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Summary: Not all of Sideswipe's surprises are bad. In fact, Sunstreaker can arguably say that most are quite enjoyable.

Disclaimer: Not mine. I wish. Cause then Ratchet would be tied to the berth constantly XD

Pure and Simple

Sunstreaker squirmed against the berth, the optical senor block that was preventing his optics from onlining adding to the heat that was pumping through his circuits. He was hyper aware of the magnet cuffs that had his arms pinned to the topmost edge of his berth and he whined in frustrated arousal. He could feel the fragging vibrator his brother had shoved into his valve, dead and not moving, but keeping him frustrated and wet.

The yellow Lamborghini heard the door cycle open and he was sure to keep the desperation off his faceplates. He wouldn't give the fragger the satisfaction. Instead, he grit his dentae against the grown that bubbled in his throat as a warm hand trailed up his thigh... slowly.

"You seem... frustrated." The whispered intake that caressed along Sunstreaker's helm vent sent a full body shiver down his spine and he couldn't quite stifle a groan.

"Sideswipe! You slagging...!"

"Come on, Sunny!" His twin purred against his helm, the hand that had been tracing through the lubricant on his thigh trailing towards the sensitive seam where his leg connected to his hip. "You can't tell me this isn't a great way to come out of recharge."

It was true. Sunstreaker hadn't necessarily given his consent to this. He had pretty much been woken by a heat that had started in his hips and then spread. Finding that his brother had bound him spread eagle on his berth with a visual feed inhibitor was, to say the very least, a huge turn on. Even if he never admitted it.

What he wasn't so keen about was looking at his chronometer and realizing Sideswipe was on a patrol. And the glitch brain had left him with only his mind and his whispers across their bond. And with all those promises still bouncing around in his processor, he was desperate for some kind of contact from his Twin. Anything to stop that fragging ache that had built between —

A long, low moan was pulled passed the block he had attempted to construct on his vocalizer. Clever digits had finally snuck their way to circle around the vibrator in his valve.

Sideswipe grinned in triumph and his own arousal. Having left his brother like this for the better part of the cycle had given the room plenty of the time to permeate with the golden warrior's smell. A smell that Sideswipe as heady as any potent high grade.

As well as the control he was so seldom allowed to have in these encounters.

The red frontliner licked his lips, the tips of his digits pressing under the edges of the vibrator, feeling the valve clench and his brother's whine.

"Mmm... You look so good like this Sunshine." He purred, trailing his lips along a vent slat, enjoying the hitch of his brother's ventilations.

"D-don't call me that!" Sunstreaker ground out through gritted dentae, thrashing as his brother's digits finally, FINALLY pulled the slagging toy out. The loss of stimulation to his valve, however, was unwelcome and his hips strained upwards for something.

Sideswipe chuckled, feeling Sunstreaker's frustration, arousal, want and need flood the bond. "Whatever you say Sunflower."

The answering snarl at the new nickname was cut off by a strangled cry as Sideswipe ducked down and licked across the moist opening before the very tip of his glossa pushed in, tasting and flicking against sensitized nodes.

The painful press of his spike against his codpiece had him quickly groaning himself and he relented his attention to his Twin's valve in favor of releasing the pressure and slithering up the powerful yellow body to cover Sunstreaker's lips with his own.

Sunstreaker's next groan was lost in Sideswipe's warm mouth, as his brother's glassa pushed into his own to twine their glossas. Sunstreaker tasted himself there, along with the flavor that was purely Sideswipe and it was always a satisfying one that fed his appetite. Sunstreaker cried into their liplock, suddenly finding himself stretched wide as his brother's hot spike pushed through the flexible walls of his valve.

Sideswipe hissed in pleasure, breaking away from his brother's lips to bury his face against his neck, dentae scraping across sensitive wires and tubes. Sunstreaker writhed as Sideswipe fully seated himself and whispered in his audio.

"You're so fragging hot! So tight, so wet... Mine!"

The possessive words and the scrape of digits down his sides had Sunstreaker in a rarely seen whimpering mess.

And Sideswipe loved every klik of it.

"MOVE, frag you!" Sunstreaker growled, straining to grind into his brother to get him to do something with the large presence in his valve. He purposefully clenched his valve tight around his brother's spike, growling feraly at the yelp elicited from the crimson prankster.

But it also got the desired effect as Sideswipe pulled almost completely out only to slam his hips forward again, once more drowning Sunstreaker's cry of ecstasy in a brutal kiss. Soon their quarters were filled with not only the smells but the sounds as well as they raced for their overloads.

Sunstreaker, having already been forced to endure the vibrator for most of the cycle climaxed first, coming with a sharp howl as his valve constricted around Sideswipe's spike, pulling his brother along for the ride in a flood of scalding transfluid.

Vents hitching and whirling along with the pings of cooling metal accompanied Sideswipe's slump as his weight came down on his brother, Sunstreaker grunting slightly under it. They stayed like that a few more moments, Sideswipe gathering his intakes and scattered thoughts before he pulled out, shivering in aftershocks of pleasure as his brothet hissed. He grinned and reached to turn of the inhibitor for his brother's optics and then flopping beside him to watch the ice blues flicker on accompanied with a pout.

"The frag, Sides?"

Sideswipe shrugged, curling into his brother's side, much to drained ot move to his own berth. "I was horny and needed my daily dose of Sunstreaker..."

Sunstreaker snorted and muttered something that sounded suspiciously like 'addict.' Sideswipe's grin grew wider. "Better believe it." And before his brother could complain he settled down to recharge

Sunstreaker frowned at the offline form of his brother a few more moments before releasing a long suffering sigh and set about the task of figuring out how to get out of the fragging cuffs still pinning his arms above his head.

Short and sweet. Don't really plan on making this longer. Tell me what you think ^^

Sunstreaker: Why was I tied to the berth!

Me: Causeyou needed some loving and Sides can't always be on the bottom. He IS technically your older brother after all.

Sunstreaker: I hate you.

Me: Sticks and stone may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

Sunstreaker: ... *Holds up boulder in one servo and tree in other* D

Me: 0.0