Fairy Dusted

A fic by: Jenna

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Chappie 5

Eric let Sookie slide ever so slowly down his body. They both let out a soft groan as he slipped out of her. His eyes were intensely blue, deep and turbulent, like the North Sea of his homeland. They had shared blood at the same time—twice. It was one step away from a blood bond and Eric wasn't sure how he felt about making such an enormous commitment to a human—even if that human was Sookie.

Sookie felt the difference between them almost immediately. Where before, Eric was like a closed book, guarded to the point that more often that not, she had no idea what was going on behind those hooded blue eyes, now she could *feel* him. From the top of her head to the tips of her toes, he was there. Everywhere. His essence was in her veins and deep within her insides, breaking down her resistance and conquering her heart and her soul.

She took a step away from him, her mouth stained red with his blood and her eyes wide with wonder. "Why do I feel you…like inside me?" His arms crossed over his broad chest and a slow, oh-so-sexy smirk curled his lips upward, but before he was going to say whatever lecherous thought that was on his mind, Sookie held up her hand. "That wasn't an invitation for nasty talk, Eric."

His smirk turned into a blood-stained leer. "Oh but Sookie, my lover, you know you love it when I get…nasty." He proceeded to lick his lips, cleaning her blood off them. He took his time running his tongue along his upper lip, thoroughly getting every drop. He growled and his eyes closed in euphoria, savoring her taste once again.

"Eric, be serious! What's happening to me? Why can I feel you in my bones?"

He debated hedging the truth for all of a second, but tossed the thought aside as quick as it came. Having her accuse him of lying to her once today was enough. He didn't want to give her a reason to accuse him of such a thing ever again. Eric was a lot of things, but a liar was not one of them.

"We have shared blood…at the same time," he explained. "It has created a bond."

Her eyes nearly popped from her head. "A bond!" she gasped, "What kind of bond?" And just-like-that, the anger was back. Sookie completely ignored their nudity as her infamous temper exploded. "Just what the hell have you done to me, buster!" she accused, poking a finger into his chest.

He managed to push aside his distaste at being called such an ignoble name as 'buster' for a moment to calm her down. "Relax, Sookie. It is not permanent, but it is deep just the same" he explained. She started to back away from him, but he put his hands on her shoulders and kept her close as he clarified what they were experiencing. "You willingly shared blood with me, Sookie, not once, but twice…" He paused as he decided whether or not to tell her that once more would result in a permanent 'blood-bond'. Again, he went with the truth. He wasn't a coward and unlike a certain fucking King he planned to dethrone, he did not want to obtain Sookie through deception.

"Come," he said as he took her hand and led her to the couch, picking up their discarded clothes on the way. He did not want to have this conversation naked.

Sookie took the clothes from him and pulled on her shorts and top, forgoing the bra and her lacey panties, which were shredded beyond repair anyhow. She shot him a disapproving look and bundled up the ruined undergarment in her bra and discreetly placed them on the coffee table, while Eric haphazardly pulled up his shorts so that they hung low on his hips, showing off, in Sookie's opinion, a far too distracting amount of pale, hard flesh.

He sank into the soft cushions of the couch and waited for Sookie to join him. Nervously, she sat down next to him, careful to keep a safe distance between them. She couldn't seem to think if she was touching him. "So what exactly does this bond thing mean?" she asked, wringing her hands. "Am I tied to you like forever now or what?"

He shook his head, sighed and stretched out his arms along the back of the sofa. This wasn't going to be a short conversation, might as well be comfortable. "No. We would have to share blood once more and then it would become permanent. Forever," he added, stressing the word in order to make certain that she completely understood their situation. Eric refused to give her any grounds to say he had manipulated her into bonding with him.

Sookie felt a bit lightheaded as panic set in. Her hands stilled in her lap and she gripped her hands together so tight, her knuckles whitened. "Eric, I—this is crazy! I haven't bought a new car because I can't commit to years of payments! How can I—?"

