Fairy Dusted

A fic by Jenna (Angel's Blue Eyed Girl)

Rating: What do you think? Like I write anything but M ;)

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters. They were all created by the magnificent Charlaine Harris and then brought to our TV's by Alan Ball and True Blood…

Setting: Based in Season 4: Episode 4: If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin? I use some cannon in this fic, and that dialogue isn't mine, but this fic is…

A/N: This fic is dedicated to Carly. TemptressKitten-17 for prompting me to write this and for being such a fantabulous friend. I love ya sweetie and I'm so thrilled I got you into the Viking! Lol! Did I mention I'm first in line to have his babies? ;) ;) :) But I promise not to wear him out so you can have your time with him too! Lol!




Sookie's House:

Eric was crouched over Claudine, his fangs in her neck. He was moaning low and deep and Sookie knew it was so very wrong to find that sound exciting and more than a little hot. He dropped Claudine's body and the fairies' true form showed its hollow eyed face before the bright force of fairy dust exploded around them and burned the corpse away.

"You just killed my Fairy Godmother!" Sookie cried.

Eric raised his head, his sensual mouth was stained red, but his expression was so different than the typical Northman smirk that when he mumbled a hasty "sorry," Sookie honestly believed he meant it, but that still didn't help their situation.

"We're sittin' ducks out here if any of Claudine's friends show up," she told him, fidgeting as she glanced nervously towards her home. "Hurry, we need to get back to the house."

Eric made a little choking sound and fell forward to land smack dab on his far too handsome face. 'Oh sweet Jesus-Shepherd of Judea' Sookie thought as she ran towards him. "We're heading for the cubby," she said to his prone form, "you hear me?"

Sookie leaned down to poke at his shoulder. "Hey," she said and when he stirred, she backed away again, eyeing him warily.

Eric slowly got to his feet, weaving a bit. "Heeeyyy…" he said, flashing Sookie a toothy grin.

Sookie wasn't sure what was wrong with him. 'If I didn't know better I'd think he'd been nipping at some of Grand Pappy's special rot-gut!' she thought, backing away from him as he advanced forward, stumbling like a drunken sailor.

"More," he mumbled, leaning towards her.

"Quit it," she said, slapping his hand away before he could touch her.

"I want more," he said again, hunkering down so that they were almost eye to eye.

"Well, you can't have any more," Sookie said, backing up when his hands got a little too close to her chest. "There isn't anymore—you drank the whole fairy. And you're going to your room," she told him, holding her ground and refusing to let him intimidate her.

"I'll drink you…" he said and dipped his head.

Sookie gave a short cry when his fangs met her neck. "Eric, you can't, you'll kill me!"

That brought him up short and he frowned at her. "I would never hurt anyone as beautiful as you," he told her as if stunned she'd even suggest such a thing.

Sookie gulped. Lord, seeing him like this, so sweet and gentle, was doing things to her she hadn't expected. This side of him was something she'd only seen very, very briefly in Dallas, when Godrick greeted the sun. It suited Eric.

"Do you not you believe me?" he asked softly, staring at her intensely.

She nodded. "I do," she assured him and she did, because really, if Eric had ever wanted to kill her, he could have. Many, many times actually! She tried to get him to go back to the house, but Eric was in a playful mood again and zig-zagged around the yard like a crazy man.

He was almost gleeful and Sookie couldn't help but shake her head at his antics; that is until he snuck up behind her and pinched her butt.

"Hey!" she yelped, putting her hands back there to stop his groping. "Did you just grab my butt?"

He merely grinned, zipping around like a big, blond pinball and Sookie realized he was totally gonzo on the fairy blood.

"He's as drunk as a skunk," she muttered to herself, doing her best not to laugh as Eric drunkenly blurred to and fro, continuously speeding right up to her and getting grabby with her derriere. She smacked his hands away…again and he giggled, looking completely unrepentant. Sookie sighed, and kept a wary eye on him because while he was as playful as a danged puppy, she didn't want to lose sight of the fact that this pup could bite a heck of a lot harder than most.

