and Paul walked inside, and up to Paul's Room, after Dawn set the egg on the side table of her bed and laid the stuffed Absol, and Skitty, on her bed. And Went and Changed into her Night Gown (Black Spaghetti strap, mid thigh with cute blue bubbles flowing on bottom.) She walked into Paul's room he had on a pair of just black boxers, and was Petting Persion, who was chewing on Spinda, while Treecko was passed out on desk with Piplup. Dawn curled up beside Paul, and they watched, "The Adventures of Lucario of the Woods, and the Richu Gang,' a movie about a bandit Lucario and his partners Twin Richu's who become trapped in a mysterious powerful woods and with the help of a young beautiful Gardivour and her Sister Kirlia. They show the boys how to respect others and learn a few things about them self.

After that movie was over Paul looked at Dawn she was asleep, Hold Absol's Neck again, He covered her up and turned off the TV before getting the two pokemon off the desk and calling it a night himself. Some how they had managed to tangle up with in each other, and kick the covers off with out disturbing the pokemon, when they woke up, Dawn smiled at Paul and kissed his nose before getting up and stretching before getting a morning shower, while Paul made the bed, and Fed the pokemon. Once they were both Clean and having Breakfast the front Door opened, in stepped a man covered in Luggage, with a Fur coat on, an bag with a bow wrapped around it.

"Dawn, I'm home early,"

"Ow hello, Paul, I didn't expect you to be home, and Dawn your still here, great, so how was everyone,"

"Good and Paul was good too, got in a lot of trouble,' Dawn said Shaking her head

"Yep, you know me, cute, Loveable, Bad boy at heart," Paul said rolling his eyes


Reggie just Laughed and Began to Put his stuff away, "Turned out that the pokemon were just upset because the snow had blocked their cave, and all it was a no biggie so I got to come home early, glad to see the house still standing with the two of you still here, I mean last time, you two were like a Zangoose, and a Seviper,"

"I'm the cute Zangoose right," Asked Dawn,

"Yep, and Paul is the Cold, rude, disgusting-,"

"Watch it,"


Dawn looked at Paul, and he flicked his tongue out and mimicked a Seviper, Dawn jumped in surprise and giggled. He winked at her before Reggie turned around

"So Dawn, did any of them Like you,"

"Yep, The Charizards, Arrgon, Persion, Treecko, Electivire, and Absol," Dawn said

"And the BIG problem was," Reggie said

"Nothing, just Paul,"

"Hahahha I knew it,"

"Hey, I'm still In the room, see right here the Seviper Guy," Paul said

Dawn pictured him dressed in Black doing the tongue thing, and giggled again.

Paul looked at her, "Troublesome, do you like the tongue thing," he cocked his eyebrow at her

"Oh, no," Dawn said giggling

"Well since your home I better get going, Hahahha I had a great time here, and your brother has great hospitality," Dawn said as she walked up the stairs to get her stuff Paul looked at Reggie

"And the kissing is-," Reggie asked Paul after he took a bite of Waffles

He began to choke, he looked at Reggie, "what,"

"Aw come on Little bro. you must have made some kind of Move on her, I mean I know you like her, Persion told me so,"

'That Little CAT,"

"Hahahha so how was it,"

"No of your Business was how it was,"

"So you did make a move, you took her to the fair huh,"


"And that's when you kissed her,"


"Did she kiss back,"


"SO you got your FIRST kiss, Hahahha good for you little bro, about time,"

Paul looked at the floor, huffed and got up

"You know I have no problem if she stays over longer, she can just tell Johanna she still has to baby-sit, for the week and a half she still has,"

Paul took to the stairs two by two, and caught Dawn loading up the stuff in her Bag,

"Troublesome wait,"


He grabbed her and kissed her, she dropped her Stuffed Skitty and wrapped her arms around his neck,

"Reggie said we gona scheme your mom into thinking he still gone and I not here, so you can stay that week and a half you still got," He said before kissing her again

"Goody," She melted into him

End of the Story Hahahha cute little fluff