He leaned over and shushed her with a kiss. It was by far gentler than either of them was used to from him. "Hush, lover," he told her softly, scooting closer to her on the couch so that their knees touched. "You do not need to make any decisions now." He tipped her chin up so that their gazes met and held. "Sookie, in all my years I have never even considered a bond such as this." Her big brown eyes stared up at him without waver. She was listening intently. Good. "Even with Pam—I wanted her, but I made her my childe rather than blood bonding with her because I did not want that kind of responsibility with a human."

She made a face, and scooted closer to the edge of the cushion as if she was ready to fly off it at any moment, yet she stayed still, silent and quiet for several moments until she asked the real question on her mind. "Why me?" He looked surprised she'd ask such a thing, but Sookie needed to know it wasn't just because he loved the way she tasted. Did he want her or her blood? Or did he really love her like his amnesiac self had proclaimed?

"I mean, I know my blood's special and all, but..." She shrugged, worrying her bottom lip as she struggled to get her thoughts and feelings in order. "But you could have my blood without all this bonding stuff. So why are you even considerin' it with me? Why do you want me like that, Eric?"

He stroked his thumb along her bottom lip, wiping away the blood that was still smeared there. His blood. He couldn't deny the thrill it gave him to see his essence on her lips. To know he was inside her, running through her veins, it was beyond exciting, but there was also more to her than just her incomparable blood and delicious little body. "Why not you?" he asked instead. "I cannot deny that I desire you more than I've desired anyone or anything in a very, very long time."

Sookie's eyes drifted down his body. "Yeah, I can relate…" she told him with a smile, "but why a bond? Why would you want to tie yourself to me…forever?" she finished the last word on a whisper.

Eric took so long to answer; Sookie almost thought he wasn't going to. Finally he sighed and raked a hand through his messy blond hair. "You are different from any other human I have ever met, Sookie. You have a fire in you. It's as incandescent as your spirit. You say what you feel and think and you are fiercely loyal—even to those who do not deserve such loyalty." Sookie knew he meant Bill, but she didn't really feel like bringing him up now so she remained silent. "And then there was Dallas and what you did for Godric…" He choked a bit on his maker's name and it was obvious he was still agonized over Godric's decision to end his own existence.

This was the side of him he'd allowed her to see that morning, up on that rooftop and Sookie's heart melted. "Oh, Eric, he didn't leave you—he just wanted to be free," she said softly.

"You eased his suffering when I could not."

"He loved you, Eric."

The dam he'd built keeping his sorrow for Godric at bay was cracking and Eric couldn't seem to stop it. His voice was ragged as he said, "I know, but it was not enough. I was not able to be there with him in the end…but you were."

Deep pools of red were forming in Eric's lovely blue eyes and Sookie's throat constricted. "He was happy," she whispered, her heart lodging in her chest at once again seeing this oh-so-vulnerable side of her Viking lover.

He nodded his head somberly. "I know. I could hear the peace in his voice."

"You—how did you hear that? You'd left."

Eric let out a long sigh and his words were very, very quiet, like a confession of sorts. "I did not leave entirely, I merely left the rooftop. I stayed in the stairwell so that I could listen to your conversation because…" He paused and very seriously debated lying at this point, but didn't. He had to start learning to trust her eventually. "Because I didn't trust you," he finally admitted. "I wanted to hear what you would say to him. I wanted to know why you were doing it." Blood red tears leaked from his eyes and trailed down his cheeks. Sookie gently wiped them away with the pads of her thumbs. Surprisingly, he let her. "Yet you didn't react at all like I expected. You gave him hope. You wept for him. I was as surprised as he was that you gave comfort to a vampire who had done unspeakable things in his two thousand years."

"He deserved it. Godric was the most human vampire I think I've ever met."

He smiled. "I know and I found your empathy for him…fascinating. I believe that was the first time I realized you were far more than a tasty treat I wanted simply to fuck and feed on."