He's still a predator, she told herself. "Eric," she called out to him. "It's almost sunrise, we need to get you back to your room."

He sped across the grass and skidded to a stop in front of her. "I'd rather go to your room…" he said, snaking his arm around her waist and tugging her to him so that she was pressed right up against his pale, hard flesh.

He towered above her, his hard planes hitting all her soft curves in just the right way and Sookie could feel every muscled inch of him. Her head spun. He was so hard…In that instant, when he rubbed against her like a huge fangy teddy bear, Sookie realized he was more dangerous to her piece of mind than she ever dreamed. Oh Lord! Now she didn't just have to worry about Eric's reactions—she had to worry about her own too!

She planted her hands on his chest and shoved. "None of that now," she scolded, slapping his hands away when he tried to grab her again. "I swear! You got more hands than an octopus tonight!"

He wagged his brows at her and his grin was positively indecent. He wriggled his fingers in her face. "Very skilled hands too…" Sookie rolled her eyes at that and he leaned down so that they were nose to nose, lips to lips. "Wanna see?" he purred.

Her heart raced and she put her hand over her chest as if that'd slow it down. Oh sweet Lord above, the man should have a warning label slapped on his forehead. Something that read, 'Warning: partaking in the Viking's charm may cause severe heart palpations!' "No, I don't," she said instead, pulling her braid out of his hand when he started to play with it. "What I want is for you to get inside before we get into trouble. You just drained a fairy, Eric! We seriously need to get out of here!"

"Your wish is my command," he said before he suddenly grabbed her around the waist and slung her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

Sookie squealed like a stuck pig, squirming to get out of his grasp.

"Stop that," he said, giving her rear end a playful swat to quiet her down, much like the earlier teasing grabs he'd made upon her person. "This will be fun," he told her, stroking his hand along the curve of her derriere as if to apologize for smacking it just a second ago.

Sookie bit back the moan that wanted to burst forth at his sensual petting. Instead she tried to wriggle free again. "Eric put me down!" she demanded, slapping at his broad back. Unfortunately all that did was make her hands hurt. Lordy, was the man made of all muscle, or what?

He gave a ridiculous giggle in reply, one that sounded nothing like the Eric Northman she was used to and Sookie almost giggled in return he sounded so…naughty. Like a recalcitrant schoolboy.

"No," he told her, wrapping one arm around her flailing legs to hold her tight to his chest, while placing his other huge hand on her upturned butt, effectively holding her still . "You need to have more fun and that's what we're going to do tonight." And with those brash parting words he sped off into the woods with her still tossed across his shoulder like she was his plundered booty for the night!

When they finally stopped Sookie's single braid had almost come undone and she felt like she'd just taken a high speed trip in a convertible around a NASCAR racetrack! "Eric!" she yelled at him for what had to be the fiftieth time. "Put me down…now!"

And this time he did, quicker and in not in any way she'd have thought. Sookie suddenly felt herself falling as he tossed her off his shoulder. She sailed through the air with a startled gasp and a scream before plunging into the warm waters of the lake.

She came up sputtering and spitting water like a furious kitten. "God dammit, Eric! What the hell?"

He chuckled. Actually giggled is more like it. "I knew you'd look beautiful all wet…" he told her grinning like a little kid on Christmas morning.

Sookie glared at him. He may find this situation hilarious, but she didn't. He'd just tossed her fully clothed into a lake. Her work shoes were soaked and now she'd have to wash them before starting her shift tomorrow. Nothing funny about it-nope, no way, no matter that he looked absolutely adorable at the moment. Her thoughts skidded to a halt—Eric Northman and adorable didn't belong in the same thought, much less, the same sentence. What the hell was happening to her?

