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The next morning I woke up to Drover poking me and saying "Missy" over and over and over again. "What Drover WHAT DROVER TELL ME EXACTLY WHY YOU'RE WAKING ME UP SOOOO EARLY!" I yelled at the top of my lungs only to be replied by a way less dramatic "Hank's missing." "DROVER WHAT DO YOU MEAN HANK IS MISSING!" Drover just looked at me and said "I mean Hank is gone, missing, poof." Poof POOF WHAT DOES HE MEAN POOF HOW COULD DROVER BE SO….calm I mean really Hank's missing this is awful no Hank that means no head of ranch security. "Drover do you know what this means?" I practically yelled (and the only reason I didn't yell was because I was trying to control my temper) Drover just stared at me like I wasn't making any sense. "Come on Drover lets go look for Hank", but just as I said this a voice from behind me said "Where's Hankie." I spun around and I came face to face with a cat. This made me jump in all this I got my feet tangled up in my gunny sack and then fell into a big old bowl of Co-Po dog food. "This is going to be harder than I thought."