Sookie had to squeeze her thighs together at the 'fuck and feed' comment. The image was sinfully erotic, but she didn't give in to the urge to shove him back down on the couch and have her way with him again because she was too flabbergasted at hearing him openly discussing his feelings to jump him. He'd never opened up like this before. Not even when he'd had amnesia. Yes, he'd been loving and tender, but a huge part of his personality was missing when he'd been under the witch's curse. That underlying steely strength of character, determination and arrogant sensuality that was as much a turn on as it was annoying at times had been absent and she hadn't realized until today how exciting that part of him was-even if it made her want to slap him silly at times!

When she didn't reply right away, his natural cockiness rose to the surface and he gave her a lusty leer. "Though, I must admit when you smell like you do now, I still want to rub myself all over you and fuck you until neither one of us can see straight."

Sookie's hand went to her chest. Her pulse racing. Sweet baby Jesus! With no memories Eric had been beguiling and easy to fall for, but Sookie had to admit his amnesiac self didn't hold a candle to the Eric Northman sitting with her now, memories intact and showing not only the softer side of his personality, but the devil that lived inside him too. It was an intoxicating blend of good and bad.

This Eric was devastatingly alluring to Sookie—it reminded her of 'dream-Eric' in Dallas. She shuddered delicately. "Eric...I don't know what to think. On one hand I never thought I could allow you-the real you into my bed or my heart, but...now...now I can't imagine you not in it, even though it scares me. And I know it doesn't make sense, but..." She shook her head, her feelings so jumbled she didn't know how to explain the myriad of emotions she was sorting through.

Eric could see she was confused, but he could also smell her arousal and for once he didn't pounce on it. Instead, he steered them back towards the conversation, once again surprising Sookie. "I once told you not to speak to me about love because it was an emotion I did not understand. Do you remember that?"

Sookie could only nod. Her mouth was as dry as the Sahara and imperceptibly, she edged closer to him, heart lodged somewhere in the vicinity of her throat as Eric openly discussed the 'L' word. She resisted the urge to pinch herself. Was this a dream? She sure as hell hoped not. She gave her arm a little pinch anyhow, just to be sure…

He tilted his head to the side as if studying her. He ignored the strange bit of torture she'd just given herself as he went on. "Well, I'm beginning to believe I understand it far more than I ever thought possible."

Sookie's heart stopped beating for all of a second, before it began a rapid, double-time beat that thundered in her ears. He didn't actually *say* the words, but her knees turned to Jell-O anyhow, and her stomach dropped to her toes too. In less than a nano-second it hit her like a ton of bricks why she was so moved by this side of Eric—the 'real' Eric. She was in love with him. Oh God! She was head over freaking heels—in love and not just with the sweet side—all of him. She ran the gamut of emotions with Eric and she had to admit she even loved the dark and dangerous, bad-assed Sheriff in him too! The realization was staggering, but Sookie didn't have time to ponder her mental crisis because he started talking again and since this was the first (but hopefully not the last) time Eric would ever let her see him like this, she wanted to savor each and every little word.

His arm snaked around her waist and he pulled her just a bit closer to him. "You know, I never thanked you for what you did for Godric, but I will remedy that now." He head dipped and he brushed his lips against hers in a kiss so tender, it was heartbreaking, proving yet again, that yes, there were tons of layers to this fierce vampire. "Thank you, Sookie Stackhouse. Thank you for giving my maker a measure of peace in his final moments. Godric saw something in you—something real, and I see it too," he told her, nuzzling her cheek with his lips. His fingers trailed up her spine as his lips moved to her ear. He nibbled at the lobe there and Sookie trembled. "You are special," he whispered hotly. His breath caused goose-bumps to rise along her entire body. He drew back to stare into her eyes. "In over a thousand years, you intrigue me like no other."

