Last chapter. This was my first posted story and it was hard to finish (not least because I haven't been able to ever by steady about this story). I hope to come back to writing (this and other things) later on but right now real life beckons harder than before so if I do post anything it will probably be one shots for right now. I am sorry it's short and I wish it was better but the next time I would even be able to think about writing this would be in two months and I didn't want to make people wait that long.

I hope you got something out of this story (and maybe even enjoyed it).

Chapter 18

Not knowing how to interact with the three cheerleaders now Rachel spent several days awkwardly trying to figure out where the boundaries were.

After Brittany it was a surprise to find that Santana was the second touchiest person. Almost always she would find a way to touch Rachel every hour or two, almost as if making sure she was still there.

Quinn was the one Rachel ranted to when she wanted advice. Brittany would listen and offer comfort and Santana would make plans with her but when she needed to let out her anger but wanted advice on how she could deal with the problem Quinn was the best at helping her figure out what she should do.

Brittany was usually up for any kind of contact but surprisingly was very careful about where she placed herself. The first time she walked around Rachel to give her a hug instead of just hugging her the small brunette was confused. It took her a while to figure out the Brittany based where she was standing and how she interacted with people off of what made Santana comfortable.

All three girls were slowly increasing the casual touches, hugs, and cuddling sessions until they began to feel almost normal to Rachel. It was a surreal feeling for the singer.

Setbacks were surprisingly few but especially for the first few weeks Rachel would get overwhelmed by all the contact and push them away. Through experimentation the cheerleaders showed Rachel that all she had to do was ask for space and they would give it to her. All they wanted was for her to be comfortable and feel safe.

It took time but the relationship the four girls were fostering grew stronger and developed into something that was a constant back and forth as everyone got comfortable in their interactions. Rachel felt happiness, or at least the feeling she had begun to associate with the word, more and more often, on almost a daily basis most weeks. For the first time in a long time she felt that things might actually work out in her favor.


Rachel looked out across the school parking lot, thinking about the last several months.

She never would have thought that she would be this… content. Knowing that her girls would have told her she was happy but not quite knowing what that meant to her yet.

Brittany was the first to arrive at the truck, full of smiles and hugs, which Rachel gladly accepted.

Santana was next, mumbling under her breath and going through her backpack. She stopped long enough to pull Rachel into a side hug before continuing to dig through her bag.

Quinn finally arrived, shaking her head and muttering after her meeting with Sue, pecking Rachel on the cheek quickly as she pulled the girl into a hug.

Rachel laughed at something Santana had said as she pulled herself into the truck.

As she drove home, all four of them crowded into the front seat of the truck, Rachel couldn't help but think that this was her chance at happiness. And she was going to grab onto it with both hands, enjoying every moment of it that she could.