He didn't answer, instead he simply pulled the loose sleeveless sweatshirt over his head and tossed it somewhere behind him on the bank. Sookie gulped when confronted with his perfect chest and lean belly. The line of muscles in his abdomen was utterly fascinating. Was there ever such a perfect specimen of manhood? Sweet Jesus, Shepherd of Judea, she was losing it, for sure! It was only when his hands went to the drawstring fastening of his shorts that she panicked. Oh no! She had no intention of getting the entire 'Northman experience' tonight! The string came undone and the long basketball shorts slipped lower on his lean hips, exposing the sexy line of his pubic bones. Sookie's mouth went dry and though her brain screamed at her to shut her eyes, for the life of her she couldn't seem to obey. He was like a decadent piece of chocolate—you knew one little taste would go straight to your thighs, yet you couldn't help yourself, you just had to have a taste. Her brain took that second to remind her of the danger of her situation and her eyes clenched shut, blocking out the far too perfect vision of half naked Eric Oh no-no-no-no-no! What was she thinking? Did she just think of him as perfect? Oh brother, this was bad…very, very bad!

"Wh-what the heck are y-you doing?" she finally spit out. And if she sounded accusing well, so be it—he was driving her crazy!

"Undressing," he said, and with that casual tone, her eyes snapped open to glare at him. Of course he was looking at her as if she were the crazy one here in this whole surreal situation. "I want to swim and swimming is much more enjoyable naked," he stated as if he was telling her fries went better with ketchup rather than ranch dressing! He gave her another of his silky smiles. "You would feel much better too if you did the same."

And with that he dropped his shorts and Sookie got her first 'real' look at Eric's gracious plenty. She'd seen it once in the basement of Fangtasia, but at that time she was angry with him, thinking he'd had something to do with Bill's kidnapping so she'd done her best to avoid looking, but now… Oh Good God! Her eyes practically popped from her head when it grew even larger before her very eyes, rising up proudly until it was practically waving at her. Oh my. She couldn't seem to tear her eyes away. He was huge and if she thought he was perfect before—well, now she knew! No wonder he was always smirking, as if he was superior to all men—he really was!

"Oh sweet Jesus," she whispered, watching his impressive erection sway as he sauntered into the water. Red flags went off in Sookie's head and she backed away from him, quickly trying to put as much distance between herself and the far too tempting naked vampire in front of her. "Eric, this is so not a good idea."

He tilted his head to the side and studied her. "Why?"

Sookie's mind gave her a thousand reasons at warp speed but none came from her mouth as she stared at his moonlit beauty standing there in front of her. This was not the cunning Eric Northman she was used to, though he was sexy beyond thought at times, his sheer arrogance at times was a turn off. Eric without his memories was just so open—almost innocent. Sookie swallowed hard and for the life of her she couldn't voice not even one of the thousands of reasons why this was not a good idea.

He smiled. "See," he told her, his voice a silky purr that sent shivers up her spine.

Sookie tried to tell herself it was the night air cooling on her wet body that made her nipples harden, but she was an honest woman, especially with herself and she knew her reaction was purely in response to the sexy hunk of naked Viking on display for her viewing pleasure. Oh boy, had she just said viewing pleasure? Well, she had to admit that she was definitely enjoying the show.

Lordy, what would Gran say now? Before she could answer that question to herself, he was standing before her. The water rode low on his hips and Sookie forced her eyes to stay trained on his face and not drift lower.

He ran a finger along her shoulder, tugging at the wet fabric of her tiny white Merlotte's uniform shirt. "Wouldn't you be more comfortable taking this off? I promise I won't touch you until you ask me to."

Sookie couldn't help but notice he didn't say 'unless' you ask me to. No, it was 'until' you ask me to. Her throat closed up and she felt like she was standing on a cliff. Should she or shouldn't she. Eric's fingers trailed down her arm, leaving goose-bumps in their wake and Sookie's body made the decision for her. She wanted him. Whether it was right or wrong, she wanted the 'Northman' experience and Sookie had never been afraid of going after what she wanted, she wasn't about to start now because the man she wanted also had the habit of pissing her off more than any other person she'd ever met!

She took a deep breath and jumped. Her dark eyes never left Eric's deep blue ones as she gripped the hem of her T-shirt in her hands and drew it over her head…


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