It was too much. She could feel herself falling deeper and deeper under his spell and truthfully, it scared the be-jesus out of her. "Eric, I want to believe you," she told him honestly, baring her own heart. "You seriously don't know how much, but you've said it yourself…you're the Master at manipulation." She took his face in her hands and stared deeply into his eyes. "I can't take another heartbreak, so I have to know…is it just gratitude for Godric that makes you treat me differently, or is it my blood?"

He seemed to mull that over for a heartbeat before responding. "You have spirit, a fire in you that is rare in breathers, but it is more than that."

Sookie almost took offense to the derogatory term, 'breather' but bit back her snarky retort. Eric would always be Eric and he would always see something lacking in the human race. She didn't like it, but in this she would have to compromise. She could almost hear Gran's voice saying, 'Pick your battles, Sookie.'

"You do not bow to me and beg for my attentions like other women I have met and…" He gave her a wry smile, "I find that I enjoy our verbal sparring as well." He leaned down so that they were almost nose to nose. "You are, at times, too stubborn and you test my patience more than any women ever, yet it's not simply your temperament or gratitude or even your heavenly blood that draws me to you, though I do appreciate your charms…" His eyes skated down her body and he licked his lips. "All of them," he added with a leer and Sookie was instantly reminded of the sensual devil she met that first night at Fangtasia. "It is not for one specific thing that I desire you. It is for everything, all of those quirks that make you who you are. Those are the qualities that fascinate me Sookie. Those are the qualities I find myself falling in love with," he finished softly.

Her head spun. Sweet Jesus Shepherd of Judea! The man was dangerously attractive. He should have a *warning* label slapped on his forehead. Something that read; Imbibing in the Viking's charms can and will cause severe heart palpitations, dizziness and possible fainting spells!'

She tried to get a grip on herself and her rioting emotions, but how could she after a declaration like that?

"Eric, I—" Her words drifted off. She honestly didn't know what to say. She knew she loved him, despite her utter desire not to fall for him. She had, but she couldn't seem to get the words out. Why? She'd told his amnesiac self she loved him often enough, so why did it feel like her tongue weighed fifty pounds when it came to telling the 'real' Eric she loved him?

As if reading her mind he said, "You do not have to say anything, my lover. If we do decide complete this bond, we will both go into it willingly. I will never trick you again into drinking my blood. But you should know this…" He paused as if he were choosing his words carefully. "What we share now is deeper and more powerful than anything you have ever felt with another…" He wouldn't bring Compton's name into their private moments; even if it did still enrage him the younger vampire had had her first. He soothed his ire with the knowledge that his blood was far stronger and after today, any hold Bill Compton had still managed to maintain over Sookie would be eradicated. "But if we bond…the feelings will increase tenfold. You will, most likely, be able to hear my thoughts and I will be able to feel yours. It is as good as a vampire marriage, Sookie," he told bluntly, "but far more binding than your human version."

His explanation made Sookie's belly clench with both desire and dread. "Eric?" she breathed. "I—" She paused, her mouth dry again. She swallowed and licked her lips, stalling. This was all happening too fast. Did she really want this? "Can I think about it for a while?" His brows drew down and she hastened to explain herself. "I mean, it's not that I don't want to. It's just…well, to be honest, the whole idea kind-a just scares the dickens right outta me. I have a hard time makin' up my mind whether I should vote Republican or Democrat, Eric—much less takin' a vampire as my mate for life!"

His hand cupped her face and he wiped an errant drop of his blood off her cheek with the pad of his thumb. "I told you it was not something to enter lightly." He gave her a half smile and she relaxed into his touch. His thumb made lazy circles along the side of her face and his gaze strayed to her neck, where his bite was still visible. "And if I were to be just as honest," he told her softly, blue eyes clouding a bit in his confusion, "it disturbs me. This need for you. I have never wanted a mate. Have never even considered it before…" He shook his head, and raised his gaze to meet hers. "Not even Godric inspired me to want him forever, Sookie. So when you talk of fear…I feel it too. I simply do not express it as uniquely as you do," he added with a wry twist to his sensual mouth.

