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Finding: Trust~ Chapter 2: Edmund

Everything was pitch black, as if it were midnight, but the moon and stars were not shinning. What had happened to me? Was it the Witch's magic, somehow still working despite her death?

No, Aslan told me she was gone. She had to be. And if she wasn't... well, I just had to do everything I could to keep her away from my brother and sister, and the Narnians.

Which reminded me. Mr. Tumnus.

I took a deep, calming breath. Then another.

"Edmund, are you alright?" the faun asked.

"We have to get out of here. The Wolves will probably be back any time now," I said. "Come over here, and help me untie my hands."

The faun cautiously shuffled to me, which I figured was more than I deserved. I wasn't about to lie to him who I was, even if he didn't remember me... especially if he didn't remember me. When he heard the whole story, and somehow I knew he would, I didn't want him to think I hid my faults or left things out. But I wasn't about to believe that me being honest with him meant he would love me any more than he did when he didn't know a thing about me. I knew it would be the opposite. It would be harder for him to trust me this way-but it was for the better.

I felt hands pulling at the ropes tying my hands together in front of me, and within a few minutes they were gone. "Let me see your..." I blinked and frowned, frustrated. I had a feeling if my sight didn't return soon, I'd go crazy. "Give me your hands."

Somehow, I could feel Mr. Tumnus' eyes looking at me with pity, and frowned even more. I concentrated on feeling the ropes, finding the strongest knots and gently pulling them apart. It was taking a much longer to free his hands than it took to free mine, but there was nothing I could do about that.

Then I heard something. Someone or something was coming near. I put a finger to my lips, praying the faun would understand. Even though I didn't have to, I closed my eyes, working faster at the knots and listening for the footsteps again. They were the same I had heard earlier, the paw-steps of Wolves.

I heard a soft sigh of relief and felt the rope fall limply onto my feet. Neither of us moved at first, and I focused on listening to the footsteps. There were two Wolves, and some heavier ones I couldn't place. "Come on," I mouthed to Mr. Tumnus, standing as quietly as I could and pointing in the direction opposite of that the Wolves were coming from.

This was bad time for being blind.

Who am I kidding? Being blind made everything ten times harder than before. But it also made my other senses, like smelling and hearing, much more powerful. I was pretty sure I wouldn't have heard the creatures coming if I had still been able to see. They would have been able to sneak up on us, surprising us when we were trying to run away, and we probably would have been punished for it. We certainly would have been recaptured. Thankfully, that didn't happen.

A few minutes later, I stumbled over a tree root. Mr. Tumnus grabbed me before I could hit the ground. Without a doubt, the Wolves had heard me trip, and they would soon be after us. That, and the fact that I knew they had an amazing sense of smell...

"Mr. Tumnus, you have to get out of here," I whispered. "Go to the Stone Table. You'll probably find an Animal or dryad that will help you find Aslan's camp." The faun hesitated. "Look, there's no way we'll both escape if you stay with me. I can't see, I'll just slow us down, and they'll be here soon. This way I'll be able to distract them, and you'll have a chance to escape. If you do, you can warn everyone about what's going on, and bring back help."

Finally Mr. Tumnus agreed. "What about you? They won't be happy that we tried to escape, and that I'll be gone."

"Don't worry about me," I said grimly. "Just go find Aslan."

Mr. Tumnus took a few steps away from me, then a Wolf howled. "Go!" Immediately he began to run, much faster than I would have been able to, considering he's part goat, and was soon gone. I took a seat under a tree, too tired to continue standing. That knock to the head had done more than I thought. Maybe I had a concussion. I'd never had one before, so it was difficult to tell.

A few minutes later the Wolves and another creature, who sounded bigger and heavier, arrived.

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