I can go back, that was the first thing that ran through my mind when my best friend, Mercedes Jones, called me and said that Dave Karofsky started an anti-bullying club with Santana Lopez. The second thing that ran through my mind was what the hell is Karofsky doing running an anti-bullying club with Santana? I sat down on my bed in my Dalton dorm room.

"Kurt?" Blaine Anderson knocked on my door. I walked over and opened the door to see my grinning boyfriend standing there, a CD in his hand.

"Something for you, a mix CD to commemorate the one month we've been together," he handed the CD to me. "All the songs we sang together and some of the stuff I saw when I went through your iPod that one time."

"Blaine, I have to tell you something," I said, trying to hide the fact I was both scared and excited. He looked at me as if I was going to break up with him or something.

"I can go back to McKinley," I took his hand and sat him down next to me. "But I want to stay with you. That's the problem."

"Kurt, nothing can tear us apart. I want nothing more than for you to be happy, and if that means transferring back to McKinley with your friends, so be it," Blaine leaned in and kissed me. "I have to ask, when did it become safe for you to go back? Has Karofsky moved or something?"

"No, apparently, he's started this anti-bullying group with Santana. Remember, I told you about her and I think you met her once," I replied.

"He did what? Well, she came off as a kind of, I'll put it bluntly, she was kind of a bitch," Blaine chuckled.

"Yeah, well, that's the way she is, always has been, least as long as I've known her," I said.


Blaine and I walked downstairs together into the Warblers meeting room to tell them the news.

"Everyone, I have to tell you something," I announced as I walked into the room. Blaine let go of my hand and sat down.

"I'm transferring back to McKinley. It's safe there now and I miss my friends. Don't get me wrong, all of you have been amazing and it was great being a Warbler, but I want to go home," I said, biting my lip and fighting back tears.

"We understand, Kurt. You were a great addition to the Warblers, we'll be sad to see you go, but glad that you're happy," Thad said.


As I walked back upstairs to pack up, Nick and Jeff, two of my ex-fellow Warblers, followed me.

"Hey, Kurt," Nick draped an arm around me. These two barely even give me the time of day and my leaving was enough for them to actually talk to me. I took Nick's arm and removed it from my shoulder.

"Don't touch me, now what do you guys want?" I stopped in front of my door and crossed my arms.

"Put in a good word for us with the Warblers," Jeff said. I rolled my eyes and sighed.

"Look, guys, just because I'm the lead singer's boyfriend doesn't mean I'm the one who gets you all the attention. You two are great singers; I saw that when you auditioned for Sectionals solos. You'll have your moment in the sun, it may not be now, but it'll happen," I said, before opening my door and shutting it before a word could come out of either one's mouth.