Sookie turned her head and placed a delicate kiss upon his rugged palm. "Then we can take it slow—well, at least slower than makin' this decision tonight?"

He nodded. "As long as you are still mine, I will wait for us to agree to a bonding between us."

"I'm yours, Eric," Sookie said quietly.

His expression reflected how pleased he was as he stood up and held out his hand to help her to her feet. She let him haul her up and into his arms. He leaned down and nuzzled her neck. "Good. Now I say we go upstairs, to your bedroom and celebrate us coming to an understanding."

Lord above—was that all the man ever thought of? Sookie pulled out of his embrace. "Unh-uh. No way, not until we've had a shower first, buddy! We've still got—" She stopped, blushing when his face broke into an expression that could only be called lewd and lascivious. "What are you thinking?" she asked warily. As if she didn't know! The man really did have S.E.X. on the brain!

He feigned a look of pure innocence. "I was simply thinking I'm all for showering together. Saving water and all that…It's good for the planet, right?"

Sookie rolled her eyes. That choir boy look didn't fool her. Eric was about as innocent as the devil himself! "I mean a shower…as in washing, Eric, not some naughty shower-sex-capades!"

His bawdy grin only widened and he had the audacity to give her a naughty wink to boot. "And who says we cannot do both?" he teased, taking her hand and whisking them pell-mell and quick as a blink of an eye up the stairs and into the bathroom.

The door slammed shut with a whoosh and before Sookie could gather her scattered thoughts after the mad dash upstairs he pinned her against the wall with his body. "Now lover…where were we?" he purred, dipping his head to lave the spot behind her ear with his tongue.

Sookie's pulse rioted out of control. "Shower…" she gasped, her words ending on a moan as Eric's tongue traced the vein that was throbbing in her neck.

"Mmmm…yes." He purred; sucking at his bite and making Sookie writhe under his hard frame. "How about I promise to wash all those hard to reach spots for you, hmm?"

Sookie's knees wobbled. It really wasn't fair that he was so delicious. What girl could resist an invitation like that? She could feel the hard ridge of his oh-so-gracious plenty pressed against her belly and it did some wild and crazy things to her belly. He drove her crazy—mentally, physically and her libido…? It was on hyper-drive when he was in the same room with her. She was well and truly caught by the Viking. Funny, how that didn't bother her like it used to.

Later, Sookie wouldn't remember what words she said when she agreed, all she knew was she by the time he maneuvered her into the shower, the hot water streaming over their skin, she was definitely on board the 'Bathe with your Vampire' bandwagon.

Eric ran his hands down the slick wet flesh of her back, fingers dancing along her spine until his palms came to rest on the soft curve of her ass. He squeezed the plump globes a bit roughly and Sookie gave a little moan of appreciation, stepped closer to him, her body already aching for the pleasure he gave her. Her hands rested against the hard wall of his chest as she blinked the water out of her eyes and gazed up into his gorgeous face. The water made his hair appear darker and slicked back as it was now, she could almost swoon at his utter yumminess. She had to admit, she'd never seen a man as stunningly beautiful as Eric Northman.

His lush lips curled into a smile. "You are looking at me as if you expect me to grow wings, sweet Sookie."

"Well, you can fly," she teased back, enjoying the easy banter they'd settled into after their emotional heart to heart earlier.

He chuckled. A rich, husky sound that sent shivers racing up her spine. "Yes, I can." He leaned down to nip at the spot where her neck met her shoulder. "I can also make you fly, can I not?" he murmured, placing wet open mouthed kisses along her shoulder.

Sookie's head tipped back, giving him better access to her neck. "Yes!" she gasped. "Oh God, yes!" she moaned softly when his lips settled over his bite and he started to suckle the tender flesh.

Eric's hands weren't idle as he nibbled on his mark. One large palm slid around her hips and down her quivering stomach to cup her mound. Sookie let out a soft, keening cry of pleasure as his fingers went to work on the sensitive flesh between her thighs. She parted them, giving him an open invitation to explore further. He didn't hesitate taking her up on her offer. One long finger slid inside her tight sheath while his thumb swirled lazy circles around and over the distended nubbin of her clitoris, making Sookie pant and writhe under the talented ministrations of his hands and mouth.

The hot water cascading over them only added to the steamy interlude and Sookie's head spun when Eric suddenly dropped to his knees and hauled her body right up to his mouth. He gave her belly a heated kiss before traveling lower. He gripped one of her trembling legs and pulled it up and over his shoulder, opening her to him fully. A low growl burst from him and the distinctive *snick* of his fangs dropping was heard above the water washing over Sookie's back. She glanced down, her breath catching at the sight of him kneeling before her, his gaze so hungry she swore he was going to gobble her up like a man starved.

"Sookie, my lover, you smell delicious," he purred, nuzzling his face into her wet folds.

"Eric! Please…" she said, not at all surprised that her voice was breathless and more than a bit whiny too.

"Please what, lover?" he asked, teasingly giving her nether lips a soft lick. She buried her fingers in his hair and tried to move him where she wanted him, but he couldn't be budged. Instead he smirked up at her and asked again, "please what, sweet Sookie? What would you like me to do?"

She glared, wanting to slap the look right off his face, but she was on fire, burning with need and he was the answer to her dilemma. "You know what!" she panted, but when he simply stared up at her, that devilish curl to his lush mouth and Sookie wasn't really surprised that he wanted to hear her say the words. She heaved a long sigh, too far gone now to be embarrassed. "Fine! Eric would you please put your mouth on me and make me come already?"

He bit back a chuckle at her peeved expression. "Gladly," he purred, cupping her ass in both hands and bringing her wet heat into direct contact with his lips and tongue. Sookie's head fell back and a long drawn out keen burst from deep inside as his mouth settled over her needy flesh.

Sweet Jesus, he was so good at that!

He wasted no time in making her fly. His oh-so talented tongue came out to delicately flick her clit, alternating between soft swirls around the little bundle of nerves to deliciously hard, firm strokes that very quickly had Sookie balancing precariously on the edge of sensual abyss. He slid two fingers inside her, crooking them in a 'come hither' motion so that the tips of his fingers stroked the soft, spongy tissue of that elusive spot inside called the 'G-Spot'. Sookie aided him, tipping back and bucking against his mouth, greedy for more of everything he was doing to her. She gripped the top of the shower door and rode his face to completion, screaming his name when he gave her that final lick and thrust of his fingers that sent her hurtling over the cliff and diving headlong into ecstasy.

Eric purred deeply, lapping at her sweet nectar before turning his head and biting deep into the femoral artery of the thigh still draped over his shoulder. Her taste was exquisite and he groaned as he felt her jerk and cry out, her body reaching another high from his bite. His cock got impossibly harder at the realization that Sookie came from his bite alone.

He pulled back, licking the wound and sealing it closed before putting her back on wobbling legs. He held her steady as he got back on his feet. His erection was almost painful by now and in seconds he had her spun around so that her back was to him. He gripped her shoulder and wrapped his other hand in her wet hair as he pushed her forward against the shower wall. His body blanketed hers and Sookie sagged in his embrace, moaning softly as the head of his cock nudged her swollen entrance from behind.

He bent his knees a bit, positioning himself. His fingers flexed on her shoulder, holding her in place. "Mine," he growled and with an upward lunge he buried his thick length deep within her body. Sookie's wail was long and high pitched as he filled her completely. Her cheek was pressed against the cool tiles of the shower, her fingers curling against the slick wall as he drove into her with forceful precision, each stroke more powerful than the last.

It wasn't tender, but it was spectacular.

"Eric! Oh God, yes, Eric, just-like…" He hit that spot inside her that made her see stars and Sookie's world tilted wildly. "Ooohhh…that!" she cried, her breath coming out in short pants that seemed to be in tune with each thrust of his hips.

Eric's hand tightened in her hair, pulling her head back as he plundered her body like the Viking he was and Sookie reveled in his brutal lovemaking. Her spine arched and she pleaded with him to go 'harder-faster!' Speeding up the driving force of his hips, Eric's eyes drifted down to where they were joined and the sight of his cock moving in and out of her, the sound of her firm rounded ass slapping against the toned flesh of his pelvis was easily the most sexually satisfying experience of his very long life. Finally, she was totally his. He angled his hips and thrust into her again and again, hitting her sweet spot on each upward plunge. Sookie's inner walls fluttered around him madly and he was sure she wouldn't last much longer. She was whimpering now, begging him to make her come. His fangs dropped and he buried his face in the side of her throat as he pounded her against the wall.

"Du är min, min älskare," he grunted roughly, his hand sliding from her shoulder to the back of her neck, holding her in a tight grip while fucking them both into oblivion.

Sookie's hands flattened against the wall and she pushed back and into each powerful stroke of his hips, driving him deeper and deeper until she wasn't sure where he ended and she began. She was beyond words now. Pure instinct took over. An *nnnnggg* sound gurgled from her throat when he slammed into her, his cock hitting her G-spot dead on. Her eyes snapped shut and her nails scrabbled against the wet tile, desperately seeking something to hold on to as he relentlessly drove her headlong towards nirvanna with the momentum of his thrusts. Her heart pounded in her chest so hard she feared it might burst from her chest at any moment.

"Eric! Please…need…need to come…" she whimpered, desperate for release from the magnificent sensual torture he was giving her.

"I love how you yield to me, lover," he growled against her neck.

It was time to let her have her relief. His hand released her shoulder and slid down her front, pausing to tweak each of the hardened buds of her nipples before slithering down her wet, heaving belly to her mound. His fingers trailed through her wet curls to find her clit. He tugged on that sweet nub, using his thumb to give her the added pressure she needed. As her body tightened and her breathing hitched, he thrust up and into her in time with the movements of his fingers until her inner muscles clamped down on him and she took flight, shouting her release to the heavens as she climaxed hard.

Eric's fangs sank into the butter soft skin of her neck and it only took a second before he was following right after her. He pulled his teeth out of her throat to throw his head back as his orgasm was ripped from deep inside his belly. His roar was long and loud and he jerked behind her, his fingers flexing powerfully as he spilled his cum deep within the womb of the only women he'd ever given even a tiny bit of his cold heart to.


Sookie and Eric were curled up on the couch; their naked bodies, entwined and slick with sweat from their most recent bout of lovemaking.

He adjusted her on his lap, groaning softly when his softened penis slipped out of her. His eyes were drawn to her shoulder and his most recent bite and he placed a wet kiss there, nuzzling the wounded flesh. "Would you like me to heal these?" he asked, eyeing the other mark on her neck from their earlier romps.

"Mmmmm," Sookie moaned, shivering when his lips touched those tender spots. "Okay."

He nicked his finger on a fang and placed some of his blood on both bite wounds, watching as they healed almost instantly, leaving her skin smooth and as flawless as ever.

She glanced at him over her shoulder. "I would have thought you'd want me all marked up. You know the whole Sookie you are mine thing."

He smirked. "I do not leave bite marks all over your body to prove you are mine, Sookie. My blood is in your veins and my scent is all over you…You. Are. Mine," he said softly, yet with a steely resolve that Sookie had to admit she'd missed.

Sookie's eyes drifted shut languorously and she let out a contented sigh as she leaned back, reclining against the solid chest of her lover. They had been making love for hours. And while 'amnesiac-Eric' had possessed the same prowess in bed, without his memories Eric had lacked the arrogance to actually prove the boast he once made that his endurance was far above the average vampire. He never seemed to tire of her and they'd pretty much christened every room in her house today. "Okay, now I think I get the whole vampire stamina thing," she said, giving him a wry grin.

His chest rumbled with a lazy, relaxed purr and he made an *mmm* sound. "Oh really, and when did you finally get it? Was it after the shower, in your bed or perhaps it was while you were making your dinner and I fucked you on the kitchen table instead?"

Sookie giggled. She really should be blushing, but he was so damned sexy and she was so sated, she really couldn't find it in her to take offense to his crude language. "Oh, it was sometime after the shower, but before the couch," she answered evasively.

He tipped her chin and lowered his head to nibble at her bottom lip. "Oh, I'm not done with you, yet, my lover…"

Sookie's eyes widened, but whatever she'd been about to say was cut off when a firm knock sounded on the door and a voice neither of them wanted to hear tonight carried inside. "Sookie, I know Eric is in there with you…as his King, I demand that you open this door. Now!"

Sookie's eyes darted to the door and she froze. "Shit!" she gasped. "How'd he find you?"

Eric's low chuckle reached her ears and Sookie's gaze flew up to his face. Why the heck was he laughing? He knew Bill had been searching high and low for him!

"Eric, this isn't funny! Quick, we have to get dressed," she said desperately trying to scramble off his lap.

Eric let her go because it would embarrass his lover to be caught naked by her ex-lover, but he was also in no hurry to rush and do the King's bidding. He cringed as he remembered bowing to that puke when he'd lost his memories. He spotted her lacey teddy lying on the floor at his feet and picked it up before rising from the couch with the effortless grace of the predator he was. "Here my lover, put this on," he said.

Sookie snatched the garment away from him and handed him his sweat pants. "Come on…you have to hide," she pleaded, pushing him towards the cubby.

He pulled away from her with almost no effort at all. "From him?" His brow shot up and his lip curled in disgust. "Never."

Sookie gnashed her teeth at the drama unfolding. Cheese and Rice! This was the very last thing she wanted. But Eric didn't seem the least bit put off. On the contrary, he flashed a grin that was pure wickedness and sauntered over to the door as if fully intending to greet his King in all his naked glory.

"Eric!" she hissed, rushing after him to grab his arm in an effort to stop him. She motioned to the sweats in his hand. "Get dressed at least!"

Eric shrugged and stepped into the loose fitting pants while Sookie hurriedly pulled on her nightie and grabbed her robe off the floor where Eric had tossed it earlier when he'd initiated their living room sex.

The door shook with another firm knock. "Sookie!" Bill all but snarled.

Eric waited until she'd belted her robe. He loved her naked, but that was a sight for him and him alone. The fucking 'paper' King could wait till hell froze over before Eric would allow him to catch even a glimpse of Sookie's delectable body. Bill would never again have that pleasure. "Are you ready because I'd like to open the door before he decides to grow a pair and break it in?"

Sookie made a face. She was all for that too but…"He's your King. What if he orders you to leave?"

A devious smirk curled his lips upward. "I'd like to see him try," he said to her before opening the door as casually as if the place was his own.

Well, in a way it really was, she thought, holding her breath.

"Bill," Eric drawled in a blatantly false welcome. "What brings you by?"

Eric's broad shoulders took up the entire doorway, blocking Bill from Sookie's vision and she wanted to simultaneously shrink into the floor and smack Eric for greeting the younger vampire as if they'd seen each other only yesterday instead of the couple of weeks since he'd been missing.

"Where is Sookie?" Bill demanded, but it came out sounding more petulant than an order.

Sookie could only imagine Eric's amused smirk as he said, "You mean my Sookie?" He stepped aside to allow Bill a glimpse of her standing a few feet behind Eric. "Why she's right here...where she's supposed to be," he added.

"Eric, please..." she entreated, begging him with her eyes to not rub salt in the wound.

Eric's shrug was self explanatory. he clearly didn't care what Bill thought.

Bill's eyes bugged as he put two and two together. "You bastard," he hissed and his fangs dropped.

Eric's fangs clicked in response and all Sookie could think was 'Oh crap-the you know what was gonna hit the fan now!'


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